I hosted workshops, got booked as a paid speaker & turned my dream into a real BUSINESS!

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I just finished interviewing Angela Ford. I wanted to share with with you because it’s the most amazing interview I think I’ve ever done with a graduate.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, felt that ONGOING pulse and push and CALLING in your heart to serve in a BIG WAY – this is a must watch!

This interview is a great example of what happens when you LEAN INTO your purpose and strap your tits on and get to work DOING the RIGHT action steps to grow your business. Watch how her life TRANSFORMED.

Fact is, there are so many amazing nuggets of wisdom, ideas and just fabulous ENERGY on this interview.

When you watch it you’ll hear Angela reveal:
  •     How she got booked as a PAID speaker
  •     How she went from doubting herself to rock solid CONFIDENCE
  •     The “a-ha” she had about her WORTHINESS and deservingness
  •     How she NOW has a business with people scheduling sales calls with her to share with them all of her tremendous wisdom and energy and inspiration
  •     How she broke through her gremlins and visibility blocks
  •     And so much more…

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Interview with Angela: “This program changed my life! I hosted workshops, got booked as a paid speaker, gained CONFIDENCE & Clarity and turned my dream into a real BUSINESS!”


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