WOW all I can say is WOW!

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I have to share the OUTRAGEOUS results our clients are getting in our $10k in 30 day “get it done bootcamp”…

So apparently I lied… some of our clients are BLOWING the ROOF off of our 10k in 30 day promise…

Here’s another VERY HAPPY client results…

Every day we have more and more women celebrating attracting their very first high paying coaching clients!!

This is what CLARITY, support and rockstar accountability can do for you!

Imagine what that would do for your confidence if YOU KNEW without a doubt how to attract your first 3 new high paying clients at $1000 or $3000 or $5000 each in the next 30 days?

How would that impact your family?

Would you go on a trip?

Pay off some debt?

What would you do?

Some of our clients are nearly doing 10k A DAY!!! Forget about 10k a  month… and these are women JUST like you, some of them starting in coaching for the first time, others who have been struggling for WAY too long.

When we work on their mindset – hunt out their gremlins and give them SUPER clarity and structure on how to create and roll out their high end coaching programs the results are ALWAYS the same.

All I can say is WOW!

Are YOU ready to STOP farting around with your coaching business and get SERIOUS about generating some serious results like these?

<<< APPLY TODAY for the $10k in 30 Day Bootcamp >>>

I know you might have questions about whether or not the $10K in 30 Day Mastermind is right for you. So, I thought I’d take a second to answer 4-5 of the most important questions we get…

1) How do I know that the $10k in 30 Day Mastermind is right for me?

Are you a women’s empowerment leader, coach or spiritual guide in the making?

Have you been feeling the CALL to answer your purpose as a thought leader or inspirational leader, coach and mentor but don’t know HOW to actually turn this deep “calling and purpose” into a REAL solid business, that you can pay your bills with?

If yes then this is THE program for you.

I believe it’s because there has never been a better time to offer YOUR coaching services in the world! The women in the world are WAKING up and they are LOOKING for leaders!

Not only that but if you have a purpose and a calling and continually IGNORE it, or shove it aside your life will only continually to squeeze you harder and get more and more intense until you lean into it – there is no escaping your purpose!

I believe we have THE BEST program out there to help spiritual women entrepreneurs overcome fear and thrive!

Watch for yourself from our case study library of HAPPY clients sharing their results via video on our site here.

2) Yeah but Vanessa this is for coaches who already have it together, I don’t even have my website up yet, am I ready?

Truth is you’ll NEVER feel ready until you decide you are. There will never be the “right” time to commit to your success until you get tired of banging around settling for less than you deserve.

Many of our clients celebrate having so much clarity, support and accountability that they FINALLY GET their websites up and running and begin generating their first few high ticket sales $3000 – $5000 within their first 30 days.

Like this client… no website when she started.

With all these new clients and clarity about what to offer women she QUICKLY put up a website and began filling her first mastermind!

<<< I’m READY for Confidence, Clarity & Cash flow!! >>>

3) I don’t have an email list and to be honest I’m not really clear on even HOW to make my clients an offer even if I did have a list!

Here’s the deal, you don’t have to have a list, a website or a book in order to start attracting high paying clients. You do need to KNOW WHAT TO DO to get yourself being visible, delivering value and making offers.

That’s it!

Most of our clients are plain and simply overwhelmed with what to do and FINALLY find RELIEF when we tell them EXACTLY how to do JUST do these 3 next action steps.

It’s easy to take action when you know where you’re going and what you need to do. There’s no more stabbing in the dark, trying something that might or might not work.

You simply get to work using our system, the $10K in 30 Day Skyrocket your Confidence & Cash Flow System and the results are all yours.

As a matter of fact many of our clients report having SO MUCH confidence in EVERY area of their life not only with business and sales but in EVERY area because self worth is attached to how much ease and grace you allow in, how much LOVE you allow in. The results have been groundbreaking to say the least.

I think this is the 3rd or 4th client this year to get ENGAGED!! When you work on your CONCEPTS of self ANYTHING is possible!

So don’t worry about making offers – we got you covered and as a bonus you’ll get your MINDSET foundation  aligned to empower yourself FIRST so you can empower others later ( this HAS to be solid if you’re going to charge people thousands of dollars for your services).

<<< I AM READY To Attract High Paying Clients And Skyrocket My Confidence & Cash Flow  >>>

4) I’ve done other program’s before what makes this one so great ?

A shit ton of the right support.

If you’re on my list you probably know by now that I’m not into fluffing around, wasting time or beating around the bush.

I’m direct and I get results.

Same goes for my advice about getting CRYSTAL clear about your ideal client, your signature system, your authentic marketing stories, your offers, your high ticket programs and every other question and CONCERN or non clarity you’ve encountered as a business owner.

You get to speak WITH ME for hours every week and like I said I am very direct and very very good and helping you find clarity with these moving parts in your business.

Most programs are what I call cattle call programs with 1000 + people in a Q & A call where you’ll never get close to the mentor. Not here.

You get outstanding support in small intimate groups that offer so much support and guidance you CAN’T HELP but flourish and blossom.

This is exactly what’s missing in the personal development world today. Outstanding support, accountability and guidance.

<<< I KNOW I Need the RIGHT Kind of Support I’m READY!  >>>

5) I still have some questions can I speak with some of your past clients?

No. We have 20-30 people per DAY reaching out to work with us. It would annoy the crap out of my clients if everyone called them up all day long. BUT you can watch a marathon of video case studies, testimonials and real life results on our site here.

So I think that covers the main questions we get regarding our program and by now if you’re still reading this you know we’re THE people to call to get your spiritual coaching business off the ground and running.

Here’s the link to book a session with us:

We’ll jump on the phone for about 45 minutes, and get you clear on:

  • What’s holding you back from having the CONFIDENCE, Cash Flow and IMPACT you KNOW you’re meant to have.
  • How to move forward with your purpose and start generating SALES ( because this is a business not a hobby).
  • How to package yourself and establish yourself as an expert in your field that people want to HIRE.

There’s no charge for this, but book a spot NOW… like I said, we have 20 – 30 people a day reaching out to talk to us.

Hurry though, book your call today as space is limited & remember 90% of success is showing UP!


To Your Love, Expansion  & Freedom

Vanessa Simpkins A.K.A The Bikini Business Coach

Founder, $10K in 30 Day Mastermind

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