2 New High Paying Clients & A Ton of Clarity!

2 New High Paying Clients & A Ton of Clarity!

“I attracted 2 new High Paying Clients & Got a TON of Clarity” watch Patricia's graduate interview and find out how she was able to turn all of these programs and courses into ACTION finally get her business profitable – this was a FUN interview! Patricia Yui from www.InnerPowerMentor.com


Check out our program here: www.TakeYourPowerBackNow.com/10Kin30

This is an 8 week GET IT DONE bootcamp (NO FLUFF) geared to help you create and sell your first $3000 – $5000 – or $10,000 high each coaching program ONLINE and create a portable profitable business you can rock in your bikini if you want to.

It includes:

• 8 week curriculum, lifetime membership site with Business, Marketing, and Mindset Video Modules each month.

• Templates for how to make offers online and offline to generate leads and sales (our Offer BIBLE! 8 + years of social media templates PLUG n PLAY that generate massive engagement and interest).

• How to create your “SALES ATTRACTION SYSTEM”, signature system and signature program so you are CRYSTAL clear on your offers and what to do to attract clients.

• My “I AM A CONSCIOUS creator” mindset mastery program to help you HUNT and eliminate those pesky gremlins and subconscious “play small” beliefs and how to ALIGN yourself with rockstar habits for success and abundance beliefs with your NOW vision for success.

• How to breakthrough your visibility blocks and use video online to attract clients with my 30 day video challenge.

• 2 LIVE Q & A calls with ME a 7 figure business owner (we consistently do $140,000 – $160,000 a month in sales 1.6 Million last year in 2017) and my entire team EVERY WEEK!

• PLANNING WEBINAR to make sure you LEARN the habits of entrepreneurship and PLAN when and how to work on your business systems (success and failure are ONLY a result of HABITS!)

• How to launch a successful Facebook GROUP and fill it with potential clients using a SIMPLE $5 a day add budget even the biggest technophobes can handle.

• Our CONVERSATIONS to cash flow SALES script and HOW to handle sales objections so you ENROLL clients at top dollar with our Sales as a Spiritual Practice Model (this has generated MILLIONS of dollars in Sales for my Clients over the last 8 years and is the BASIS of my FIRST book “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops).

• 1:1 spiritual clearing call to help you LET go of any and all masks, cut chords and UNHOOK any old vibrational agreements you might have with your family or others that may be keeping you stuck.

• 1:1 Coaching With your own personal Mindset Mentor to make sure you don't steer off track or get overwhelmed.

• 2 Monthly LIVE Q & A calls with our Facebook ADS expert to help you DIAL in your Facebook ads so they attract clients 24 hours a day while you sleep!

• Access to our private FB group where you can ASK questions EVERYDAY and get your website critiques (or create your first website) get copy edits on your offers, your video’s critiqued and CLARITY on how to position yourself as an expert people want to BUY FROM so you never run around in self doubt but STAY IN ACTION MODE because clarity leads to action and action is what gets you RESULTS.

So, who's my next $10k in 30 day Coach?
Book a session to explore if this is right for you!

Big Hugs

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A The Bikini Business Coach

Founder, $10K in 30 Day Mastermind

Grow Your Coaching Business with On-line Masterminds!

Grow Your Coaching Business with On-line Masterminds!

THIS JUST IN I just CRUNCHED some numbers and in the last 4 years I have brought in 2.3 million dollars by hosting MASTERMINDS!

Pretty wild eh?

Along the way I’ve also made A TON of mistakes figuring out the do’s and don’ts so you don’t have to.

In this training you’ll discover:

➡️ Some tips and tricks on how to enroll your first $3000 – $5000, $10,000 high end coaching client. If you haven’t yet CRACKED through the veil, I'll show you the next steps to get you into ACTION.

➡️ My personal story of how I grew my online coaching business from $130k – $170k – $450k to 1.6million a year by creating MASTERMINDS.

➡️ How you can create a $300,000 dollar business model with 20 clients and just one virtual assistant. I walk you through EXACTLY how to do this here on the call VERY DOABLE!

➡️ What NOT to do and mistakes to avoid so you ensure your clients SHOW UP in your masterminds and do the work (my best ADVICE shared no holding back).

➡️ What best plugins to use, platforms to run them on, best practices and so much more!

Catch the vibe! Remember 2016 the year of purging, 2017 was the year of restructuring and 2018 is the year of actualization!!

It’s your time to SHINE rockstar and HAVE IT ALL!

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A The Bikini Business Coach

Founder, $10K in 30 Day Mastermind

Embody Your Truth Webinar for Women Visionary Leaders

Dear Sister Pheonix Rising From the Ashes to Create a NEW…

Can you feel it?

Have you been AVOIDING “dealing with it” all of the uncomfortable emotions, maybe you call it in words “a depression” or a “melt down” a “breakdown” or a “shut down” or what I reffer to as a “DARK NIGHT of the soul or DEATH” …

Perhaps you are like me and several women I have been connecting with who are feeling extreme jumps from intense joy, PEACE, freedom, BEING in the present moment and DEEP inner trusting to all of a sudden swinging back to instense and gripping fear, feeling confused and at the mercy and in the strongholds of the mind and all it's wondering, grasping, figuring out…. thinking to yourself what that!??! And what do I do now!!


I get it and I get you. I am not laughing at you I am laughing and crying right along with you love. And I have something profound, and profoundly simple but none the less PROFOUND to share with you.

Join me and your fellow sisters in this webinar transmission where you'll discover:

  • 3 Keys to embodying your truth to create a deeply fulfilling and lasting career that is the expression of YOU, (not just fragments of you the REAL YOU ) and why embodying your truth is IMPERATIVE to your success and impact as a visionary leader.
  • 2 ways to unleash your INTUITION, love and deep knowing for guidance, serenity and peace in each and every moment.
    How to process emotions, and close the door to the past and break the ties of KARMA ( those repeating patterns, people and painful experiences that keep circling ack again) so you can truly BE an artist with you life, rise up like a fierce and feminine phoenix from the ashes to create the next evolution of you.
  • 1 thing you must understand if you want to drop the EGO your mind ( by mind I mean the self doubt and the FEAR the non truth and separation the suffering in your experience) and invite magic and miracles to be a part of your everyday.
  • How and why the tribes are gathering around the world and what this means to you.
  • How to ease the anxiety of this HUGE calling you have and the truth of what your soul is trying to awaken you to.
  • This plus a ton of learning, love and laughter with grace ease and HUMUOR (I love to laugh this as you get to know me I will always deliver. Yes even TOUGH spiritual lessons can be fun.


for the Phoenix Rising Program Rise Up From The Ashes to Create A New YOU



Loads of love,

Vanessa new signature

How to NOT let people take advantage of you?

Have you ever felt angry and bitter because you’ve fallen victim to someone’s manipulative ways again? Having the confidence in yourself to honor your feelings, to respect yourself and the knowledge that your true source and power comes from God – is a fast track out of letting others hoodwink you with their deception.

Look, there are manipulative people out there and the range encompasses outright scam artists, to black magic, to the boss at work that always has you agreeing to do more than you want, to that family member or friend who uses you, taking, taking, taking and never giving back. I liken it to how some people sell their homes and give the money and their life up to a cult leader! There are all kinds!

You MUST, must, must develop unshakable confidence so you don’t fall prey to these jerks. If you let people take advantage of you it will never end until you prove to yourself that you won’t die if you don’t get everyone’s approval. Being confident and taking your Power Back, knowing where it comes from, gives you the ability to discern and discriminate between who is manipulating you or not.

Loads of love,

Vanessa new signature

Stop Negotiating Your Desires….

inspirational-quote-michelangelo-sunriseHey everybody it’s Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A “Queen V “( I’ve been chatting about in this silly little british queen of England Accent for the last little while and I quite like her she’s cheeky and fun)  I’m on a plane right now some little 7 yr old girl just said to me “wow you’re so big!” don’t kids say the darndest things but it’s true! I am BIG I’m 6”2 and I’m about to get a whole lot bigger!


My good friend and colleague Lisa Lajoie dropped this little bomb in a conversation we had one day she said “Vanessa quit negotiating your desires” we were talking about men and relationships and I thought to myself WOW! You really hit it on the nail on the head with that one!

How many of the things that you REALY want in life are you widdling away, pushing aside and making excuses for why you can’t have them – or can’t have them just yet?

  • Your income
  • Your relationships
  • Your Living Situation
  • Your career
  • A trip around the world
  • Living in another country
  • Rolling around naked in warm chocolate…

(hey we’ve all got a ton of fun fabulous fantasies! and why leave them at fantasies?)


Here’s how to close the door on NEGOTIATING your bloody life away and show up and say YES to creating a life that you LOVE!

 Make a list of the things you are NO LONGER willing to put up with, I call it my “cut the bloody crap list! Cut it right out!

These are things I am no longer willing to do (like simple admin tasks in my biz time to outsourve more to my VA’s) to cleaning and packing (I hired a wonderful women named Emily to help me pack for my trip just a few days ago we found the NASTIEST massive freaking TOAD in my closet OMY GOD I LAUGHED so hard I laughed until I was out of breath watch the video here —> get ready to laugh your bloddy pants off!)  

What are you no longer willing to negotiate?

Close The Door To What You Don’t Want So You Can SAY YES to What You Do Want

 You see I’ve been doing some testing ( you know me I’m always testing everything out like a mad scientist) and I’ve come to realize that you can’t keep holding onto one thing in your life is you really want another.

You must close the door on the thing you don't want so you can make space and open up to what you DO want…

So make a decision to stop NEGOTIATING your desires away…STOP IT! Right now!

I was having this conversation with Lisa about men and attitudes and the kind of men I want to be dating. I had done the previous night a very powerful termination of agreements process on some of the patterns I was seeing show up again and agian in my life that I was done with. No more nincompoop men, no more broken men, no more dark men needing fixing, no more addiction, men with issues, no more dissapointing men, angry men, nasty men, lazy, unhealthy broke ass incompatible men… ( well I tell you there was a long list!) anyways the very next morning I met a wonderful man named Jeff on the beach can you imagine?!

We had a fabulous time together paddle boarding, enjoying an active lifestyle on Kauai with my little dog Houdini and got along like a house on fire!

Terminating Old Agreements

 I’ve been sharing this powerful process with my clients on a group call I did and all 4 women on the call attracted more money within 48 hours! One client closed her first high paying client for $4500, another up leveld her prices and got a $1000 deposit, yet another client booked in sales calls something she has been procrastinating about and yet another closed her first paying coaching client! Amazing gains after doing this process.

I am more and more clear and certain that ALL of our power comes from our ability to decide a new decision for ourselves and I am super excited to be sharing with you this amazing process and all of the ideas, belief and mindset shifts that I’ve been putting into practice over the last 4 years. I’ve put it all together for you in my new book “Take Your Power Back NOW!” A woman’s Ultimate guide to confidence, how to overcome your internal resistance to creating a life you love!

Stay tuned … it’s coming soon!

In the meantime I am here to support your growth and expansion into a WHOLE NEW YOU by stopping negotiating the important things. Taking a STAND for who and what you want to become int his world. I love you!

I’d love to hear from you… what are you no longer willing to negotiate? Post your comments below.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom,

Vanessa new signature



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