Welcome to a whole new season of my 100 day Challenge using the laws of Attraction!

Day 1 Season 2
Let’s see what we can manifest in season 2! Excititng…season one has already come and gone so fast! This season is about creating profitable business ventures to promote and sell my info product I am creating from scratch in the next 100 days, a successful pilot program to launch my coaching services and 20,000$ saved int he bank for my new property! Go big or go home eh?

Dy 11 Season 2Law of attraction at work the fundamentals, ask and allow it to happen!

Day 25 Season 2 Tips on Allowing

Day 35 Season 2 – How to Manifest Anything Using Emotions

Day 46 Season 2 – Introduction to EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

Day 77 100 Day Challenge Season 2

Day 89 – 100 Day Challenge Season 2

Day 100 Season 2 – Celebration!