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When I first picked up this book on its official launch YESTERDAY – I thought I leisurely take my time reading it over a course of a month or so… As soon as I got past the 1st chapter – I was INSTANTLY hooked!

In this book, Vanessa teaches one from her OWN life experiences how to view every challenge in our lives life as an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth! More importantly – How to VOID binding contracts that are blocking your inner POWER, and how to TAKE MY POWER BACK!buynow

I have found that in my life experiences and as life situations around me have become increasingly complex, that I have a great need to find meaning in all the confusion, chaos, disappointment, difficult family relationships, and stress over my “mediocre at best” health.

Although I am ¾ of the way finished – I have found that this book has wonderful tips on how I can shift my paradigm and thinking that every day is filled with PROBLEMS to how each day is a new opportunity to find solutions and TAKE MY POWER BACK AND THRIVE!!!

It’s a shame I can only rate this book 5 STARS…. I would definitely rate it higher if possible! GREAT WORK VANESSA! I am going to put your insight to great use as I begin my journey in taking my power back!!!

Tasha Monie 


From Bankrupt to $900 A Day Selling Mops. Rising Entrepreneurs: How to Mop up on Cash in Any Economy!

Do you want to make more sales and touch more people’s lives without sounding pushy or salesy? Do you want to learn how to attract all of the clients you need?

Vanessa simpkins from bankrupt to $900 a day selling mopsThe purpose of this book is to help you master your inner game and heal the chatter you have around selling, making money and marketing yourself for success. You’ll learn why “Authenticity is the NEW Currency in Business Today” and how you can implement proven systems for success in your business right away to help you make more money.

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“A fabulous source of real life, results oriented tips from a masterful presenter. This book is an easy read with a powerful message to help you succeed no matter what your circumstances.”T. Harv Eker, Author of the #1 New York Times Best Selling Book Secrets of Millionaire Mind

“This book makes sense — and dollars. It’s real world, tells a great story, and transfers straight forward strategies that you can put into practice the minute you read them, and turn them into money. Buy it and bank it!”Jeffrey Gitomer , Author of The Little Red Book of Selling

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Workshop Profit Secrets System

post3How to Generate a Solid 6 Figure Income By Selling High end Coaching and Consulting From the Stage, Hosting Small Intimate Workshops and Speaking Events

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 The Transformational Breakthrough Summit

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  • Do you suffer from Beat Yourself Up Syndrome, where doubt and self judgment rob you of the success you know is possible?
  • Are you struggling in your relationships with emotionally unavailable partners? Are you ready for authentic connection, no more games?
  • Have you read or watched “The Secret”, and yet feel like you still are missing out on the “Law of Attraction’s” promise?
  • Are you working so hard in your business that you just NEVER find the time to have fun, let loose and put yourself first for a change?
  • Do you long to empower and inspire others with your life experience but feel like a fraud, paralyzed by your past mistakes and regrets?
  • Here’s the most important question of all, though:
  • Would you like to finally master your inner game so you feel confident, in control, and free of fear?

Learn from 14 of the World’s TOP Transformational Breakthrough Experts on this Telesummit Recording and FINALLY:

– Master your inner game
– Attract more abundance
– Transform your money mindset
– Connect with your passion and earn a living doing what you LOVE

…for heart centered entrepreneurs.

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