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3Things to Do If You’re Freaking Out About Your Cash Flow... How to Attract, Engage and Close More Ideal, High Paying Clients

Do you feel like you have SO much to offer but are stuck playing small and not making the BIG impact you KNOW deep in your soul you are meant to?

Are you tired of self doubt and worry holding you back from earning a fabulous income doing what you love?

Are you ready to break through the fear and uncertainty that holds you hostage and in financial dependence to a JOB or controlling relationship?

If so then you’ll love this free teleclass where you’ll discover…

  • The Strategies you can implement to begin to attract 100’s up to 1000 of new ideal clients to your business each month.
  • The 1 biggest mistake nearly all spiritual women solopreneurs make when trying to market their business that keep them stuck, broke and working too hard.
  • The fastest way to attracting new clients and EXACTLY where to find them.
  • The most critical factor you need to know to get your mindset aligned with your big vision so you can sky rocket your confidence and cash flow.
  • Plus much much more!

You can do this! It does not have to be difficult or take you months to figure out.
I can show you how, too…

Sign up to my free teleclass today and as a *** BONUS *** get instant access to my free audio


How to Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow: 5 of the Biggest Money, Mindset and Power Leaks Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them




I Quadrupled My Income!

“Vanessa changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe! Before I met her I was totally dissatisfied with my life, I was deeply in debt and hopped from job to job.

Following Vanessa’s lead, guidance and suggestions, has literally turned my life right around to the point I don’t even recognize myself. I’ve quadrupled my income, lived my dream and traveled to Hawaii and most of all I know now, really know how to manifest whatever I want. Thank you bottom of my heart!”

Melanie Layer, Sales Trainer


$30,000 in Sales EVERY Week!

Since applying Vanessa’s techniques our sales team has consistently hit our new weekly sales goal of $30,000… 5 weeks now in a row without fail!

We had never previously made our sales targets before so we know it’s because of implementing this process. It’s made a world of difference to us, a big THANK YOU Vanessa!


Camille Vaillancourt, Journal Acces



Vanessa Simpkins is a sky rocket your confidence & cash flow mentor, speaker and author of “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops”. Creator of the “Transformational Breakthrough Summit” Vanessa helps women entrepreneurs breakthrough their inner blocks, skyrocket their confidence and put proven systems in place to attract more clients and make more money doing what they love.

Once a struggling holistic practitioner, stuck in a bad relationship declaring bankruptcy, she is now on a mission to help entrepreneurs break free from controlling situations, relationships and self imposed limitations of the mind so they can TAKE their power Back! and create a life and business by design instead of by default.

She’s been featured in “Motivated Magazine”, “Today’s Business Women Magazine”, worked alongside personal development experts like Joe Vitale from the hit Movie “The Secret” & Marci Shimoff from “Happy for No Reason” and has also spoken at the TED EX “Let’s Spread Success” event in Montreal.



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