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I just signed a deal for $37,000!

Hey All. Well, here I am with a celebration! I signed up to work with Vanessa around mid October
last month when I was feeling very stuck and unmotivated about my business. It was such a big
decision for me to invest money in the business and myself (as I know it has been for many people
in this group). However, I just signed a deal!!!!!!! I just signed off on a deal to run a year
long leadership programme for the princely sum of £37,200!!! Overall feels like a brilliant
opportunity to get back out there and shine. Thanks so much Vanessa Simpkins for all your

Lisa Cattell 

3 New High Paying Clients in 1 day!!

Yahooooo!!!!! 3 calls today! 3 new clients today!
I’m feeling so incredibly blessed.

Vanessa Simpkins I wanna smack a kiss on yo lips sista’!
Thank you for holding space for me during all my freak outs. It has served me immensely. I love

Today is a day I sold my 90 Day Program at it’s highest price. I KNOW the value is there! And NOW
I say YES to receiving it too!

My program use to be $497 for a YEAR. Now it is 1900 for 90 Days!!!

Samantha Fox Olson

My First 9k Day!

First off Vanessa Simpkins thank you for pushing me , guiding me, challenging
me because wow did I get results today. Soooooooo drum roll I made my first $9000.00 deal in my
Spiritual mentorship. Thank you Vanessa so much so so much, I feel on top of the world and i’m
just getting started. I’m honoured to be an example of the brilliant work you do. Celebrations
!!!!! whooot whoop whoop BAMB.

Lisa Lajoie

Vanessa Over-Delivered on Her Promise

I’m a Soul Evolution Accelerator and have been leading transformational retreats for women for
several years. I hired Vanessa because my own Spirit was calling me to serve at a higher and more
personal level, but I didn’t know how to do that. Before working with Vanessa, all the marketing
methods that worked well in the past, stopped working. And I needed an instant make-over that
could uplevel my sacred service and bring me a quick and consistent cash flow.

Following Vanessa’s simple sales attraction system and savvy sales guidance, within a week I put
out an offer to my tribe, booked 75 appointments and have a waiting list of 50 people who want to
talk to me about my services! Wow!

Vanessa helped me breakthrough my aversion to sales and helped me realize that
sales is really helping people breakthrough their fear of change. Vanessa’s challenge is
10K in 30 days, but my results have been DOUBLE that. Her sales training is called Skyrocket
Your Confidence and Cashflow
and that is exactly what she does.

Hiring Vanessa was the VERY best thing I have ever done for my business.

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, just follow Vanessa’s recipe and you’re sure to get results you
will be happy with!

Suzanna Kennedy

Vanessa, thank you so much for the fabulous phone session today! I was
feeling uncertain about whether my messaging was meeting people where they are at, unclear about
what would make it more powerful and desperately in need of some expert advice. In our one hour on
the phone, I can’t believe all we accomplished: you helped me focus my message, generate new
language to excite new subscribers, and shared your wisdom around how how to harness that
enthusiasm. I can’t wait to add it all to my site. Thanks for taking the time! I feel so much more
confident and clear moving forward! You’re amazing.

Kimber Simpkins


After being mentored by Vanessa for the last couple of
months my confidence has really “sky rocketed” in ways I didn’t even know were possible or
lacking. I used to have a terrible fear of speaking in front of people and that was really
limiting my potential.

My new found confidence has proven to be worth every penny of investment. I now know WHO my
ideal clients are, HOW to attract them, WHAT to say and SHARE with them and how to close sales. I
used to wait for the phone to ring and take whatever projects came my way. I now have a sales
attraction system in place that works and have gained lots of juicy content and tricks for
building my business. Thank you Vanessa! I wouldn’t feel the way I do now if it wasn’t for you!

Christine Joy Décary
Branding & Marketing Strategist, Monreal Canada

Best Week Yet – $8k

Following Vanessa’s simple and straightforward strategies I had the BEST week in my business yet
8k and counting!

Nicole Longstreath – Virtual Wardrobe Stylist

You’re living embodiment of harnessing your own power to engage with the

Vanessa, you are one of the lovely people I have met along the way.

Since embarking on this path, I have been fortunate to meet inspiring, strong, dynamic and
courageous women who go out in the world and turn their dreams into reality.

I realize we just met each other for a weekend but I feel like it is a lifetime relationship.
Authenticity – you obviously really get it. You are a living embodiment of harnessing your own
power to engage with the world.

Thrilled to be working with you as I begin my next adventure – entrepreneurship and creating my
dream work-life.

With gratitude,

Lauren Paap
Shiatsu Practitioner, Massachusetts

One session with Vanessa resulted in my first $6000 coaching sale!!!!

How’s that for a golden nugget! I’ve been asking for a solid system of so long and with Vanessa’s
Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow system and her incredible “How to handle sales
objections” module I had immediate RESULTS  literally in less than 24 hours!!! THANK YOUUUUUU!!

Coach Gaya, Singapore

I hit my first 5 figure month! Boom!

Just got another sale and hit my first 5 figure month! Boom! I’m officially addicted to having
a surplus of mont in my business bank account!

Jessica Kupferman
Podcasting, Branding & Online Startegist

My dreams came true!

I was able to bring to life the Juicy Women’s Journey 1 day Womens Empworment Event with Vanessa’s
inner breakthrough work and soul savvy sales strategy’s! It’s been a dream come true for me, to
create real transformation and bring empowerment to women on a global scale (we had over 140 women
at the event and I’ve been asked to host it all over the country)! Hiring Vanessa was a HUGE
turning point in my career and I am so grateful!

Sharon Cohen
Naturopath, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Montreal

Before your workshop, I was really good at keeping myself in debt

Before working with Vanessa I would have considered myself as someone who was really good at
keeping myself in debt. I would spend money on the business faster than the money came in. Sales
and sealing the deal, having confidence to charge what I am worth was a big show stopper for me…
although after your workshop with us at WOW I put our conversation into work wight away and
booked someone for sound healing and life coaching for $700! Definitely a personal victory! THANK
YOU Vanessa!

Danielle Hall
Life Coach, Sound Healer
San Fransisco,USA

Signed up another NEW client at my HIGEST fees EVER!

I don’t know what you did but you released something inside me! I signed up a person for my
retreat here in Hawaii, I also signed up a new distributor for my MLM program I am excited about
AND I signed up another NEW client at my HIGEST fees EVER for a healing session!!  Wahoo! Thank
you! Stay tuned for more good news!

Thank you so much,

Jeanne Russell
Healer, Dolphin Channel & CEO of Dolphin Wellness Touch Center on Kauai HI USA

I didn’t let myself get nervous! Booya!

OK so Vanessa, you remember I said I was doing a talk at my networking group and you challenged me
to book 5 sales calls?  Well that was today and I didn’t book 5 but 4!!!! Booya! And they are all
perfect women entrepreneur clients for me! I said I was giving away 5 free hour sessions with me
as a sort of brand health check where I will look over all their marketing material, which they
will have to email me, and we can look at what’s working and what’s not.

AND the best part is that I didn’t let myself get nervous! I made the “decision” not to be and sis
a little releasing two mins before I went up. Seriously, the old me could not have pulled that off
the way I did today so thank you Vanessa for all your amazing confidence boosting and coaching!
You’re amazing and I love ya! xx

Christine Decarie
Graphic Designer, Branding & marketing Strategist Montreal

I Got a Raise!

Thank you Vanessa!  FYI after our conversation I presented everything to my coworkers and I WOWED
THEM ALL!! My manager was so impressed that he pushed to get me a raise!! No joke!  I definitely
feel more confident when approaching customers and booking more appointments than ever before!

MORE TO COME- I’m sure of it! 🙂

Natasha Galperin

30 People Already Signed Up For My FIRST Live Event

Thanks for your email and I hope you are having a fantastic week. I have decided to run my first
Live Event thanks to your Webinar and have 30 people signed up already so THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Only sent the email out a few hours ago.

Caroline Tarot
Intuitive Card Readings

My sales have increased by an astounding 65%

At the time I met Vanessa Simpkins, I was in business for over 5 years.  I was at a women’s
networking meeting where Vanessa was our guest speaker.  I look back on this as one of the best
mini-seminars I had attended.

Her delivery seemed to speak to me alone, I was feeling discouraged as my business seemed to be
taking a nosedive.  Vanessa offered a one-on-one session as a promotion to the mini-seminar.  I
rarely sign up for these things but I felt compelled to give it a try.

Before working with her, I had the hardest time closing a sale, which of course led to self esteem
issues.  I really felt no motivation to continue and was quite honestly thinking of shutting down
the business.

Our session lasted 1.5 hours and the take-away was profound!  I have been able to overcome my fear
of failure by simply following her advice.  I only needed to practice the methods she taught me.
The results were immediate!

My sales have increased by an astounding 65%.  I am no longer afraid to tell my client what I need
them to do to secure my services.  I find I have the confidence to present my sales pitch and
quote prices for my event management and decor services without hesitation.  More often than not,
by practicing a few very easy techniques taught to me by Vanessa, the deal is sealed!

Amazing! With gratitude

Natalka Lee
Natalka Celebrations Event Management,Decor and Design

I’ve tripled my closing rates!

This has been our biggest week since January! My wife and I had been struggling with attracting
enough clients for our wedding photography business. I just have to let you know Vanessa I REALLY
appreciate what you taught in your last workshop. I implemented just one of the techniques you
taught in my last email campaign and since then I’ve tripled my closing rates! I’m
impressed! I got 4 wedding booked last week and just another one this morning! I mean I got
results!! That’s amazing! So I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

Ron Stover

I’m SWAMPED With Clients In The Summer Time When it’s Usually Dead.

I’m THRILLED because I am converting more clients over the phone and booking them into paid
sessions with me, I have more clients coming to see me MORE often, now seeing me for 3 sessions
instead of one, and I have been SWAMPED with clients this summer at a time in my biz when it’s
usually DEAD which I am happily surprised about! Most of all what I have learnt from working with
Vanessa is the value of having & implementing SYSTEMS in my business that helps me SAVE SO
MUCH time!

Having more time allows me to be less stressed and focus on income generating
activities. THANK YOU Vanessa for your positive energy, your inspiration and strategic advice, I’m
so looking forward to seeing my husbands face when I surprise him with a great vacation this
year!! Wooot woot!”

Kim Arrey
Dietician, Speaker  & Author of “The Complete Arthritis Health, Diet Guide & Cookbook”

3000$ in One Week Before Her Course Even Ended!

“Before taking Vanessa’s program I thought I had all figured it out, but I was constantly
struggling working so hard wondering where the next dollar would come in for my business and
spinning in circles feeling overwhelmed because I didn’t have the right marketing strategies,
marketing messages or rock-solid direction.

During the Vanessa’s Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow Group Coaching Program I was able
to resolve some big blocks around owning my value & charging what I worth and got rid of this
feast or famine cash flow by learning how to make compelling offers and package myself.

I was able to attract my first two clients into high ticket coaching programs, without feeling
salesy and made my first 3000 $ in one week before the course even ended!

Vanessa’s techniques really worked to get the high-end clients I really wanted. I also got to
learn that I was really an expert in my field! And as a result I am enjoying now having more cash
flow thanks to my newly priced and long term packages, not making too much effort, which I
absolutely love, and most of all, being more confident to ask what I’m worth.

Thanks a million Vanessa!
Naïby Jacques,

Clarity at Last!!!

First of all, thank you so much for bringing your amazing energy, optimism and professionalism
through your mystical coaching to women like myself!  I have have asked for this kind of clarity
and insight so many times in my dark days over the past 3 1/2 years of my career obscurity.  And,
in less than 45 minutes you just changed everything with your natural gift of synchronicity and
pure magic!

Judi Longo

I More Than Doubled My Income!

Vanessa is truly one of the most inspiring, empowering and passionate people I have had a
privilege to work with. I have read her book, blogs and listened to her videos for hours, taking
notes and applying all the advice and lessons to my own life. Going from an employee to a business
owner, a new mommy and a chapter president of a large networking organization in less than a year,
was a big change and I noticed that adjusting to my new identities has influenced my confidence.

Vanessa helped me break through my inner blocks, realize my self worth and clarify a set of
important priorities. With my new confidence, I adjusted my marketing, attracted new amazing
clients and more than doubled my income! My new mindset allows me to be a better me, a better
mommy, a better wife and a better businesswoman, and that’s more than money can ever buy!

I highly recommend working with Vanessa because she understands “the inner game of business and
life” and is a terrific coach who will help you take your power back, focus your intentions and
help you get results you can be proud of.

Sara O. Speicher, MBA
VBM Pro, Inc. – Virtual Business Management & Consulting

Vanessa is the master marketer and branding downloader

Here’s a testimonial about by beautiful Soul sitah Vanessa Simpkins, the master marketer and
branding downloader. If you haven’t signed up to work with her please read this… she is worth
every investment. I’m in AWE. So here’s my story… we have an amazing afternoon as the spa,
massage, chill, saunas… then we to eat some sushi and I say “V, I just can’t find it, I just can’t
settle this branding thing, I am a dead end…” In 15 minutes, Vanessa downloaded my missing brand
connections and here it is. Thank you, my beautiful power soul friend. You are magnificent and I
am blessed to have you in my life. I love what we share and WOW I am so happy and relaxed now on a
subject I find impossible to find peace with.


Lisa Farrah LaJoie

Vanessa built for me a magical tool: a solid springboard to a more authentic life

Of course it was not by chance that I attended a conference given by Vanessa Simpkins in January
2012 in Montreal, Canada. I enjoyed her presentation and what immediately interested in her book
and the coaching she offered. Even though I had some hesitation to go ahead with the coaching
because of my financial situation I finally signed and went for it. To me Vanessa represents the
modern businesswoman; she is a great example of success for women by women, a model that we
painfully lack in our societies. I knew that my marketing side what not my strongest feature and I
took the coaching with Vanessa to improve and change my attitude about that. We worked on my
internal resistances, on self-confidence, of asserting myself at a deeper level

I wanted to start a new career parallel to the one I already have. Vanessa was encouraging me to
do so while I was looking for excuses to postpone the jump. I eventually did a small jump, which
on the surface was indeed small but the important thing is that I did it and that I owe to Vanessa
100 %.

Her coaching was for me a process that has led me to be much more authentic today than I was
before. I realized that marketing and progressive business-like approaches were simply not me. I
tried them and understood that my resistances were genuine indicators that I was not on my path.
It is a little bit like a teacher who wants to teach a child how to draw: there are tools and
techniques that the teacher will present the child with and even assist with but if the child does
not really like to draw, if she prefers to dance and is much more inspired by dancing then let her
dance! I realized that I had the choice of going on «marketing like » path or my path and I chose
my path. Now don’t get wrong here: for many businesswomen the tolls and teachings of Vanessa and
other coaches are extremely useful and have given tangible results. For me what Vanessa brought
into my life is of even greater value. She helped me assess who I am, what I want and the courage
to move forward. Vanessa built for me a magical tool: a solid springboard to a more authentic
. Vanessa, it might be time to change your title: Vanessa, the Springboard lady!

Since then my life has changed: I have moved to a new and brighter apartment, I am developing a
project with a partner coach, I have attended several workshops dealing with what I am truly
interested in and next December I am going to Bali for a life changing project.

So you see the truth is that the coaching with Vanessa changed my life, not overnight but at a
more profound level. With her I started on a path towards my true self and my authenticity.

So I strongly recommend Vanessa to anyone who desires a true change in her life, whether it is
marketing and business change or a personal and private change, she will build a great springboard
for you.
The only decision you have to make is whether you are going to jump on it!”

Corinne Ardon
Montreal Canada


Another session with YOU amazes me that what you see and how you brand is coming from another
level! Dancing over here after our session and celebrating the fact that you are putting into
words “my gift” and helping me clarify in words my brand. I am forever grateful! THANK YOU for
making it so EASY. Little did I know that there were branding oracles out there! Now I can serve
the community easier since they will now understand what is available. It all goes around.

Laka Line Holmene

 I am finally pursuing my lifelong career

Before I read Vanessa’s book I was struggling to get ahead at my job and beyond frustrated not
knowing my passion. After I read the first chapter of her book I cried, read some more then cried,
read some more then cried again. This occurred until chapter 4. So much emotion kept pouring out-
good and bad. One of the passages in her book suggested to ask for guidance, anything big or
small. I asked… ‘Help me find my passion for something I love to do that will bring me lots and
lots of money.’ The next morning ‘Cookies’ popped into my head. Baking, specifically cookies, has
always been something I loved to do, and always get raving reviews from anyone who’s tried my
scrumptious cookies. And now…. not only am I pursuing my lifelong career of baking cookies but I
also received a promotion at my job. Thank you Vanessa for opening up my mind and spirit to this
wonderful new journey!!!! It’s been an absolute revelation so far!

Natasha Josephine G.

It Feels So Good to Have LET GO of The Old Baggage

I was unaware how much my subconscious beliefs were effecting me, bringing experiences into my
life that I did not want namely blocking my ability to bring money into my life.

My time with Vanessa was very powerful. Her methods are more then just some intellectual set of
rules to follow, but rather a deep healing of those issues that the problems come from in the
first place.

The two days after our session a well paying client contracted me for a quick $4000
The day after our sessions I was just thinking of contacting them, and I received an
email from them the very next day! It was powerful reminder of the power of my mind to shape

It feels so good to have let go of the old baggage – its a big shift in perception and a shift in
feeling for me. I have noticed not just more events coming into my life that are positive for my
financial goals, but the clarity of mind to allow good ideas to come in with more ease and peace
of mind. Vanessa helped me tune back in to my power as a conscious creator and I the PEACE of mind
that comes with that is priceless. Thank you!

Dave Jacobs

2 Weeks And 15,000$

“Vanessa pinpointed where I was holding myself back. I modeled her teachings and within two weeks,
an amazing opportunity opened up. Incredibly, the same day, $15,000 was raised to
support this worthy cause and carry it forward, more money following within days. ¡Un sueño hecho
realidad! Thank you, Vanessa!”
~Mary Newswanger

I am now ready to manifest my dreams and take my business to the next level

Thank you so so much Vanessa for such an empowering session we just had. You have helped me
overcome some of my deepest fears that I didn’t even realize were in the way of succeeding in my
business. Your words are so powerful and you have such amazing ideas. I am now ready to manifest
my dreams and take my business to the next level. You are truly magical!

Anna Jenvan

Ninety Minutes With Vanessa Completely Reshaped my Business!

Before working with Vanessa I was all over the place yet going nowhere fast. I just couldn’t get
on track with where I wanted to be in my business and I didn’t have a clue as to how to leverage
my assets. So much of my energy was zapped from wondering what to do next.

In comes Vanessa, quietly and discreetly taking helm of my ship and guiding me toward my destiny.
She has the quick-thinking brain helped me to create an action plan, offers and a workshop that is
uniquely me. In just one session she was able to crystallize the value of my services, help me
language, create and shape a workshop  to help me generate more business and income quickly. All
to say I have gained the confidence to put myself out there in a much bigger way.

Ninety minutes with Vanessa completely reshaped my business and have me fresh ideas to help me
jumpstart my income and monetize some of my assets I didn’t even know I had! Vanessa, thank you
for sharing your powerful ideas so generously and for teaching me how just saying “yes” can change
a life.With sincere appreciation for the work you do,

Shari Reinhart
Writer/Editor/Founder of MiB Networking Group

Whoo Hoo An Extra $1000!!!

Marina Love

Vanessa gave me lots of great ideas of how to take my biz to the next level and skyrocket my

Just had awesome one-on-one session with Vanessa, and came away with lots of great ideas of how to
take my biz to the next level and skyrocket my business. Can’t wait to put these into action now!

Sue-Anne M. Hickey

I Closed a HUGE Contract With a Fabulous Client for $30,000!

Before working with Vanessa, I felt stuck, and trapped in this endless busyness cycle all the
time. I sacrificed having fun, I skipped meals and let my health slip, I never had time for myself
or my loved ones. I was tired all the time and had no energy and constantly worried about where
the next sale would come from in my company.

Coaching with Vanessa has been A RIDE!! I now get to spend more time with my friends, my family
and actually get better results at work! I closed a a HUGE contract with a fabulous client
for $30,000, and it happened exactly the way I visualized it!
I now I know that my heart
vibrates and creates my reality.

I’ve learnt that changes come from the inside and the world conspires to give you what you want! I
feel happy again! My health is on track, everyone at work can see the difference in me, and I am
celebrating all the big and small things that happen everyday! I am not frantically run by my
emotions anymore
– I am creating, fully aware and living now! I feel alive and excitement
everyday at what will show up next! Thank you for this AMAZING ride!!!

Silvia Zoch
Sales Director

Vanessa BRILLIANTly zoomed in to the heart of my strengths!

Just had an AMAZING coaching call with Vanessa Simpkins! That woman BRILLIANTly zoomed in to the
heart of my strengths and made practical suggestions about how to make the most of them to attract
the kind of clients I really want. She helped me revamp and rename my program offerings so that
what’s there now is what I’ve actually always dreamed about doing! I came out of the call feeling
like a million dollars!

Arlene Taveroff

I Accomplished More 1 Day With Vanessa Than I Have in An Entire Year!

Before working with Vanessa I had been very overwhelmed with the marketing part of my EFT practice
and didn’t know what to do next.

Vanessa understood who I am and what I do immediately. She helped me get CRYSTAL clear on
who my ideal target market is, and gave me specific languaging to connect and engage with them

I now have a signature speech together and feel confident to deliver it because I know what to say
and in what order to say it in with my compelling offers all fleshed out and ready to go.

I now have FOCUS because Vanessa gave me a plan, a complete marketing systems to get my
message out there in a bigger way. I’m no longer confused because I have a plan and know what I
need to be implementing each day.

I have done more in my business in one VIP day with Vanessa than I have in one entire year! It’s
been a total blessing and a gift to work with her!

Deb Finch

I now have clarity and direction I can put in action right this minute!

I just had the most inspired Skype session with Vanessa! It didn’t take very long for her to
pinpoint exactly what U needed to get my business started. Not one, but two great starting points
for two different projects. I was very scattered before my call and now I have a plan, a
direction, some great ideas that I can put into action right this minute. Keeping it simple is

I was overthrowing the ball, an not by just holding back a little, I can hit my target with better

I read Vanessa’s book “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” in one sitting and filled the
margins with lots of notes and dog-tailed many pages! It is my go to book when I need a kick in
the pants. Thank you, Vanessa!

Lucy Toppetta

$30,000 and Counting!

Since applying Vanessa’s law of attraction techniques our sales team has consistently hit it’s new
monthly sales goals of 30,000$…5 months in a row now without fail!

It’s made a world of difference to us! A big thank you Vanessa!!

Camille Vaillancourt

I am both blesses and on fire!

I am both blesses and on fire – Blired?!! My Skype session with Vanessa has allowed my business to
sky rocker and we’ve only just gotten started! Two weeks ago I surpassed my goal and sold more
product that expected, I now have prospects and appointments, and now I’m on the verge of creating
an online presence. Vanessa, you are my business guardian angel! Thank you!!!!

Camille Noel

I FINALLY Feel at Peace and Feel an Immense Joy for Life

For many years now, I have invested in many different personnel development methods, without
really getting any real results of well-being.

Vanessa has taught me through her approaches and methods how to let go and to release my
uncertainties and my resistance patterns and self-sabotages that were wearing me down.

Her active listening and personalized advices has brought me to blossom emotionally, spiritually
and physically. I love enjoying this new flow of grace and listening to my intuition which tells
me to take time, take time without having everything always planned out, as I did my whole life.

Thanks to Vanessa’s coaching, at 57 years old, I FINALLY feel at peace and feel an immense joy for
Christiane Corbeil,
Teacher/ Artist

Thank you Vanessa for Being such a Positive Inspiration in my Life!

“Vanessa, I would really like to thank you because you were the one who got me started thinking
positive more consciously and set me off to create and manifest the things I want to see in my
life. When I first was introduced to the law of attraction I was very skeptical but because of you
I now know and see it works. I’ve attracted people I want to have in my life, more than enough
clients for my Yoga- and Thai Yoga Massage business and now I introduce these life changing laws
to my family, friends and students.

Thank you Vanessa for being such a positive inspiration in my life!”

Sabine Hesselmann,
Yoga Teacher

I Feel so Much More Confident!

Marina Love

I have gained so much confidence since working with Vanessa

“Before working with Vanessa, I was dissatisfied with my career, relationships, and finances. I
was attracting unhealthy work environments and relationships. My finances weren’t where I wanted
to be. We worked on getting clear, focusing on what I do want rather than on what I don’t want,
and releasing it to the universe. As a result, I’m pursuing the things that I never thought I’d
would. I was offered a teach abroad position which starts in September, I started taking salsa
lessons, and I’m attracting really cool friends. I enjoy creating rather than allowing life to
happen to me. I have gained so much confidence since working with Vanessa.”

~Eunice Iheagwam

I had one session with Vanessa and it changed my life!

“Vanessa helped me overcome fear that has kept me from driving a vehicle for over 5 yrs. I got
into a pretty bad accident a while back and was too frightened to get back behind the wheel of a
car. After one VERY powerful session with Vanessa I am thrilled because I am driving again! I got
my license and bought a car and am now FREE! I am able to drive to my clients and that opens up a
whole new world of possibility and more income for me! Thank you Vanessa!”

Bella Cadotte

“Every Call We Have Together Makes Me Money!”

I had a ton of passion and thought I could be good at sales and marketing, but I couldn’t focus on
what I needed to be doing.

I’ve worked closely with Vanessa and every call we have together makes me money because of the
laser clarity and direction she consistently offers me! It’s totally incredible!

Connecting with Vanessa was the most brilliant thing I ever did for my sanity and my

Marci Lebowitz
Chicago, USA

“I Quadrupled my Income!”

Vanessa changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe! Before I met her I was totally
dissatisfied with my life, I was deeply in debt and hopped from job to job.

When I met Vanessa, I knew immediately that there was something very different about her and felt
that I could trust her. Following Vanessa’s lead, guidance and suggestions, as well as her
contagious happiness she exude has literally turned my life right around to the point I don’t even
recognize myself.

I’ve quadrupled my income, lived my dream and traveled to Hawaii and most of all
I know now, really know how to manifest whatever I want.

Thank you bottom of my heart!

Melanie Layer
Sales Trainer
Montreal Qc

“I Am Self Employed and Loving Every Minute of it!”

Vanessa has always been a source of inspiration to me, her clear head and concise manner of
speaking are really motivating! A year ago I was just treading water and had almost no idea how I
would get from where I was to starting my service Web business.

With Vanessa’s help, today I am completely self employed and loving every minute of it!

Vanessa gave me the kick in the pants I needed, and gave me to tools to find clarity and define my
goals and most importantly, go after them. I never liked the idea of going after “money” or “fame”
but she taught me that when you work hard and genuinely care about helping people, the money comes
naturally and guilt free. Thank you Vanessa for all your attention and pant kicking!

Georgiana Laudi
Web Marketing

“Vanessa is amazing!”

For the short amount of time Vanessa spent in our store in the fall she hit consistently high
sales volume everyday that she was there. I was astounded at the amount that she sold and the
delight she brought to those she was selling to! I’ve been working with this company for 38 years
and it takes a lot to amaze me! Vanessa is amazing!!!!

Larry Randall
Sears Store Manager

“I have yet to meet anyone who could sell close to $6000 a day worth of $40

It’s been a thrill to watch Vanessa soar to top salesman in our company. As her manager I can
honestly say, she is a pleasure to work with and a huge asset to our sales team. I have
yet to meet anyone who could sell close to $6000 a day worth of $40 mops!
It always
amazed me as I would watch Vanessa set her intentions for sales and hit her mark every time and
have tons and tons of fun, bringing bright light to all who are around her. Congratulations on
your ongoing success

Vanessa Mason,
Market Manager of Retail Promotions

“Vanessa is amazing!”

For the short amount of time Vanessa spent in our store in the fall she hit consistently high
sales volume everyday that she was there. I was astounded at the amount that she sold and the
delight she brought to those she was selling to! I’ve been working with this company for 38 years
and it takes a lot to amaze me! Vanessa is amazing!!!!

Larry Randall
Sears Store Manager

“I’d walk away from my day with pockets full of cash!”

You were the one, Vanessa, I’d call for help when I felt like giving up, when I felt like throwing
in the towel and saying adios! I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for always
making me feel better and helping me turn my mood around quickly so that I’d walk away from my day
with pockets full of cash!

Sophie Protopoulos
Sales Representative

“We all marvel at her phenomenal sales skills”

From the very first moment I met Vanessa Simpkins, I knew that she was unique and she definitely
stood out from the other candidates. She was totally riveting and dynamic and asked questions that
most candidates hadn’t considered or were too shy to ask.

I knew immediately that girl would be great! And great she was!

The agents who do well in this company must have a positive attitude, even if they are having a
bad day. Vanessa went beyond positive and became an inspiration to all of us!

She used the laws of attraction not only for sales and to draw to her booth positive, excited
customers who were willing to buy. We all marvel at her phenomenal sales skills.

I am honored to be a part of her book and I know without a doubt that this book, along with
everything I have witnessed Vanessa accomplish, will be remarkable!

Lori Couture
Retail sales Manager

“You are absolutely extraordinary”

You are absolutely extraordinary, Vanessa! Your shows are captivating, your energy is dynamic and
people fall in love with your authenticity. I have never witnessed anything like it! You have a
wonderful way of making people fall in love with you and just want to eat you up with a spoon! I
feel so touched that I can call you a true friend. You are such a rare breed ~ a mixture of fun,
positive charisma and success!

I have never witnessed anything like Vanessa’s authentic sales process. The proof was in the
pudding as we consistently watched her triple the amount of sales, compared to other vendors.
I must say your approach and results are a welcome relief, especially during this challenging

Marianne Cocks
Associate Store Director

“You opened our lives to appreciating the beauty around us”

Vanessa you touched us both in ways that we will never be the same. You opened our lives to
appreciating the beauty around us & appreciating what other people have to offer.

Patti Rudasill

“A Champion of Direct Marketing!”

We have had the chance to work with Vanessa on several occasions here at our store promoting her

She is simply incredible and her sales are phenomenal! Amongst all of the sales presenters we have
worked with, hands down, Vanessa is the best. She is in a class all her own.

She makes her sales presentations truly dynamic and interactive. She delivers with such enthusiasm
that the clientele are always in rapt attention of her every word.

I have to tell you that she has impacted our store in more ways than you can imagine! Our
professional sales people working here in the store on a regular day-to-day basis have integrated
several elements of Vanessa’s sales and marketing techniques with surprising success.

Alain Fortin
Sears Sherbrooke Quebec

“My Testimonial is a Really Big Thank-You!”

Vanessa is a voice of reason in my often chaotic life and head. When I get the chance to speak
with Vanessa, no matter what the subject or the problem at hand, she helps me see clearly and puts
into words what I’d been trying to formulate for God knows how long.

The Law of Attraction is something everyone in the world should know about, and Vanessa is the one
who should tell them about it. Her words are strong and full of conviction, and even if you don’t
want to listen, she’ll make you simply by promoting what she believes in the most; the power to be
who you want to be and do what you want to do, no matter who you are or where you are in life.

My life has changed so dramatically since I met Vanessa, I’m not even sure how to put it into
words. All I can say is that it’s been nothing but good things! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

Miranda Lightstone
Editor/Writer, Montreal, QC

“You Helped us Reach Our Goals!”

The very first thing that struck me about Vanessa was her unique presence: she has this aura and
wonderful personality about her. She easily communicates her belief in the product she sells, and
I believe that’s what really sells.

Standing back and watching her shows, I noticed that she always took the time to focus 100% on her
clients and made them feel like they were the only ones that mattered to her in the world.

She puts her heart and enthusiasm into her work and delivers her sales presentation with this calm
confidence and presence that people can’t get enough of! Even her voice is very soothing, and
people are naturally curious when they hear her announcements and come (literally) running to fill
their curiosity!

Thank-you for bringing your fabulous presence to the store and for helping us reach our sales

Stan Streholm
Sears Store Manager
Moncton, NB

“Your Motivation is Very Contagious!”

Your motivation is very contagious. You are very wise for such a young woman.

Working with you has allowed me to dig deeper into what I want and what I don’t want – not what I
should or should not want, and always considering everybody else first before myself.

You could spend hours with a psychologist and never feel that you’re making progress. In a very
short period, you managed to clarify some very important issues for me.

Thank you!

Sandra MacDougall
Real Estate Agent
Montreal QC

“The Spirit of Charisma Intention and Growth”

Vanessa is a force of nature. The closest way I can describe her is “The spirit of
charisma, intention, and growth.”

While Vanessa has an amazing charisma, she’s also very intelligent and she has had great
experience and results in developing and manifesting desires and sales.

Vanessa has brilliant ideas on how to grow things; dreams, relationships and businesses, and she
showed me how to put them immediately to good use.

My life and my business have been profoundly affected by her and the processes she led me

Darren Stamos,