From Bankrupt to $900 A Day Selling Mops

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Rising Entrepreneurs: How to Mop up on Cash in Any Economy!

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Do you want to make more sales and touch more people's lives without sounding pushy or salesy? If you want to learn how to attract all of the clients you need, From Bankrupt to $900 A Day Selling Mops is the book for you.

The purpose of this book is to help you master your inner game and heal the chatter you have around selling, making money and marketing yourself for success. You'll learn why “Authenticity is the NEW Currency in Business Today” and how you can implement proven systems for success in your business right away to help you make more money.

Book Chapters: 

  1. How You Sabotage Your Success in Sales: Is this Book for You?
  2. Sales as a Spiritual Practice
  3. The First Three Insider Strategies
  4. The Inner Workings of a Masterful Salesman
  5. The Nine Components to Sell Without Selling
  6. THE Biggest Kept Secret: How to Sell Without Selling
  7. Connecting With the Abundance In Nature
  8. Bringing it All Together
  9. Words of Appreciation & Resources
  10. Online Audio, Video + PDF Bonuses Over $500 Value

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the secret to using the law of attraction in business, this book not only reveals success principals, how to use the laws of success to your advantage, but also how to tap into the power of the subconscious mind and how to use your subconscious mind power to get what you want.

This is a great book for you if you’re an entrepreneur, women in business, holistic practitioners, energy worker, sales professional, small business owner, massage therapist or service professional who wants to learn how to breakthrough your inner blocks, and let go of what’s standing in the way of your success.

Find out why authenticity is the new currency in business today and how to use it to boost your sales success through the roof! Read the hilarious antics of one Vanessa’s entrepreneurial journey and pick up a few golden nuggets along the way that will help you master the inner and outer principals to lasting wealth and abundance.

If you’re tired of struggling, fighting, and pushing to get what you want, this book is for you. Isn’t it time you released your resistance to having it all? You can have a successful career, create a bigger impact and enjoy an abundant income by creating attraction marketing systems in your business. Follow the step by step advice in this book – it’s all laid out for you in a simple and easy to understand format.

Pick up your copy today – on sale for $19.99 and comes with over $597 worth of cool bonuses including video’s, audio interviews, MP3 recordings, redeemable coupons to work with Vanessa and a whole lot more!

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Kindle, Paperback

3 reviews for From Bankrupt to $900 A Day Selling Mops

  1. Joe Nunziata Author of Spiritual Selling

    It is so great to see a book talk about sales from an organic perspective. We are moving into a new world of business and Vanessa Simpkins will guide you to the promised land of success and happiness.

  2. T. Harv Eker, Author of the #1 New York Times Best Selling Book Secrets of Millionaire Mind

    A fabulous source of real life, results oriented tips from a masterful presenter. This book is an easy read with a powerful message to help you succeed no matter what your circumstances.

  3. Jeffrey Gitomer , Author of The Little Red Book of Selling

    his book makes sense — and dollars. It’s real world, tells a great story, and transfers straight forward strategies that you can put into practice the minute you read them, and turn them into money. Buy it and bank it!

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