From in Debt to $10k in 30 days (Real Income Results For Coaches)

Aloha! One of the common questions that I get from people who are just starting out in coaching or speaking is, “Are people like me getting results?”

Short version: Yes! 🙂

Here’s what Tanya’s business & breakthroughs & speaking engagements looked like after less than 12 months:


NEXT WEDNESDAY July 12 I’ll be starting a LIVE class where I walk you through exactly what Tanya spoke about –  my “Workshop Profit Secrets System” and show you exactly how to attract clients using workshops and speaking at live events.

This page gives you all the details, and if you’re interested – secure your spot ASAP because space is VERY limited.

(You’ll understand when you see the ridiculous price 🙂 )

See for yourself here.


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