Take Your Power Back Now

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How to Overcome Your Resistance to Creating a Life You Love! The Ultimate Confidence Guide for Women.

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Vanessa Simpkin's Take Your Power Back NOW! delivers straighforward actionable advice to women on how to deal with and heal self criticism, fear, self doubt, self worth issues, money problems, relationships and more! Once stuck in a bad relationship declaring bankruptcy she is now on a mission to help women take their power back and THRIVE!

Do you have a BIG dream or calling that scares the pants off of you and won't leave you alone?

Take Your Power Back NOW! is more than a book it's a movement geared to assist women who are waking up and are READY to claim their feminine, God given, Goddess divine power to create a life they love! No more excuses!

This book contains the keys to help you unlock that sexy, confident, powerful, prosperous, fun and fabulous diva rocks star inside you that is screaming to be LET OUT! Let Vanessa's inspiring, fun stories, case studies and wake up call experiences ignight your passions and fuel your ability to dream BIG and celebrate your success!

Vanessa is an author, speaker and mentor who traded in her red shovel for a red bikini and now lives the dream, inspiring others from the paradise island of Kauai Hawaii.

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1 review for Take Your Power Back Now

  1. Tasha Monie


    When I first picked up this book on its official launch YESTERDAY – I thought I leisurely take my time reading it over a course of a month or so… As soon as I got past the 1st chapter – I was INSTANTLY hooked!
    In this book, Vanessa teaches one from her OWN life experiences how to view every challenge in our lives life as an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth! More importantly – How to VOID binding contracts that are blocking your inner POWER, and how to TAKE MY POWER BACK!

    I have found that in my life experiences and as life situations around me have become increasingly complex, that I have a great need to find meaning in all the confusion, chaos, disappointment, difficult family relationships, and stress over my “mediocre at best” health.

    Although I am ¾ of the way finished – I have found that this book has wonderful tips on how I can shift my paradigm and thinking that every day is filled with PROBLEMS to how each day is a new opportunity to find solutions and TAKE MY POWER BACK AND THRIVE!!!

    It’s a shame I can only rate this book 5 STARS…. I would definitely rate it higher if possible! GREAT WORK VANESSA! I am going to put your insight to great use as I begin my journey in taking my power back!!!

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