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3 Keys to Up Leveling Your SELF WORTH And Why It’s Crucial To You Reaching Your Goals in 2016

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YES I’m READY to Up level my Self Worth!

I’ve noticed that successful people also have successful SELF images – successful operating systems.

You can’t reach your goals IF your operating system WON’T allow for NEW higher goals to be received and achieved.

That’s why you MUST MUST MUST focus on shifting your internal world FIRST before taking action in the outer world.

Watch the video to discover 3 keys to up levelling your self worth.

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I’m on Vacation for 3 Months…

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Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 5.19.14 PMMonday here at the circus ( what I loosely refer to our home with 3 kids and 2 dogs) and it’s back to work time today.



Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 5.19.25 PMI’m working in my jammies from bed with a big cup of tea this am but I work from home so I am MOSTLY in my jammies everyday, shhhh don’t tell anyone :)




Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 5.19.48 PMOver the holidays, I’ve eaten my way through enough sugar cookies ( my favorite ones were the little reindeers with their feet and antlers dipped in chocolate ouuuu they were so cute I just couldn’t resist), watched a few good movies ( of which I received some spectacular messages I will share later), relaxed and reconnected with family and friends and received some amazing gifts.

One of these gifts was a video testimonial of a recent graduate of my program who has built her business in such a way that she is taking the next 3 MONTHS OFF!!

Can you imagine yourself OFF on vacation travelling the world for 3 months? What would you do? Where would YOU go?

The best part of the video is that she did it in her BIKINI in some of the most spectacular blue green emerald water I’ve ever seen off of Panama coast!!

Now you know I’m a BIG fan of beaches and cute bikini’s and stunning coastlines but I gotta tell you, it’s such gorgeous, almost surreal water you have to watch it!


Watch the video here:

I’m ON VACATION for 3 Months!


Next year the tuition for my 10k in 30 day program will be going up significantly. I posted this on a recent webinar and realized it wasn’t really FAIR to not share this news with YOU.

SO if you’ve been on the fence about wanting the join the program and really kick your confidence and cash flow through the roof this year in 2016 NOW is the time to apply.

On my birthday January 9th 2016 the investment to join the 10k in 30 day program will nearly DOUBLE and only go up from there.


SO who is this program exactly for?

This program is for you if you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, soul driven, purpose driven, committed rock star for God who KNOWS they are meant to be doing BIG things in the world ( and I know it can sometimes feel VERY SCARY when we are CALLED to serve in a big way ) but aren’t quite hitting the mark yet.

Maybe you’re letting FEAR and DOUBT creep in and take over your sales and you’re needing some kick butt, tough love advice in the self worth department.

This program is for you if you’re READY to pull out all of your negative beliefs, habits and subconscious blocks that are creating resistance in your life and business.

This is for you if you want to make a BIG IMPACT and a REAL income with your business – not some hobby income I mean real sustainable 10k, 20k, 30k per month consistently income in your business in a highly leveraged sustainable way that generates results ( I KNOW many of you reading this might be thinking jeeeeez if I could just pull in a consistent 5k per month I’d leave that lousy job, fire the clients I have now, go on that trip, buy a new car, pay off the debt…finally feel like I could BREATHE – if that’s the case you NEED to start thinking bigger and I can help you with that too :).

This is for you if you’ve been hiding out for way too long being the NEXT BEST THING, offering a GREAT service as a healer, coach, consultant, speaker or author but haven’t really taken the necessary ACTION yet to get your plane in the air.

Or maybe you’ve been trying for YEARS to get your business to REALLY take off and you know you’ve got some inner gremlins, in the closet you need to Ghost bust, some MINDSET work to do. You know you’re your own worst enemy and your fed up and READY to do something different about it.

This program is for you if you’ve been having visibility issues, problems getting your message clearly crafted and out there and attracting high paying clients consistently.

This is for you if you enjoy TRAVELING or the idea of creating your lifestyle and BUSINESS by design instead of my default or running it from some magical fairy tale whimsical far away paradise island like I did.

This is for you if you’re a busy mom with limited hours or STILL dying to leave that corporate job that feels like a noose around your neck, and you’re looking for REAL accountability, support and the community of like minded people to celebrate your wins and help you get there in the most simple, direct and effective way ( because you literally don’t have time to fart around).

This program is for you if you’ve ever wanted to write a book but haven’t yet or worse have a book but aren’t using it as a TOOL to leverage your expertise, create real BUZZ and generate high paying clients with it.

This program is for you if you’re READY to STOP wasting time, leaking your energy and your power where it doesn’t belong and get focused like a FOX and into action doing the CASH generating activities NOW.


Who is this program NOT a right fit for?

This is definitely NOT for you if you’re not READY or committed to do the work. I have an amazing recipe for heart centered entrepreneurs – and I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs professionally now for over 6 years with this recipe so IT WORKS but you have to work.

This is NOT for you if you’re looking for a magic bullet quick fix ( however when people shift their inner dialogue and stories things do turn around magically and FAST).

This is NOT for you if you’re happy with your current income or fully satisfied with where you’re business is at.

This is NOT for you if you’re looking for one of these cheap ass for the masses “cattle call coaching programs” where you get LOST in a SEA of 1000’s of people with NO accountability, very little if EVER one on one time with the actual mentor.

Here are some REAL life results from REAL clients:

“Vanessa’s program is the REAL DEAL  – I generated  just over 16k in my first 30 days and the month isn’t event over yet!” – Janick

“I tripled my income in 28 days – from just one simple strategy from Vanessa” – Kala

“Since working in Vanessa’s 10k in 30 day program I’m able to ride the manifesting wave so much easier! I’ve attracted 3 new deals in one week and the highest prices ever resulting in 9000 Euros!!! Woo hooo!!” – Eunice

“3 New High Paying Clients in 1 day!!” – Samantha

“30 People Already Signed Up For My FIRST Live Event” – Caroline

“My sales have increased by an astounding 65%”  – Natalka

“One session with Vanessa resulted in my first $6000 coaching sale!” – Gaya

“Vanessa’s challenge is 10K in 30 days, but my results have been DOUBLE that. Her sales training is called Skyrocket Your Confidence and Cash flow and that is exactly what she does. Hiring Vanessa was the VERY best thing I have ever done for my business.” – Suzannah

Click here to read and WATCH more real life breakthroughs and transformations from the amazing rock stars that have joined the 10k in 30 day program:


Want to BREAKTHROUGH your visibility blocks and create a CONSISTENT 10k + income per month in your coaching/ consulting biz?

Are you READY to make 2016 YOUR BREAKTHROUGH year?

If you’re READY to take responsibility for your financial future achieve RADICALLY different results then …

APPLY TODAY >>   Before tuition for the program sky rockets on January 9th.

If you’ve been thinking about getting some mentoring, joining a mastermind, getting some accountability, some one on one help – STOP thinking and get into ACTION.

The Universe, GOD requires you to ACT  – you pray then God responds with an opportunity.

You’ve got to ACT on it if it FEELS right otherwise you miss the opportunity.

Don’t let doubt FEAR, fear of the unknown or any other SAFETY INDUCED emotion prevent you from what could be the GREATEST gift / SHIFT in your career this coming year.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom



Founder of the “10k in 30 Day Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow Program” and Creator of the “Soul Sister Mastermind”



PS:  Imagine just for one minute what would YOU do with a 3 month vacation? What would you do? Where would you go?

If you’re ready to create your lifestyle and business by design instead of by default apply for the 10k in 30 day program TODAY, space is limited and once the program fills people will be placed on a waiting list and there will be a major increase in the investment to join after January 9th 2016.

"Just got another sale and hit my first 5 figure month! Boom! I’m officially addicted to having a surplus of mont in my business bank account!" - Jessica Kupferman

"My sales have increased by an astounding 65%. I am no longer afraid to tell my client what I need them to do to secure my services. I find I have the confidence to present my sales pitch and quote prices for my event management and decor services without hesitation. More often than not, by practicing a few very easy techniques taught to me by Vanessa, the deal is sealed!" - Natalka Lee


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OK, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Good, sounds like you’re ready to be pulled into your future! Yes, if you have a couple of questions, just email me at vanessa@takeyourpowerbacknow.com or call us directly 808-639-2889 USA, Hawaii and I’ll be happy to walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you. I can’t wait to see you succeed and am honored to be the one to help you. Let’s get going!

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom