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I Got Married in HAWAII!

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I’m back home now after my dream wedding in Hawaii…$100,000 well spent creating fun in the sun 10 days of nonstop partying with family friends, lots of laughs and a whole bunch of wonderful memories made possible by….

My business.

Or should I say MY MINDSET.

I remember a time when being married seemed SO far away and damn near impossible – all I had in front of me were trolls and

I was DOOMED ( or so it felt at the time ) dating losers. One after another. They were all married or broken or didn’t want to have more kids or something…

I was over it, and really just ready to give up on the entire dating scene.

My business at the time wasn’t doing so hot either – I had some good months some bad months BUT at least I was living in Hawaii I told myself after 6 years of being in business that it wasn’t SO bad.

The truth was I was working WAY TOO hard and my life wasn’t where I thought it should have been at 35.

Ever felt that way? Like somehow life threw you a curve ball and it just about bowled you over and you’re lying there all wiped out rat faced thinking where in the hell did I go wrong?!

What in the heck did I do to deserve this?!!

HOW in the heck did my life end up like this?

Well it sucks feeling like that…

BUT it was perfect kick in the pants PAIN I needed to wake up and take radical responsibility for my THOUGHTS & beliefs.

I was also doing a TON of mindset work – both professionally and personally. I was taking a radically HONEST look for the first time possibly at what was REALLY under my hood AKA in the oven of my mind and found a whole SLEW of gremlins ( negative beliefs) about myself and what was possible romantically.

I moved from Hawaii to southern California followed my intuition that told me I WOULD NEVER meet my dude in Hawaii and 5 shorts months after moving I met Alex.

My life was PERFECTLY mirroring back to me my beliefs about love and worthiness.

I called in my HUSBAND not any dude or random guy or a boyfriend. No, what I wanted my HUSBAND. And when I reprogrammed my mind with better beliefs about what was possible he showed up – walked right into my life – and we both knew that very night that this was something special.

Actually my friend Jon introduced us outside the porto potties at a music concert and told Alex that I was ready to get married by October 11th 2015 ( we met in May 2015). I could have dropped dead of embarrassment but THE TRUTH shall set you free.

Manifesting this amazing man in my life made me realize the real POWER we all have to create consciously the lives, the love, the abundance, the romance, the freedom that is possible and IT IS POSSIBLE for everyone to achieve!

After meeting Alex I TURNED MY attention and my mindset to my business and have made $100,000 ++ each and every month this year. I think we hit the million dollar mark while I was away for 2 weeks here getting married – another HUGE and wonderful feat – my amazing rockstar TEAM – who run this women’s empowerment company even while I am AWAY – and I was AWAY in the jungle no phones or wifi – I mean AWAY!

Your MINDSET is everything. How you feel about yourself your capabilities the stories you tell yourself about life, love, money, business it’s either working FOR you or against you. And if it’s working against you – you want to fix it right away before you waste another 2-5 years struggling suffering unnecessarily.

Here at Take Your Power Back Now we help women EVERYDAY become conscious creators and sky rocket their confidence and cash flow – it is SUCH an honor and a blessing to celebrate their big wins, first high end sales, feeling like an expert, new websites, making confident offers, first stellar speaking engagements and being ROLE models for their children for what’s possible.

I mean HOW does it get better than that?

Aside from stoking your family and friends out for a good time in Hawaii for a fun fabulous wedding … I would have paid double and it would have been worth it. So much fun!

So I wanted to make a little post about the importance of your beliefs and your mindset, share a few fun photo’s and also to celebrate with you what’s possible for you when you take your power back and become a conscious creator instead of creating out of default.

Don’t let a shitty MINDSET be the reason your goals and dreams – your family – your possibilities and your expansion stay on the back burner.

Life is happening NOW!!If you’re READY to experience massive breakthroughs in abundance and LOVE and want to work with me and my team.

Book a call with my team!

Remember … you’re only ONE decision away from a TOTALLY different life 

Vanessa Simpkins
Founder of the $10k in 30 Day Mastermind, #1 Best Selling Author of Take Your Power Back Now: The Ultimate Confidence Guide for Women, The Bikini Biz Coach

Breakthrough Your Inner Blocks: Mindset Retreat

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Join me in at the LUXURIOUS Monarch Beach Resort for a MINDSET Retreat this October in Southern California

I receive a ton of questions EVERY DAY from women just like you wanting to know how they can BREAKTHROUGH fear & procrastination, let go of self sabotaging beliefs and attract more abundance and EASE in their life and business.

So, let me tell you EXACTLY how to hunt out the negative gremlins (A.K.A. – limiting beliefs) in your mind it’s a POWERFUL process I teach my mastermind clients.

And NOW I want to share this experience WITH YOU in a once in a lifetime event at this October 5-8th and the Monarch Beach Resort in Southern California where I’ll be working with a handful of rockstar women – leading them through this transformation process!


Join me for this POWERFUL life changing experience at the MINDSET retreat in So Cal this October and RADICALLY transform your relationship to MONEY, JOY & Success!

Be one of the first 10 people to register and get a $250 massage on me!

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I’M WARNING YOU this may very well be the most important thing you learn in your entire life.

No joke. YOUR ENTIRE life.

Here’s why… until your mindset is aligned for wealth, opportunity, and abundance you can take all the RIGHT actions, read all the RIGHT books, attend all the RIGHT seminars and STILL be sabotaging yourself unknowingly.

Your inner * concepts of yourself * and your inner conversations with yourself MUST be in alignment to support your highest vision otherwise, you’ll continue to struggle.

A recent graduate of the $10K in 30 Day Mastermind, Nicole, changed her mindset and her beliefs from limitation to “I can have it all” and in just a few short weeks raised her prices & skyrocketed her business results BUT also attracted a HOT ‘n JUICY new romance into her life!

I have taught this now to HUNDREDS of women around the world and the results are always MIND BLOWING. This is no coincidence!

Find out for yourself WHY so many of our graduates and students are RAVING about my mindset work and join us for an EPIC life changing event in paradise.

This is why I am so adamant about working on MINDSET for women and women business owners because when you change your fundamental beliefs it changes EVERY part of your life!

It’s not uncommon for women to experience more LOVE as they open up their vibration to more wealth because self WORTH dictates so many parts of your life.

Are YOU ready to re-write your self worth code? Ready for JUICY romance, extreme wealth & joy?
New levels of connection intimacy and CONFIDENCE?


Join me for this POWERFUL life changing experience at the MINDSET retreat in So Cal this October.

Be one of the first 10 people to register and get a $250 massage on me!

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I teach my clients a process called “Radical Honesty, Radical Responsibility and Radical Self LOVE” where you take a radically honest look inside your mind to see what is taking house/what is living in there, take radical responsibility for it and have enough radical self-love to INSTALL something radically different.

Hey, if you want to get different results you GOTTA do something different.

This is REALLY HOW to be a conscious creator.

YOU MUST be willing to take 100% responsibility for everything that shows up and doesn’t show up in your life because then and only then do you have the power to change it!

Read that again.

We all know that beliefs get expressed into the physical world we call reality.

So, if you don’t like what you are creating the name of the game is “how do I change my beliefs?”

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking – which is great news BECAUSE it means you don’t have to sit on a couch for 12 years with a shrink to change your life!

No … you just have to LOVE yourself enough to install new thoughts with CONSISTENCY!

>> But, you have to KNOW first what the limiting beliefs are.<<<


Let’s go GREMLIN hunting together! Join me for this POWERFUL life changing experience at the MINDSET retreat in So Cal this October.

Be one of the first 10 people to register and get a $250 massage on me!

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Most people have NO IDEA the kind of gremlins they have in mind because nobody has ever taught them how to go hunting for them!

Who in their right mind would go purposefully sabotaging themselves, right?

But that’s what happens. People make these limiting decisions when they are 12 or 20 years old and NEVER revisit them.

Those same old decisions run their life in their 50’s and 60’s. Women whine and complain that they can’t seem to break through this glass ceiling on their income or can’t get their shit together to make a silly video about their services or finish what they start and then find out “oh shit! I have a gremlin living in my mind that say’s “I’m not good enough.”

No wonder you’re struggling for everything.



Join me for this POWERFUL life changing experience at the MINDSET retreat in So Cal this October. You’re ABUNDANCE, RELATIONSHIPS and CONFIDENCE will never be the same again!

Be one of the first 10 people to register and get a $250 massage on me!

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YOU HAVE TO ALIGN YOUR BELIEFS TO YOUR VISION it is the ONLY WAY to breakthrough to more wealth and abundance – your decisions HAVE to be aligned with it being “OK to have more money.”

SO…are you ready to find out what beliefs you are holding in mind around your wealth and abundance?

If so then COME and join me for a fabulous weekend of FUN in the sun in southern California, take a BREAK from the family the kids the job and whatever else if always on the top of your priority list and MAKE yourself the priority for a few days that will DRAMATICALLY change the course of your life forever!

We have a shit ton of fun activities, some amazing breakthrough work, yoga, massages, healthy yummy food, SOUL SISTER TIME, lots of laughter, connection and TRANSFORMATION in store for YOU!

Join us > here’s the link to reserve your spot but HURRY space is limited to 20 women ONLY!

Be one of the first to reserve your space and we’ll gift you with a $250 spa credit or massage of your choice.

PS: I’m hosting this event at a 5 star luxury hotel on the coast called the Monarch Beach Resort!

No better way to VIBRATE abundance and WEALTH – LUXURY than to BE in it!
Treat yourself and I promise this is one trip you will remember for a LIFETIME!!!

Here’s where to learn more and register.

From in Debt to $10k in 30 days (Real Income Results For Coaches)

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Aloha! One of the common questions that I get from people who are just starting out in coaching or speaking is, “Are people like me getting results?”

Short version: Yes! 🙂

Here’s what Tanya’s business & breakthroughs & speaking engagements looked like after less than 12 months:


NEXT WEDNESDAY July 12 I’ll be starting a LIVE class where I walk you through exactly what Tanya spoke about –  my “Workshop Profit Secrets System” and show you exactly how to attract clients using workshops and speaking at live events.

This page gives you all the details, and if you’re interested – secure your spot ASAP because space is VERY limited.

(You’ll understand when you see the ridiculous price 🙂 )

See for yourself here.

3 Biggest Mistakes Speakers Make and How to Avoid Them

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NEXT WEDNESDAY I’ll be starting a LIVE class where I walk you through my “Workshop Profit Secrets System” and show you exactly how to attract clients using workshops and speaking at live events.

This page gives you all the details, and if you’re interested – secure your spot ASAP because space is VERY limited.

(You’ll understand when you see the ridiculous price 🙂 )

See for yourself here.

No GUNS in the Bathroom!

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PS: Stay tuned tomorrow I’m going to share with you how to overcome negative self-talk once and for all!

PSS: Are you READY to have more confidence and really OWN your mastery and wisdom as a highly paid coach or women’s empowerment leader? Let’s get on the phone and talk things through. Book a call now!

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Clearing Out Your OLD Disappointments in 2016 to Make Way for MASSIVE Abundance in 2017

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Hey Rockstar!

In this weeks #ManifestingMonday live stream I shared a PROCESS a very powerful process to help you SHIFT out of any holiday FUNK and really empower you to create a CLEAN slate – a fertile mind and energetic core vibration upon which to CREATE a new this coming year 2017.

If you enjoyed this little gem of a video WATCH the training replay HERE on “Selling Made Easy: How to Overcome Your Blocks Around Sales and Close More Sales like a Pro” where I go in depth on how to actually clear out the OLD to make way for the new.

NOW is the time to prepare for 2017 not in January but RIGHT NOW! Time to clean out and put to an end the things you DO NOT want to recreate in 2017. What must DIE, come to an end so that you can experience something RADICALLY different next year?

Make no MISTAKE there is NO way around your past but THROUGH IT – and this is a process that I delved into RIGHT before my life and business TOOK OFF!

I want to share this POWERFUL process with YOU RIGHT NOW. Take the time to actually DO THE CLEARING and I can GUARANTEE you’ll hit your goals no matter WHAT this coming year! Put it off and get ready for more of the same coming your way. YOU MUST clear out the frequency of disappointment before you can MOVE into the vibration of abundance. There is NO other way!

Vanessa xoxoox

PS: This training is SPECIFICALLY for advanced energy healers and coaches who are READY to get this law of attraction thing working in their favor consistently.

PPS: I’m only opening this replay for a limited time so WATCH IT while you can!


Selling Made Easy – Get Ready to Put 2017 on the MAP!

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Selling Made Easy: How to Overcome Your Blocks To Sales & Close More Sales Like a Pro!

Are you feeling disappointed with your business results looking back on your year? Would you like to make sure you knock it out of the park next year and START generating SALES NOW during the holidays?

Join us for this *** SPECIAL *** webinar ….

Here’s what you will discover:

  • How to bring your passion & your purpose out into the world and pay your bills.
  • Common beliefs around “asking for money for your services” that are robbing you of having a ton of clients and how to transform those IMMEDIATELY.
  • Sales as a spiritual practice explained ( from my book “From Bankrupt to $900 a day Selling Mops”)
  • How to quadruple your sales over the holidays and make 2017 a kick ass year of abundance, transformation and fun for you and your clients!
  • How to maximize your holidays & the events you attend with family and friends to begin filling your pipeline of HIGH PAYING clients.
  • How to open up your vibration for wealth and ABUNDANCE and why it’s IMPOSSIBLE to sell yourself until you do.

Register for “Selling Made Easy” and get ready to put 2017 on the MAP!

Hurry though space is limited to 50 attendees!

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Featured on FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC television for her best selling books “Take Your Power Back Now” and “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” Vanessa is not only passionate but also effective about inspiring entrepreneurs to sky rocket their confidence and cash flow with solid sales attraction systems and MINDSET mastery tools that help her clients