I hosted workshops, got booked as a paid speaker & turned my dream into a real BUSINESS!

I hosted workshops, got booked as a paid speaker & turned my dream into a real BUSINESS!

I just finished interviewing Angela Ford. I wanted to share with with you because it’s the most amazing interview I think I’ve ever done with a graduate.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, felt that ONGOING pulse and push and CALLING in your heart to serve in a BIG WAY – this is a must watch!

This interview is a great example of what happens when you LEAN INTO your purpose and strap your tits on and get to work DOING the RIGHT action steps to grow your business. Watch how her life TRANSFORMED.

Fact is, there are so many amazing nuggets of wisdom, ideas and just fabulous ENERGY on this interview.

When you watch it you’ll hear Angela reveal:
  •     How she got booked as a PAID speaker
  •     How she went from doubting herself to rock solid CONFIDENCE
  •     The “a-ha” she had about her WORTHINESS and deservingness
  •     How she NOW has a business with people scheduling sales calls with her to share with them all of her tremendous wisdom and energy and inspiration
  •     How she broke through her gremlins and visibility blocks
  •     And so much more…

P.S. – Once you watch this, if you want this amazing confidence, ENTHUSIASM and momentum Angela has, make sure you book a call by clicking the button below.

Interview with Angela: “This program changed my life! I hosted workshops, got booked as a paid speaker, gained CONFIDENCE & Clarity and turned my dream into a real BUSINESS!”


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It includes:

  • 8 week curriculum, lifetime membership site with Business, Marketing, and Mindset Video Modules each month.
  • Templates for how to make offers online and offline to generate leads and sales (our Offer BIBLE! 8 + years of social media templates PLUG n PLAY that generate massive engagement and interest).
  • How to create your “SALES ATTRACTION SYSTEM”, signature system and signature program so you are CRYSTAL clear on your offers and what to do to attract clients.
  • My “I AM A CONSCIOUS creator” mindset mastery program to help you HUNT and eliminate those pesky gremlins and subconscious “play small” beliefs and how to ALIGN yourself with rockstar habits for success and abundance beliefs with your NOW vision for success.
  • How to breakthrough your visibility blocks and use video online to attract clients with my 30 day video challenge.
  • 2 LIVE Q & A calls every week! You'll get to speak with ME a 7 figure business owner (we consistently do $140,000 – $160,000 a month in sales 1.6 Million last year in 2017)
  • PLANNING WEBINAR to make sure you LEARN the habits of entrepreneurship and PLAN when and how to work on your business systems (success and failure are ONLY a result of HABITS!)
  • How to launch a successful Facebook GROUP and fill it with potential clients using a SIMPLE $5 a day add budget even the biggest technophobes can handle.
  • Our CONVERSATIONS to cash flow SALES script and HOW to handle sales objections so you ENROLL clients at top dollar with our Sales as a Spiritual Practice Model (this has generated MILLIONS of dollars in Sales for my Clients over the last 8 years and is the BASIS of my FIRST book “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops).
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  • 2 Monthly LIVE Q & A calls with our Facebook ADS expert to help you DIAL in your Facebook ads so they attract clients 24 hours a day while you sleep!
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So, who's my next $10k in 30 Day Coach?

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A The Bikini Business Coach

Founder, $10K in 30 Day Mastermind

How to Get Money Rolling in At Your Feet in 2014 Mastering the Law of Attraction


Aloha from Kauai!

Shot this video just before I went surfing on the 24th of December BAM how’s that for a life! No more shoveling snow for this cute little Canadian eh?!

Just before I went surfing I found….drum roll please… MONEY, YES it rolled right up to my feet at the beach! And I MADE it happen I called it in!!! No joke, using some VERY explicit and EASY to follow law of attraction teachings I want to share with you in this video! Watch the video above to find out how you can make Moolah ROLL in at your feet with ease this year 🙂

Loads of love & Aloha for a FABULOUS, PROSPEROUS and FUN 2014!!!


The Key to Lasting Happiness

Lasting happinessDon’t drink from this world, you’ll only get drunk. Take all your joy from within”. – Lester Levinson

Have you ever wondered where real happiness comes from? Maybe you think when your biz hits a certain amount of income you’ll be happy; or when you get the relationship of your dreams, THEN you’ll finally be happy….

The truth is, you can have EVERYTHING you want when you don’t want it anymore, including happiness. But don’t take my word for it, prove it to yourself!

You Have All the Happiness You’ll Ever Need Inside You

In my twenties, I bartended and made a lot of money – or what I thought was a lot of money back then. I had a nice loving boyfriend, a super duper supped up car, lived in a beautiful apartment … and I was completely miserable.

It took a trip half way around the world, and 3 hours of yoga and mediation every morning to confront my mind and my ego, and what I found was a taste of what I was looking for in the outside world. I found happiness and peace, and with it came joy – it was inside me all along.

Then I lost it… I got lost back into the world, sucked back into a job, having a car, a home, a life and I lost it. I lost my peace, and I’ve been on a crusade to find it ever since.

I’ve been in Sedona for a week, doing a retreat and practicing the “Release Technique” designed by a man named Lester Levinson who went free; a man who defied the doctors, healed his body, became a multi-millionaire and shared his technique for going free.

I’ve met some people who have manifested millions, cured themselves of bodily aches and pains, gotten rid of their medication, all from mastering their mind, dropping the feelings and the stories that the ego or mind would have them believing to be true. Fascinating experience… I highly recommend losing your mind 🙂

You Can Have Everything You Want as Long As Long As You Don’t Want It

Listen into this interview on the release technique and try it out today.

Here’s a link straight to the “Abundance Course” with an 80$ off discount

Coupon: TB11

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom



PS: I believe the release technique to be the ULTIMATE law of attraction training. I started with the Abundance Course nearly 2 years ago, and my life and business have only gotten better and better. It’s training in self-inquiry, a daily practice of taking apart the mind, and encountering your BEINGNESS your true unlimited self. With it, peace, joy and a never-ending happiness flow and when you live there, everything unfolds and manifests with ease.

From this place, an effortless thought manifests with ease because there is no resistance in your creative mind. And the best news is that everyone can do it!

But don’t take my word for it – prove it to yourself.

Join the Sacred Business Tribe & Thrive!


Ever wonder what TRULY makes a successful business? It’s simple really, the answer is 

It’s not having the greatest product, service or gizmo, it’s about WHO ELSE knows & thinks you have the best widget, service offering or trinkets.

You CAN create an abundant and profitable business beyond your wildest dreams if you start by building your community first.

Do you find yourself thinking to yourself “I can’t start my email list/ build my website/ offer my services because I don’t know what I’m selling yet!” I hear this from too many of the entrepreneurs I mentor and it REALLY blocks them from making money in their business.

The truth is IT DOESN’T MATTER if you don’t know what you are selling yet. That’s what marketing is for, testing. At the risk of sounding harsh, my experience has been, you throw something up on the wall and see if it sticks.

What you want to do is build community and then find out what your community wants to learn about, what problems they need to solve and then go ahead and give it to them. I can’t remember where I heard it but one of my all time favorite business quotes is “Sell people what they want and give them what they need.”

This Is Our Time…

If you’re still reading this and if you’re part of my tribe what I know about you is that you’re looking to become more visible, put solid marketing & sales systems in place to attract more clients and thrive!

Oh yeah, and to “feel more confident” about your ability to sell without feeling slimy, to be able to offer your products and services and generate cash flow in your biz each month….consistently.

I mentor a LOT of healers, lightworkers, holistic practitioners, coaches, women’s empowerment leaders, nutritionists and heart centered entrepreneurs who are wanting to have a fulfilling business, make a difference in the world and make money doing what they love.

It’s your own healing journey that you so want to share with the world, and empower others to find lasting relief from the pain your solutions provide. Trust me, I get it!

And in my opinion what the world is waking up to is this HEALING, through the LOVE and passion and knowledge that is pouring forth from your work.

So I’m EXCITED to announce that I have created a NEW business fan page on Facebook to help support you in getting your message out there in the world, help more people heal and awaken and to also help you make a great living doing what you love.

Welcome to the Sacred Business Tribe ~ click “Like” if you love your Sacred Business 🙂

this is our time

Thank you all for your support and trust you’ve shown me it’s my intention to continue to serve you & your growing business in the BEST way possible.

And …to kick it off, I am offering a really rad FREE video training on “How to Attract all the Clients you Can Handle” with a proven law of attraction technique – visit the page to get instant access. xoxoxoxo love to you, my friends!

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom





Opening the Gateway to Instant Manifestation


I just returned from an epic 5-day adventure into the Kalalau valley, the most magical, pristine, tribal, most beautiful enchanting place in the entire world as far as I’m concerned – and I am so happy and grateful to be back here after nearly 5 years.


The trail is a pretty intense 11 mile hike along 800 foot high ocean cliffs, across beautiful rivers with phenomenal views and lush jungle until you come to the end of the trail. There’s the grandma Kalalau, a pure waterfall coming straight out of the rock where you can drink it right from the source, wash yourself with it and taste the magic of this wild and enchanted sacred space. There’s only one way in – you hike in or in the summer months when the waves are calm you can kayak in, no boats are allowed to land on the beach so it’s very secluded which adds to the mystery.


Can you tell I’m only totally in love with this place? Watch this quick video of where we camped – it’ll blow your sock off! Promise…


My friend Alica and I had great conversations with everyone we met – your heart is just burst open from all of the beauty that surrounds you here – and everyone mirrored back to me this “Wow, how come it took you so long to come back, 5 years too long?” And I was thinking to myself “You know, why did it take me so long to say YES to this?” Why had it taken me 5 years to say YES to Hawaii again, to this healing sanctuary of love?


A few days later, I came across a man who is looking for a place to live, he was telling me about how he’s been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find the right place. I told him “You just need to relax and stop looking, go and do something just for yourself to unwind and JUST BE, then the right place will just pop up all by itself.”


And that’s the truth about opening the gateway to instant manifestation, getting out of your head trying to figure it out and into ENJOYING what is already in your life waiting for you to say YES to…and when you do all of the things you are wanting pop up as if my magic in the most glorious, serendipitous ways.


So what has been knocking on your door for you to say YES to? What have you been putting off because YOU HAVE to do this or that?

Make the decision – life is just a decision. Don’t wait for the money to show up before you say yes, don’t wait for the partner to show up to be happy, don’t wait for xyz to arrive before you feel or do that which you really want. That’s the illusion that is keeping you from the very thing you want. You make the decision to have it, and in the decision the manifesting begins…


I’m sending you all some POWERFUL love from the magical land of Kalalau where the veil between thought and instant manifestation does not exist – there is no veil here just instant manifestation because all you can do is soak in the sheer natural beauty that surrounds you. I send you that loving vibration with a big hug and some Aloha.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom



5 Tips for Generating More Cash Flow in Your Business TODAY Not Next Month or Next Year!

I get you – you’re busy, really busy, you’ve got 5 or 6 projects on the go, great ideas flowing in, but something is really off because contrary to what they tell you in school somehow the busier you get the less money is coming in. How is this happening?


You work hard, you’re smart, competent, talented, heck you’ve invested in great business training, you’ve gone to take several courses to sharpen your skills and when it comes time to re-investing in your business you’ve got to shuffle funds from one credit card to the next and you STILL can’t justify making the financial commitment even though you know you need to.

Entrepreneurship a Full on Contact Sport

Your business is short on cash flow and it’s frustrating, to say the least. You feel like you’re caught between a rock and hard place. You know you need to DO something different, but are overwhelmed with all the options, ideas and things to implement, marketing, social media, speaking, etc. It feels like you’re running on hyper drive and you’re still WAY behind schedule. Jeesh, what’s next – scheduling TIME to breathe? Right, yoga classes and self care. How in the HELL do people do this AND actually make money without having a nervous breakdown?


If only someone had told you that entrepreneurship was going to be a full on contact sport, you would have prepared yourself better – like when you go camping, you bring wet wipes – you know, in case you need to go in the woods.


What woman goes into the woods without wet wipes? You think someone would have come up with some kind of master plan “entrepreneurial success” check list or something?

Screw Business Building – Light Yourself On Fire Instead

The problem many solopreneurs face is lack of cash flow as they begin building their business. A business is a like a fire, you need to constantly be adding wood to make it burn brighter and brighter so people see you – then eventually, when the fire catches, it gives off some heat, and the red coals give off a steady warmth that you can heat your house with. 

How to Turn Visibility Into Cash Flow Fast!

The solution for a business struggling in the cash flow department is to build a successful marketing system to gain massive VISIBILITY (to shine brightly like a fire so everyone can see you) and turn that visibility into cash flow (warmth to heat your house with…or even better to pay your bills with!).

Here are 5 tips to generating more cash flow in your business TODAY! 

1-    Make More Offers

I was talking with a colleague this morning who was frustrated because her business wasn’t generating even half the results she’d been expecting, and to kick it all off, she was exhausted, feeling like she’d been running a marathon in her business.


“How many offers are you making at the end of your talks?” I asked her. What are the numbers, who bought what? Numbers never lie. She said “I offered a free discovery session and 2 people took me up on it.”

2-    Don’t wait to have everything perfect – good enough is good enough

I just got off teaching a group – coaching class – tonight, and I gotta tell you – I just LOVE one of my clients because she just jumped in the game without a life jacket and learnt how to swim.


She began making offers on Facebook posting invitations for a free 20-30 minute session with her. She was inviting people to have a heart centered sales conversation with her BUT she didn’t know what to say on the call (we hadn’t gotten covered my proven “Art of Engagement Heart Centered Sales Process” yet).
STILL, she closed 50% of her calls into paying clients!!! She felt relieved, and reported having SO much more confidence for just getting in the game!


I had to hand it to her – WAY TO GO – for not waiting to have everything just PERFECT before getting in the game. You’ll learn from your mistakes – and the biggest cash flow mistake you can make is being too gun shy to just get out and TRY something new.

3-    Raise your rates

You aren’t charging enough – you already know this… need I say more?
I will just because this is a HUGE problem for my clients and it was a big problem for me, too, when I first started my coaching practice.
Here’s one tip that stuck with me …

Charge for the lifetime it’s taken you to become the expert you are.
Charge for all the years and all the courses it’s taken you to get to where you are now.
Done deal…now just do it!

4-    Sell your results not your time

Breaking away from charging dollars for hours instead of for results is a BIG leap every solopreneur needs to make if you want to generate big cash flow in your business.


Selling results IS THE fastest way to turn your cash flow problems around on a dime. Here’s why…


If you’re selling your service and justify your rates by what everyone else in the industry is doing, you’ll never get very far. Never compete with people on your rates, you’ll attract people who are only bargain shopping.


Sell the results you are offering people. If they are your ideal clients, TRUST me, they won’t be scared away from higher prices.


I had another group coaching client on tonight’s call ask a great question regarding pricing: “When I’m taking to a prospective client during a networking event and they ask me “how much do you charge” – won’t they think I’m rude or like I’m trying to hide something if I don’t tell them right away like you suggest?” Fabulous question.


NO, they won’t think you’re weird AND don’t ever tell someone flat out what you charge for your services without bringing them through a sales conversation, so they can understand the full value of what you provide. They’ll think you’re too expensive, they won’t get it and you’ll waste not only a valuable lead but a chance to make a real difference in someone’s life – because that’s all a sales conversation is. Helping someone say YES to themselves. It’s not about you. So don’t blow it before you even get started.


Never tell people what your rates are before taking them through a process where they can discover for themselves what their problems are really costing them. Then, and only then, will they be open to investigating and investing in solutions for their problems.


One of my early marketing mentors Adam Urbanski says “Owning your own business is like having your own sand box, if your clients don’t play by your rules – you kick em out!” I put this quote in my book “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” because I love it so much and it’s just always stuck in my brain and I hope it stick in yours the same way.


Don’t worry what people will think of you- decide who you want to work with, how you want to work with them, how much you want to charge and then get out there.  You won’t please everyone, so don’t even try – just play with the people you like. It worked in kindergarden and guess what, it works in business too!

5-    Create a client attraction system

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from my prospects and clients is how they HATE wasting their time giving away free conversations to people who are not really interesting in purchasing their coaching and or services.


You want to create a client attraction system using your website and automated response system (I use awebber.com, but there are a ton of other great programs like, mailchimp.com and constantcontact.com or even Infusionsoft.com for something more robust) – and pre-qualify your audience.


When someone wants to work with me, I pre-qualify them to make sure I am talking to the right person. I send out a questionnaire for people to answer, asking them specific questions and have them review information about the type of results they can expect to get when working with me; who I work with, and other client testimonials.


I require my prospects to do this kind of jumping through hoops exercise for 2 very good reasons:

1-    I make sure I am not wasting my time on tire kickers and people who are only interested in looking around and browsing – if they are willing to invest 20 – 30 minutes answering questions, that means that they are also invested in getting answers – and those are the type of people I am looking to work with.


2-    I want to work with people who are willing to follow instructions and if they show me right away in the very first instance that they can’t or won’t follow simple instructions – they’re not a good fit for me.


Just remember that you get to decide what kind of people you want to work with. I chose to work with committed, no-excuse action takers who are ready and willing to invest in themselves and get results. Who do you want to work with?


Now that you know the 5 tips for generating more cash flow in your business FAST, which one will you implement and take action on today?


“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” ~ Abraham Lincoln


To your love, expansion and freedom,

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