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Abundance Affirmations & Scripting New Reality

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The problem I have with abundance affirmations is that if they aren’t believable to you and you say them, you’re not doing any good, know what I mean?

So here’s the trick, its called scripting for inner and outer intentions. Works like a charm!

Instead of reading abundance affirmations that are way off of the map of your current reality, try something a bit more real, more digestible, more tangible and work your way up to a new reality. After all no one goes from broke to millionaire in just a moment. You don’t become pregnant and give birth right way, there is a process to things, a natural process to life and manifesting your desires and manifesting abundance.

As much as you would like to believe that reading a few abundance affirmations a day will cure the lack in your life the truth is it takes more focus and energetic investment that that to shift into prosperity.

So here is how you can successfully work with the law of abundance. Write out what you want to feel when you are doing such and such an action, or how you want to feel when you are thinking such and such. For example:

I am connecting with source energy to stay calm, focussed, balanced and strong when having doubts so that I easily move into abundance and prosperity thinking.

When I am feeling down, remind me that everything is happening in divine timing and for divine reason and help me allow more ease, flow and abundance in my life.

Do you see how this is very different from all of the other abundance affirmations?

I am enjoying abundance in my life now.

How do you connect with that last one? If it’s not true for you chances are there will be very little emotional connection and so then nothing anchors. The trick to manifesting is to involve your emotional self on a deep level, a deep feeling level which sends out vibrations that call into your experience. So start from where you are. Play with this tool called scripting.

Here are a few more examples:

I need major help and guidance when scarcity thinking and stinking thinking or when limited thinking takes ahold of me, so that I can easily remember that my divine right to abundance and shift quickly to thoughts of prosperity.

Help me align my energies with those of abundance, prosperity, ease and flow so that my experience in life is smooth, joyous, light and loving.

Help me to enjoy the process of learning to attract wealth and abundance so that I allow it into my experience even quicker!

Help me remember that my level of happiness is directly related to the level of abundance in my life!

Hope this quick lesson on scripting out your abundance affirmations was helpful!

Law of Abundance

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On a beautiful hike out in the eastern townships of Quebec after work one evening I was pondering the multitude of abundance in nature.

The law of abundance, it’s really everywhere you look! There is an abundance of leaves on the trees, an abundance of water in the lakes, an abundance of color in the forest, an abundance of air molecules, an abundance of space, an abundance of bark on the trees, rocks, earth, I mean the list goes on! You could fill thousands of pages with countless abundance found in nature, and we are a part of nature.

So when there is talk of scarcity and lack, on the radio and tv, the economy the recession bla bla bla its bullshit if you ask me. Just another ploy another marketing fiasco ruled by the media to freak us out and instil fear into society. There is no such thing as lack. When the government needs more money they print it. Remember that! There is a video on youtube called the Zeitgeist go and have a look at that. You’ll find it very interesting! It’s about how our monetary system is fuelled.

And in the meantime, use the law of abundance to your benefit. Anytime you feel lack, scarcity or fear about not having enough, go for a walk in nature and fill up on all of the abundance that is ready to you. Remind yourself about how much abundance is out there in the world. Synchronize and align your thoughts and feelings with this abundance. It is simple to do, not easy but simple.

So train yourself to start a new habit, a positive habit and remind yourself to use the law of abundance on a daily basis. Another great tool is to start a gratitude journal. You could start an abundance log/journal and write down everyday things you notice in abundance.

Remember the law of attraction is working in your life all the time whether you chose to use it to your advantage or not is up to you!

So go out and manifest abundance! And when you get stuck go out and immerse yourself in nature, fill up on its beauty, notice abundance everywhere. Pretty soon, you’ll be enjoying bountiful abundance too!

Full Power!

Imagining is the First Step Towards Doing it!

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I was at a campfire lat night meeting my neighbours and Jenna proudly showed me her Bella something rather cards with horses and cute quotes on them. What do you know, the law of attraction is even making its way into kid’s playing cards which I think is awesome!

“Imagining is the first step in doing it” read the first card she showed me. How true I thought.

If you think about it, creating anything comes first from imagining it. What would it be like to have, do or experience this or that. It’s how it all starts really. I remember when this across Canada mission of mine was just a fart in a windstorm idea that popped into my head and what do you know, 4 months later I’m doing it!

Isn’t it amazing to contemplate how things get done, how you get to where you are? Always blows me away. The law of attraction works every time, weather you’re aware of it or not. So how about it -what would you like to experience?

Imagine coming into a boat load of cash, or taking a wild adventure trip, maybe a new home, new relationship or a bit more confidence?

I guarantee that if you spend a few minutes every evening before you drift off to sleep imagining this new you, what it would feel like, what your new life would be like and really get into the feeling of it, I guarantee before you know it, this new experience will come to pass.

The trick is to feel it. So close your eyes and pretend you’re a kid again, give yourself permission to get really excited imagining this new you. The more you do this, the more often you do this, think about it, contemplate it and get excited about it, the faster is manifests!

I imagined living in Hawaii until it manifested…that was cool. I imagined buying a camper trailer and working my way across Canada this summer enjoying nature and the outdoors everyday after work, and here I am! I’m writing you from Starbucks in Thunder Bay Ontario. Best thing I ever did was buy this trailer of mine!

So go ahead and dare to imagine just how good life can get! Go on, I dare ya!

The Magic of Lists and the Law of Attraction

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Manifest whatever you want by writing it down. It really starts off as simple as this.

There was a Harvard study done with a graduating class who wrote down their goals. The same 3% of people who originally wrote down their goals were the same 3% of highly successful people when surveyed 20 years later. Coincidence, I think not.

Here’s why: When you take the time to sit down and think about what you want and take the time to write it down, you are taking the time to align yourself with what you want. You are saying to the universe my ideas are worth it, and I am worth it, I am worth it enough to put it on paper.

Try is today, start small and start by writing down all of the things you would like to get done. You will be amazed at how productive our day goes by! And you’ll feel fantastic at having accomplished so much you’ll want to do it everyday!

Start by writing lists, then you can expand by writing down goals you would like to do in your lifetime. The fun is always coming to this space and realizing your crossing off yet another goal, you have become the person who is doing what you wanted to do, and that’s powerful! There’s nothing like it to give you the biggest kick of confidence and a boost in faith that you CAN create the life of your dreams.

Remember, start small and do it now! I mean it, stop reading this grab a pen and start writing your list. Write down all of the things you want to accomplish today. You’ll be amazed! Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

Align your Energy for Easy Manifesting – Getting Clear is the First Step

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I bet you can tell me exactly what it is you don’t want! Most of us know what it is we don’t want, it’s easy to tell when were frustrated upset or when life just aint working out for us.

Yet most people get completely caught up recounting their miserable situation and just end up re-creating more of the same!

There seems to be this never ending loop of frustrating events all piled on top of the other.
What I do in my job is perfect for me to practice law of attraction.

Let me tell you a bit about what I do.

I’m like Santa clause everyday. I giveaway free gifts in big chain stores and then do a live in store demonstration and sell products. Kind of like a live infomercial. Could be a magic mop or life time guaranteed lint remover. Yes I sell lint removers…don’t laugh there is a lot of money to be made in lint removers!

The first thing I do to attract my perfect client is to read out to myself my list of my ideal client qualities. I do this before every show religiously. If I don’t, the show is a flop. I attract anything from noisy distracting kids to overbearing loud and obnoxious elderly people with nothing better to do on a Saturday morning than heckle me! Trust me I could write an entire book about the antics of doing live shows…I’ve seen it all!
When I take the time to get clear and set my intention before hand, the people that do show up are the perfect people every time! If I don’t read it, it bombs. I read this to myself before I start and wa-la, it is always amazing to me the most incredible people show up, just like the one’s I’ve been describing and connecting to in my heart.

My ideal client is someone who is:
-open, enthusiastic, and lively
-someone who participates well and creates fun and laughter to add value to what I am selling
-are naturally curious people who come running at the sound of free gifts
– value my time and respect me
-find my products of tremendous value and buy more than one for family and friends
-aligns with my energy easily
-works with me
-has either kids pets or grandkids
-loves a clean home and wants to save time and money
-sees the immediate benefits my product offers
-connects with me instantly
– likes me and laughs at my jokes
-is green and environment conscious/friendly
-create a buzz in the store and send others to come and buy as well

Before I know it half the store has dropped what they were doing and are flying over to my booth like bees to honey!

I show people my products and I blow their minds apart.

Think of it. Most people are naturally sceptic when they hear “free gifts” announced in a store. You think what’s the catch right? So right off the bat I have to deal with sceptical people. My intention is to have fun, make them laugh and connect with them to show them how my product can benefit their lives.

And I have to always feel good. I check in with myself. Should I stop and have a break to eat? When I really respect myself and how I feel and care for myself, I have so much fun, make a ton of money and everyone is laughing. If I let fear come in, ‘I better hurry up because there aren’t enough money hours left in the day’ and I come from there, it explodes in my face.”

The biggest trick to manifesting on Full Power is feeling good!

I want to just be me and make a ton of money and have fun at the same time! It works every time! I just have to remember to take the time to get clear on what I want, set my intention, read my list – this aligns me energetically and wa-la!

I really get to practice being balanced, focused and checking in with myself. When I come from this place “there is plenty of time, there are enough clients” I come from a really authentic place. “My clients love to connect with my authenticity. They love it when I’m authentic.” It lets me off the hook from having to perform, I can just be me!

And that’s really the best part.

It wasn’t always easy this job. I struggled often with nasty clients and rude people. I’ve been tested in so many ways! There are always people who try and steel your thunder. But I’ve learnt to ignore them and focus on the happy enthusiastic clients I want to see at my shows. What I focus on expands right!
And some shows were such a complete flop, such a disaster that to turn around and recreate a fun atmosphere afterwards was almost impossible! I was too angry or frustrated and just attracted more alien, stare at me with a blank stare people from Mars to my booth. It’s really fascinating how the law of attraction works every time!

With this job I get to practice the laws of attraction everyday and watch the magic unfold.
Try it with your clients. Try this simple exercise before doing your next sales call, or making a request from you boss.

Take 2 minutes to align your energy. Write down what you are wanting, and then read it to yourself. I guarantee you will have success. It puts you in the right energetic frame to attract what you are wanting instead of what fears or insecurities you might have. This easy little trick works every time!

Hello World!

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Wow I am so excited to see my blog up and running! Welcome to Full Power – my intention is to inspire and empower you to live life on Full Power, manifest your dreams and goals and enjoy a more fulfilling life using the laws of attraction. Stay tuned!