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Why You Need to Charge More

Why You Need to Charge More

“Why You Need to Charge More”

Are you ready to attract committed clients who get great results from working with you? Watch this quick video.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A The Bikini Business Coach Founder, $10K in 30 Day Mastermind
PS. If you would like my help in transforming your self-worth to attract better high paying clients and be able to charge what you're worth, schedule a free breakthrough session with my team below!

How to Check Off More EPIC Adventures From Your Bucket List This Year – 3 Keys to Reaching Your Goals


I just checked off another epic adventure from my bucket list… I was so inspired I decided to shoot a quick video on 3 keys to help you CHECK more things off your bucket list this year and reach your goals!


Are you ready to up Level Your Biz?


I'm opening up space in my calendar for my new 2 day PLAY & PROSPER Bikini Business Lifestyle Intensives where YOU and I get to play and prosper in Hawaii for 2 days while we get your sales attraction system,  you messaging,branding and programs clear so you can rock our and reach your income goals this year!


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This is an exclusive offer for coaches and consultants, authors, speaker, and healers who are READY to up level their biz and their lifestyle in a BIG BIG way and get rapid results in Maximum time!


These 2 day live one on one play & prosper intensives with me are filling up FAST… seriously people have been asking me for over a year to come and work with me in Hawaii so now's your chance.

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To You Love, Expansion & Freedom

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PS: Remember nothing will change until YOU make a decision to change, life is JUST a decision, sounds simple I know and it really is. Don't take my word for it – prove it to yourself. I want to celebrate YOU more than ever this year, you and YOUR amazing lifestyle so if you;re ready for a BIG shift, if this is the year you're going to rock it out and are committed to creating an amazing business, playing at a MUCH bigger level and making more money in service to your fans then go ahead and apply today before this offer expires!


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Is your business no fun anymore?




Viva Las Vegas! Coming to you LIVE from Las Vegas I received some MEGA clarity on the 3 keys you need to jumpstart your cash flow RIGHT NOW. If you're business is simply NO fun anymore? Do you find yourself working way to hard for too little money? And are you ready to change this for good – to create your business around a lifestyle that YOU LOVE?   Watch this quick video I shot just for you at the M resort (don't mind the silly glasses and sparkles, I got a little carried away. Regardless, the content in here can help you REALLY break down your next cash flow BOOST into 3 keys you need to get).

I'm also really excited to announce spaces opening for a chance to come to Hawaii and work with me DIRECTLY, BIKINI to bikini diva, where I'll help you shape, strategize and design your next cash flow infusion, help you rock your 10k in 30 days in my new Bikini Business Lifestyle Intensive. Watch the video to find out how you can grab one of these exclusive spots before they go!

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To Your LOVE, Expansion & Freedom



P.S. PLEASE DO NOT make the same mistakes MOST entrepreneurs make by wasting precious time, energy and money in OVERWHELM doing unnecessary things in your business. Here's your chance to FAST TRACK your success, get crystal clear about HOW you want to live your lifestyle and create your business by design instead of by default. My 10k in 30 day blueprint is helping entrepreneurs get MAJOR breakthroughs, cash flow infusions and more importantly giving entrepreneurs more FREE time to enjoy their life! If this feels right for you jump on it and I can't wait to see YOU in Hawaii 🙂

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God Wanted me to Tell YOU This…

a6f34a49da004706f940af3f4778991aPicture this, it's summer time, Grand prix in Montreal a few years back and my boyfriend at the time and I are partying it up on the streets. Later that night back at our hotel room he nearly killed me in a drunken rage… no shit.

How's that for a truth bomb.

When I escaped to the street and found a taxi I was dumbfounded. I thought to myself “holly shit – this is what it feels like to be a battered woman you read about in the newspapers, WOW …me, smart, beautiful, talented me, just another statistic..”


And my next question was “GOD WHY IS THIS HAPPENING to me?” And the answer was immediate.

The answer was… So You Can Help WOMEN NOT Fall Into the Same Patterns.


And then I started crying… not from what had just happened in the hotel room moments before as gruesome and ugly as that was, but because of what this meant.


You see for years I had been asking God PLEADING even BEGGING GOD to show me how to serve, who are my clients, what's my mission, what's my unique selling proposition, SHOW ME, I surrender I'll do it just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show me, I'm over selling these freaking mops just show me and I'll do it! Literally that's how I prayed… for years.


And when the answer finally came in that taxi cab that night I was like “Oh HELL NO!! What are you crazy?! You want me to share all of this insanity, addiction, craziness and all of these shameful stories with the world I've been desperately trying to hide all my life to look normal? Are you shitting me?!! I take it back, I don't want that mission God. NO.”


And I waited, and I waited.. for nearly 4 years sitting on that story, until now.


The truth is I am SO absolutely passionate and on fire about helping women breakthrough FEAR and make money for themselves in their businesses so they NEVER EVER have to stay stuck in any crappy job or abusive relationship or ANY relationship for that matter just for the money, because that is why women stay.


Women stay because they're afraid that they won't be able to make it on their own, they won't be able to afford the nice lifestyle,  they're afraid God won't provide, and they stay… and they suffer needlessly. I was lucky I escaped and started my healing journey but some women aren't so lucky some women die and that's NOT ok.


That is why I do what I do coaching/teaching women entrepreneurs about inner breakthrough work, and rocking their sales and marketing so they make more money and have choices & financial independence.


So now you know the truth. It's taken me 4 years and an immense amount of courage to share this with you. And I'm a little terrified still but only a tiny bit.


“If you've never had a God sized dream that scared you half to death, then you haven't really come to life.” Mark Batterson Author of “The Circle Maker” (  an awesome book by the way on God & the power of circling your prayers that I HIGHLY recommend reading – my copy is full of pen notes and greasy pages full of tanning oil from reading on the beach lol 🙂


God wanted me to tell you…

tumblr_llz5y1k7sc1qzx5i0o1_400If you've been feeling pulled and called to do something WAY freaking bigger and it's scaring the pants off of you then congratulations! Welcome to the magical and miraculous works of God!

ALL you gotta to do is say YES and not resist it!

I can not begin telling you the doors that have been SWINGING WIDE open for me, the people showing up in my life as a result of saying YES to sharing this scary ass vision, story and inspiration with YOU it has been nothing short of  miraculous!


And I still don't exactly know HOW I am to launch, create, manage or even describe this women's empowerment foundation it has something to do with helping abused women around the world all I know is that….


I've been being groomed to speak for MANY MANY MANY years… and now that I'm showing up and saying yes to that and allowing it to unfold it's simply amazing the people and opportunities – the people willing to help me that have come together I am blown away each day more and more…



#1 – I'll be doing a 100 day speaking tour

Speaking_Tour2It will begin on April 20th in British Columbia Vancouver, then heading south to L.A California, San Diego, San Fransisco and everywhere in between God directs me to go. If you or someone you know would like to have me speak to their entrepreneur group, women's group, networking group, church group, pls hit reply and let me know.


ALSO to kick this whole big shebang off…


#2 – I am hosting a free webinar…

 Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.36.07 PM copy

…next week to help YOU breakthrough the FEAR that's holding you back from saying YES YES YES to your God given vision & purpose!

10k in 30Days Formula: The Fastest Way to Breakthrough Fear, Attract More Clients & Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow

It was inspired by my big breakthrough FEAR and also by a recent client who used my simple 3 step formula to generate 10k in less than 30 days and I want to share the principals and EXACT step by step strategy so you can do the same thing in your business!


This is a LIVE webinar happening
Thursday April 3rd 2014 7pm EST/4pm PAC
Join us here –> 10k in 30Days Formula


Mark it in your calendar & show up live – seats fill up fast!


If you've been to any of my webinars you no I give away he farm no fluff all awesome content to help you sky rocket your results so make sure you can be there live I'm also giving away $900 worth of bonuses to people who take the time to be on the call live.

Here's to CRUSHING your fear, saying YES to your purpose and creating the lifestyle and business of your dreams!



Please SHARE this with a sister, mother, aunty, co-worker, friend, lover whomever you know who could use a little inspiration to breakthrough fear and say YES to their big vision and YES to the awesome & transformative power of GOD or spirit in their lives…


Who knows what an extra 10k could do in the life of a woman who's ready to breakthrough FEAR and get on with her bigger mission.

Register here for the webinar—>

10k in 30Days Formula: The Fastest Way to Breakthrough Fear, Attract More Clients & Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow




10k in 30 Days Formula: The Fastest Way to Breakthrough Fear, Attract More Clients & Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.46.10 AMHave you ever felt like you were trapped in between a rock and a hard place with your business, racked with fear and KNOWING you need to take action and do something different but feeling just

SCARED to death and overwhelmed at where to begin?


I can totally relate!


The first time I came to Hawaii in 2007 my father passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack. BAM here one minute, gone the next. And for weeks afterwards all I could hear my dad's voice in my ears “Let's Get The SHOW on The Road Kiddo!” my dad was famous for saying this.


He was an artist and we used to pack up a big van with the whole family each summer and go on these extended painting trips to the east coast of Maine and Cape Cod where my dad would paint his famous water lilies paintings like Monet.


Anyways after he passed all I could think about was that life was short, and that I had better get my freaking show on the road because before you know it, I'll be dead too. Enough of this “practicing for a public speaking career” selling mops, it was time to kick my life and business into high gear and REALLY do what I came here on earth to do, be an inspirational speaker, and thought leader.


So I thought to myself if I'm going to be a speaker I'll need to have a book. Well what to write about – I have no formal University experience or anything like that. I know! I'll become the BEST mop sales person in the company and write a book about it to position me as an expert in sales and spirituality law of attraction all the things I am interested in.


HOW am I going to do that – was my next question… and I had this crazy hair brained idea while traveling in New Zealand with my sis and her boyfriend that since I LOVE being an adventurer and I LOVE being in nature I would buy a campier trailer and drive across Canada and go to these VIRGIN mop stores that had NEVER ever seen the mop show and make a whack load of cash and become the best sales person in the company.


Great idea!


IMG_3343When I got back to Canada I fell into the same ol routine, and I chickened out on the whole thing. I mean common, who in their right mind goes travelling across the country BY THEMSELVES a single woman staying in camper trailer parks ALONE in the woods, crazy this is a horror movie JUST waiting to happen!


So I buy this crappy Neon car and the thing has a bad transmission – a total lemon. That's what I get for chickening out, even more troubles like I need them in my life…


So my sister comes home that spring and calls me out on the whole camper trailer deal she says “I can't believe you chickened out! Common Vanessa what are you waiting for go for it!”


She was right. So the first thing I did was make a call to the mop company. I by passed the manager got ahold of the regional dude and got a list of the TOP grossing sears stores across Canada and picked a date to do my first 10 day store run June 15th in Sault-Saint Marie. BAM the challenge was on and I had a date!


Next I bought a camper trailer dropped $5000 on this 2000 lb pop up Palamino camper trailer and now all I needed was some kind of vehicle to pull it with.


So I get the $ back from the lemon Neon and go to visit my trusty garage mechanic Tony and he is PISSED with me! “Don't EVER buy a vehicle without coming to see us Vanessa what were you thinking…” lesson learned. SO I ask him what should I get?


He tells me “Vanessa buy yourself a dodge caravan 3.3 litre engine minivan the motors are bullet proof! That's the only machine we feel safe about you driving across Canada in pulling that trailer up and down those big mountains.”


Fine I was off on a mission to find a dodge Caravan 3.3 litre engine (I had a limited budget here) and began scouring the Internet and newspaper adds.


Before you know it a few weeks had passed and it was 72 hours before I had to be on stage – 72 hours to show time and no mini van! I needed a day just to drive out there so I was under the gun pressure is ON! GOD SEND ME A FREAKING dodge caravan 3.3 litre engine TODAY! Man that night I prayed my little ass off, write it down, got super clear, visualized, put my hands on my heart, listened to my alpha brain wave audio meditation – you name it I whipped out ALL the guns I had!


In the morning I did the same thing, then I opened the computer and 3 adds in I saw “Dodge Caravan 3.3 litre engine for sale” it was 10 minutes down the road. At 9am I jumped in the car, picked up the dude and the mini van brought it over to my mechanic had it checked out, passed the inspection over to transfer the license plate and pay the guy and at 10:30am was siting in my kitchen looking out the wind at my dodge caravan 3.3 litre engine. WOW!


It was the right price, it even came with a hitch the right size so I could pull the trailer with it, and a brand new GPS system the guy forgot in the glove box!! Oh and 6 weeks later I found a BRAND new pair of Chanelle sunglasses with the PRICE tag still on under the drivers seat! Can you imagine!! God is amazing!!


Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 7.15.19 PMEverything came together – I left Montreal with $200 in my bank account enough for gas money to get to the first store, I invested everything I had, no credit because I had gone bankrupt a few years prior, and guess what…..I was a hit!


I made the most money in my entire MOP career I started hitting my first $900 days in Winnipeg, the sears stores were so blown away news travelled across the head office of this Vanessa Simpkins mop lady and THEY ALL wanted to book me in there store! HA HA I became the best sales person that year and wrote a book about it.


Now the moral of this story… there are many but one in particular that I REALLY want you get here.


If I had let FEAR take me out of it, I would NOT BE where I am today. I wouldn't have a book, I wouldn't have my amazing career coaching entrepreneurs, I'd probably still be selling mops working for someone else feeling resentful instead of spending my winters frolicking on the beach in my bikini here in Hawaii like I do now with my portable business that I LOVE!


And YOU too CAN create a life and business of your dreams!!! I'm living proof if I can do it you can do it!


You can DO it IF you're ready to breakthrough FEAR and get into profitable action, which is why I'm inviting you to a special webinar I'm hosting next Thursday April 3rd.


10k in 30Days Formula: The Fastest Way to Breakthrough Fear, Attract More Clients & Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow


It was inspired by a recent client who used my simple 3-step formula to generate 10k in less than 30 days and I want to share the principals and EXACT step by step strategy so you can do the same thing in your business!

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.42.01 PMThis is a LIVE webinar happening
Thursday April 3rd 2014 7pm EST/4pm PAC
Join us here –>
10k in 30Days Formula

Mark it in your calendar & show up live.


If you've been to any of my webinars you, know I give away he farm no fluff all awesome content to help you sky rocket your results so make sure you can be there live I'm also giving away $900 worth of bonuses to people who take the time to be on the call live.


Here's to CRUSHING your fear, and creating the lifestyle and business of your dreams!



To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom


BAM I found this cool video I think you should watch it!


Imagine if you discovered how to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK, if you found your ROAR, and felt confident to BELT out your message to the world?

Imagine how freaking amazingly your business would sky rocket?

“Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR!”


I love this song so much I’m seriously making this my theme song for 2014!

Be honest with me, how great would it feel to be able to OWN your power and really BELT out your offers, rock your business and FEEL confident about the work that you do and the results you can get for your clients and feel totally shameless about promoting yourself?


“Now I’m floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee I earned my stripes…. I went from zero, to my own hero”


BAM !!!! That’s how it would feel!

How long have you been procrastinating getting yourself and your business OUT there already? You know the drill the same old playing small, playing safe, not taking too many risks, heck hiding out behind your computer… trust me I know what that’s like.


Well it’s my MISSION to help you ROAR, to help you gain the confidence, to cut through all the fear and procrastination, all the self doubt and bullshit holding you back from to putting yourself out there in the marketplace and sharing your message and making a REAL difference.

And I know it can be scary as all hell, trust me I know that.


Which, is why I CREATED for you this kick butt CASE STUDY video on EXACTLY how to breakthrough your mindset blocks, cut the crap get rid of fear and procrastination and so you can get into PROFITABLE action and make your business ROAR.

I also want to invite you to a very special early bird registration for my new upcoming Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow Course where you’ll discover FINALLY how to ROCK your message, get clear on your branding and expertise, learn how to attract clients, make offers and sky rocket your cash flow!


Oh and there’s a shit ton of awesome, powerful & proven mindset exercises I’ll be teaching too that will quite literally blow your mind and knock the fear right out of you.

Hey no fear = kick ass ROAR!

Check out the cool case study video I created for you and get on board my early bird registration here!



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