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Just returning from an epic weekend hosting the third Soul Sister Mastermind experience weekend event here in Laguna beach. This time I really ritzed it up with a $3000 suite at the Luxurious Montage hotel on the coast, we pranced around in BIG over sizes sun hats, immersed in luxury for 3 whole days, got professional photo shoots ( I mean what girl doesn’t LOVE dressing up and having her picture taken right?), drank fine wine and ate gourmet snacks and meals, had a few margaritas on Monday by the pool BUT most importantly some good old fashioned women being women…

You know what I mean, women getting together RELAXING, nothing to focus on – no kids to take care of – no work – just some good old fun in the sun, laughing, sharing stories, truth sharing, inspiration giving, wisdom, healing, having BIG AH HA moments and breakthroughs – there is something SO healing about women gathering together!!! I love it! Best business model that exists in my opinion and FUN!!

OMG did we have FUN!

I think I shall open up this mastermind to the public in the near furture instead of only for my year long high end clients so keep an eye open for that invitation – you wont want to miss it!

Anyways I thought for sure this weekend the girls would want to know more in depth about online funnels and automation but no… the BIG questions revolved around…

#1 – How do I get crystal clear on my message and who I am and what I do for people?

#2 – How to I have mroe confidence & get more sales?

#3 – Who are my ideal clients REALLY?

We had an absolute BALL of a time, laughed till our bellies hurt and I spoke about sales A LOT…so much so that I decided I wanted to share this conversation with YOU to help you really knock your sales conversions out of the park!

Catch this quick video tip I recorded for you yesterday here. It will help you have more confidene & get more sales in a jiffy!

Hey you get ONE little nugget or piece of wisdom, or clarity in your business and BOOM you instantly skyrocket your results. I’ve seen it happen time and time again which is why I LOVE doing this kind of transformational work with women.

Here’s to YOUR big breakthroughs and more confidence & sales! I LOVE YOU!

Hugs xx


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