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 ***The Entrepreneurial Mindset *** Success Blueprint

Dear soul savvy entrepreneur, here is a collection of 20 of my all time FAV concepts, quotes and words to live by. These are key concepts that I not only share with my high end clients but that ave also dramatically impacted my life and business.

Go ahead have a quick read through some of the best MINDSET gems to help you shift your focus back to what matters to help you grow your business and get results in record time!


1. Persistence pays off * SUCCESS * can not evade or hide from persistence for very long.

2. Don’t fix what’s not broken. Mastery is in doing what works over and over again long after it’s lost is novelty.

3. Give before you get – classic rule in life and marketing. You don’t ask someone you’ve JUST met to marry you just like you don’t ask someone you’ve just invited onto your list to buy from you.

4. New level – new devil – every up level you make in your biz you WILL encounter problems only you’ll have more confidence in your ability to overcome them. Avoid the BIG mistake of thinking that you are void of the journey / process called “learning” just because you get to a new level.

5. VISIBILITY means everything. Visibility + delivering value + making offers = money $$ your income, a profitable business. Very simple recipe for success. You want to make more money – ask yourself “how can I be MORE visible and deliver more value and make more offers to more people?”

6. Consistency is KEY – consistency builds momentum like a freight train that picks up speed – it becomes hard to stop it once you’ve got that thing going! Momentum + staying top of mind with your clients builds trust – and the know like and trust factor. When YOU are TOP of mind – guess who your clients buy from? YOU!

7. Model success – don’t reinvent the wheel. There is a time and place for invention and innovation BUT model what IS already working if you want to save yourself TIME and MONEY. Model what is already working.
Don’t reinvent the wheel.

8. Sell it before you create it – too many people spend SOOOO much freaking time PERFECTING shit that no body wants to buy. Sell it first – if people buy it – then you know you’ve got a winner – go create it then.

9. The truth will set you free. Might piss you off first though. Once you come to acceptance about what IS really going on you can make a new decision about it.

10. 90 % of success is JUST SHOWING UP! Congratulations – keep showing up!!

11. Fail forward, fail faster. Failure is NOT the opposite of success it is the stairway to success!!

12. When life gives you lemons – make lemonade. I made 2 businesses out of the lemons life through at me. I turned my bankruptcy into my first book “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” and a big wake up call near death experience into a women’s empowerment movement and best selling book “Take Your Power Back Now: The Ultimate Confidence Guide for Women”.Ask yourself “how can I use this experience to teach, heal, empower others?” then go do it!

13. MONEY loves speed! Got an idea? Great go DO something about it.Start where you are. What are the next three steps you could take to get it going?

14. Good enough is good enough! A poorly execited plan is better than a plan that never gets executed. Take ACTION and course correct along the way.

15. Get out of compare and dispair mode. I’m not Tony Robbins and I make a great income helping spiritual women with sales and mindset mastery. You don’t have to be Tony Robbins to successful. OWN your gifts and share what you love.

16. Surround yourself with people who GET you and are a teeeny bit more successful than you are. It will rub off.

17. Hire a mentor and shotcut your learning curve. When I was broke driving a crappy run down old minivan tapping up the rust holes and spray painting the side panels one day I thought to myself “If my friends or family find out I am spending more $$$ than my RENT on a freaking online marketing mentor – they’ll think I am NUTS!”
Turns out trading in my red shovel for a red bikini, living in Hawaii, being wealthy, having the freedom to run my business from anywhere in the world aint so nuts after all.Invest in yourself, invest in your success and invest in the RIGHT mentor.Find someone who is doing what you want to do ALREADY and then learn
from them.

18. When all else fails, do what you know to be true. If you did it once you can do it again, borrow from your past beliefs while you create new ones.

19. Fix what is broken. Don’t avoid the obvious dive in and get to work.You can fix a mindset, a sales attraction system, an offer, you can always make better something that isn’t working like a relationship, a living situation, time freedom, making more money. Your power lies in your ability to make a new DECISION about it. From there – EVERYTHING happens.

20. Decide. Commit. Expand = recipe for success in ANY endevour.

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Featured on FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC television for her best selling books “Take Your Power Back Now” and “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” Vanessa is not only passionate but also effective about inspiring entrepreneurs to sky rocket their confidence and cash flow with solid sales attraction systems and MINDSET mastery tools that help her clients prosper.