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My dad Ron Simpkins was a professional artist and he instilled in my sister and I at a young age the benefits of working vacations. Each summer he would rally the family up in his big van (me my mom and my sis and don’t forget the kitchen sink) and we would drive down the eastern sea coast to Maine or Cape Cod.

Working was easy, Mom and my sis and I hung out at the beach while dad painted his masterpeices then he would come and spend the afternoons and evening with us. If he sold a few more painitngs to his galleries on these summer espaces …well just we kept on travelling. That is how I grew up and that’s still how I live my life… like one never ending adventure. All work and no play is no way to enjoy a life.

If you’re a busy mom and or entrepreneur with a full to do list and feel like there’s never enough time to get it all done (never mind put the systems in place YOU KNOW you need in order to help you grow your bsuiness ) the play and prosper VIP weekend might be just the right mix of R & R you need with a little fun in the sun and SHIT TON of clarity to help your business grow your way.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to step away from your life, the daily routine and business to get some much needed perspective. Fast track your success with a weekend getaway in the sun, and business mentoring to help you connect back to your vision, get clarity and put in place a solid action plan to bring your results to life.

Kauai Hawaii & Laguna Beach California

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