2 New High Paying Clients & A Ton of Clarity!

2 New High Paying Clients & A Ton of Clarity!

“I attracted 2 new High Paying Clients & Got a TON of Clarity” watch Patricia's graduate interview and find out how she was able to turn all of these programs and courses into ACTION finally get her business profitable – this was a FUN interview! Patricia Yui from www.InnerPowerMentor.com


Check out our program here: www.TakeYourPowerBackNow.com/10Kin30

This is an 8 week GET IT DONE bootcamp (NO FLUFF) geared to help you create and sell your first $3000 – $5000 – or $10,000 high each coaching program ONLINE and create a portable profitable business you can rock in your bikini if you want to.

It includes:

• 8 week curriculum, lifetime membership site with Business, Marketing, and Mindset Video Modules each month.

• Templates for how to make offers online and offline to generate leads and sales (our Offer BIBLE! 8 + years of social media templates PLUG n PLAY that generate massive engagement and interest).

• How to create your “SALES ATTRACTION SYSTEM”, signature system and signature program so you are CRYSTAL clear on your offers and what to do to attract clients.

• My “I AM A CONSCIOUS creator” mindset mastery program to help you HUNT and eliminate those pesky gremlins and subconscious “play small” beliefs and how to ALIGN yourself with rockstar habits for success and abundance beliefs with your NOW vision for success.

• How to breakthrough your visibility blocks and use video online to attract clients with my 30 day video challenge.

• 2 LIVE Q & A calls with ME a 7 figure business owner (we consistently do $140,000 – $160,000 a month in sales 1.6 Million last year in 2017) and my entire team EVERY WEEK!

• PLANNING WEBINAR to make sure you LEARN the habits of entrepreneurship and PLAN when and how to work on your business systems (success and failure are ONLY a result of HABITS!)

• How to launch a successful Facebook GROUP and fill it with potential clients using a SIMPLE $5 a day add budget even the biggest technophobes can handle.

• Our CONVERSATIONS to cash flow SALES script and HOW to handle sales objections so you ENROLL clients at top dollar with our Sales as a Spiritual Practice Model (this has generated MILLIONS of dollars in Sales for my Clients over the last 8 years and is the BASIS of my FIRST book “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops).

• 1:1 spiritual clearing call to help you LET go of any and all masks, cut chords and UNHOOK any old vibrational agreements you might have with your family or others that may be keeping you stuck.

• 1:1 Coaching With your own personal Mindset Mentor to make sure you don't steer off track or get overwhelmed.

• 2 Monthly LIVE Q & A calls with our Facebook ADS expert to help you DIAL in your Facebook ads so they attract clients 24 hours a day while you sleep!

• Access to our private FB group where you can ASK questions EVERYDAY and get your website critiques (or create your first website) get copy edits on your offers, your video’s critiqued and CLARITY on how to position yourself as an expert people want to BUY FROM so you never run around in self doubt but STAY IN ACTION MODE because clarity leads to action and action is what gets you RESULTS.

So, who's my next $10k in 30 day Coach?
Book a session to explore if this is right for you!

Big Hugs

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A The Bikini Business Coach

Founder, $10K in 30 Day Mastermind

Grow Your Coaching Business with On-line Masterminds!

Grow Your Coaching Business with On-line Masterminds!

THIS JUST IN I just CRUNCHED some numbers and in the last 4 years I have brought in 2.3 million dollars by hosting MASTERMINDS!

Pretty wild eh?

Along the way I’ve also made A TON of mistakes figuring out the do’s and don’ts so you don’t have to.

In this training you’ll discover:

➡️ Some tips and tricks on how to enroll your first $3000 – $5000, $10,000 high end coaching client. If you haven’t yet CRACKED through the veil, I'll show you the next steps to get you into ACTION.

➡️ My personal story of how I grew my online coaching business from $130k – $170k – $450k to 1.6million a year by creating MASTERMINDS.

➡️ How you can create a $300,000 dollar business model with 20 clients and just one virtual assistant. I walk you through EXACTLY how to do this here on the call VERY DOABLE!

➡️ What NOT to do and mistakes to avoid so you ensure your clients SHOW UP in your masterminds and do the work (my best ADVICE shared no holding back).

➡️ What best plugins to use, platforms to run them on, best practices and so much more!

Catch the vibe! Remember 2016 the year of purging, 2017 was the year of restructuring and 2018 is the year of actualization!!

It’s your time to SHINE rockstar and HAVE IT ALL!

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A The Bikini Business Coach

Founder, $10K in 30 Day Mastermind

$8,000 in New Coaching Clients & $30,000 in Sales In My Yoga Biz

$8,000 in New Coaching Clients & $30,000 in Sales In My Yoga Biz

“$8000 in new Coaching sales and $30,000 in my yoga biz!”

Catch Cindy Olah’s results from graduating the $10k in 30 day boot camp, and find out how Cindy got her signature system up and running, her Facebook group rocking, and new clients in the door within 8 short weeks.


Will you be our next outrageous success story? Apply today:

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A The Bikini Business Coach

Founder, $10K in 30 Day Mastermind

Are you thinking of coming to Hawaii with me in April?

Are you thinking of coming to Hawaii with me in April?

Hey rockstar! Are you ready to UP LEVEL your business this year? Join me for a 3 day 2 night VIP weekend experience in Hawaii.

This is for coaches who have clients but want to leverage and scale their business model. Here’s what we can cover:

>Get crystal clear on your mastermind program so you can work ONE TO MANY

>Create your WEBINAR FUNNEL TO attract clients online

>Get clear on your social media structure & marketing plan

>Business and Mindset Strategies for reaching 6 and 7 figures in your coaching business

>Take a PEAK into my 150k per month coaching business, systems, processes, team building and more

>Help with copywriting and email automation

>AND ANY other question you want to ask me! You have me all to yourself.

>Rockstar accomodation in a BEAUTIFUL mansion with ocean and mountain views

>Yummy organic food

>Pick up and drop off from the airport can be arranged.

Just arrive bring your amazing self and get ready for some fun in the sun – clarity – business building and R & R in Kauai.

This is for coaches who have had paying clients and are looking to take their business to the next level SCALE and grow their business, generate more revenue while working less.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A The Bikini Business Coach

Founder, $10K in 30 Day Mastermind

Ready for some FUN IN the SUN meets Business Building in Hawaii?

Ready for some FUN IN the SUN meets Business Building in Hawaii?

Are you READY for some FUN IN the SUN meets Business building in Hawaii?

I just flew in for a fun fabulous LUXURY VIP weekend with one of my all time favourite clients on the paradise island of Kauai Hawaii this week.

Working closely with my clients and showing them around my FAVORITE hot spots on the island is my kind of business plan.

Who said business building can ONLY be done in stuffy conference rooms? I say bring your computer and a bikini and let’s have some fun in the sun! AND we'll do some STELLAR masterminding – CLARITY – accountability – to grow your business.

I’ll be in Hawaii the entire month of January working with awesome clients travelling in from all over the world! We'll be having some fun relaxing and DREAMING into being what wants to be birthed in my 2018.

ALOHA – > What better way to kick off the new year?!

I’m opening up a FEW spots for one-on-one and semi-private VIP weekends with me in Hawaii! Come with your assistant or business partner, come with a friend, shortcut your learning curve, create your high end program. Work on your 6-figure funnel, create your exit strategy for your job or 10x your current coaching income… in paradise!

Bring your bikini – or buy a few new ones on islands (I know the best shops!). Enchant your senses on the most BEAUTIFUL beaches in the WORLD (I can’t wait to take you there!). Visit a powerful energy vortex (or two or three) and LAUNCH BIRTH your business, book, retreat on one of the most sacred places in the world.

Guarantee you’ll be hooked and mama Kauai will leave you coming back for more. She certainly got me kneeling at her feet in ecstasy since feeling the call back in 2007. Since then I have had the absolute PRIVILEGE of working with and supporting the world's most powerful SPIRITUAL leaders, visionaries and women’s empowerment leaders to overcome FEAR, get their message out to the world and THRIVE.

I’m warning you working with me privately Is ONLY for COMMITTED rockstars – but if you want to PICK my brain on how to scale and GROW your coaching business to $100,000 +++ month like I have done in the past year! THE TIME IS NOW – spaces will fill up fast I am only opening up 5 weekends to work with me privately this year.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A The Bikini Business Coach

Founder, $10K in 30 Day Mastermind

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