a6f34a49da004706f940af3f4778991aPicture this, it's summer time, Grand prix in Montreal a few years back and my boyfriend at the time and I are partying it up on the streets. Later that night back at our hotel room he nearly killed me in a drunken rage… no shit.

How's that for a truth bomb.

When I escaped to the street and found a taxi I was dumbfounded. I thought to myself “holly shit – this is what it feels like to be a battered woman you read about in the newspapers, WOW …me, smart, beautiful, talented me, just another statistic..”


And my next question was “GOD WHY IS THIS HAPPENING to me?” And the answer was immediate.

The answer was… So You Can Help WOMEN NOT Fall Into the Same Patterns.


And then I started crying… not from what had just happened in the hotel room moments before as gruesome and ugly as that was, but because of what this meant.


You see for years I had been asking God PLEADING even BEGGING GOD to show me how to serve, who are my clients, what's my mission, what's my unique selling proposition, SHOW ME, I surrender I'll do it just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show me, I'm over selling these freaking mops just show me and I'll do it! Literally that's how I prayed… for years.


And when the answer finally came in that taxi cab that night I was like “Oh HELL NO!! What are you crazy?! You want me to share all of this insanity, addiction, craziness and all of these shameful stories with the world I've been desperately trying to hide all my life to look normal? Are you shitting me?!! I take it back, I don't want that mission God. NO.”


And I waited, and I waited.. for nearly 4 years sitting on that story, until now.


The truth is I am SO absolutely passionate and on fire about helping women breakthrough FEAR and make money for themselves in their businesses so they NEVER EVER have to stay stuck in any crappy job or abusive relationship or ANY relationship for that matter just for the money, because that is why women stay.


Women stay because they're afraid that they won't be able to make it on their own, they won't be able to afford the nice lifestyle,  they're afraid God won't provide, and they stay… and they suffer needlessly. I was lucky I escaped and started my healing journey but some women aren't so lucky some women die and that's NOT ok.


That is why I do what I do coaching/teaching women entrepreneurs about inner breakthrough work, and rocking their sales and marketing so they make more money and have choices & financial independence.


So now you know the truth. It's taken me 4 years and an immense amount of courage to share this with you. And I'm a little terrified still but only a tiny bit.


“If you've never had a God sized dream that scared you half to death, then you haven't really come to life.” Mark Batterson Author of “The Circle Maker” (  an awesome book by the way on God & the power of circling your prayers that I HIGHLY recommend reading – my copy is full of pen notes and greasy pages full of tanning oil from reading on the beach lol 🙂


God wanted me to tell you…

tumblr_llz5y1k7sc1qzx5i0o1_400If you've been feeling pulled and called to do something WAY freaking bigger and it's scaring the pants off of you then congratulations! Welcome to the magical and miraculous works of God!

ALL you gotta to do is say YES and not resist it!

I can not begin telling you the doors that have been SWINGING WIDE open for me, the people showing up in my life as a result of saying YES to sharing this scary ass vision, story and inspiration with YOU it has been nothing short of  miraculous!


And I still don't exactly know HOW I am to launch, create, manage or even describe this women's empowerment foundation it has something to do with helping abused women around the world all I know is that….


I've been being groomed to speak for MANY MANY MANY years… and now that I'm showing up and saying yes to that and allowing it to unfold it's simply amazing the people and opportunities – the people willing to help me that have come together I am blown away each day more and more…



#1 – I'll be doing a 100 day speaking tour

Speaking_Tour2It will begin on April 20th in British Columbia Vancouver, then heading south to L.A California, San Diego, San Fransisco and everywhere in between God directs me to go. If you or someone you know would like to have me speak to their entrepreneur group, women's group, networking group, church group, pls hit reply and let me know.


ALSO to kick this whole big shebang off…


#2 – I am hosting a free webinar…

 Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.36.07 PM copy

…next week to help YOU breakthrough the FEAR that's holding you back from saying YES YES YES to your God given vision & purpose!

10k in 30Days Formula: The Fastest Way to Breakthrough Fear, Attract More Clients & Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow

It was inspired by my big breakthrough FEAR and also by a recent client who used my simple 3 step formula to generate 10k in less than 30 days and I want to share the principals and EXACT step by step strategy so you can do the same thing in your business!


This is a LIVE webinar happening
Thursday April 3rd 2014 7pm EST/4pm PAC
Join us here –> 10k in 30Days Formula


Mark it in your calendar & show up live – seats fill up fast!


If you've been to any of my webinars you no I give away he farm no fluff all awesome content to help you sky rocket your results so make sure you can be there live I'm also giving away $900 worth of bonuses to people who take the time to be on the call live.

Here's to CRUSHING your fear, saying YES to your purpose and creating the lifestyle and business of your dreams!



Please SHARE this with a sister, mother, aunty, co-worker, friend, lover whomever you know who could use a little inspiration to breakthrough fear and say YES to their big vision and YES to the awesome & transformative power of GOD or spirit in their lives…


Who knows what an extra 10k could do in the life of a woman who's ready to breakthrough FEAR and get on with her bigger mission.

Register here for the webinar—>

10k in 30Days Formula: The Fastest Way to Breakthrough Fear, Attract More Clients & Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow




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