Learn How a 40-something Turned Her Passion into a Highly-Paid Coaching Business

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6 Steps to Turning Your Passion into a Highly Paid Coaching Business: 6 Figure Exit Strategy Revealed

Have you thought about becoming a business coach, but worried you don’t have the chops to make it? I was once like you. Drowning in self-doubt, fear, and negative mindset.

Now, I coach and empower women to thrive and live the dream. I run a WILDLY successful portable, profitable $30K per month coaching business from Kauai, Hawaii.

woman-making-money-leverage-income-med-sizeGetting here wasn’t easy. Like many people who start a coaching business, I spent thousands buying other people’s programs — and still struggled to find my first high end coaching client!
Here’s how I transitioned from fear-ridden, self-doubter, to empowered, motivational coach.

1. Commit Long Term & You’ll succeed

From the beginning, I felt like an undeserving fraud, doubting I had the chops to make it… I went through every emotion but was determined to succeed.

My job laid the foundation for being a successful entrepreneur, and being my own boss. I worked in direct sales, doing product demonstrations for mops and lint removers. (Think: Sham Wow guy – but with live audiences on a non-stop transcontinental tour.)

My pay was 100% commission, so I got good at selling – FAST. No sale = no money. I trained my brain to believe, “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me to make it happen.” (Cliche but true.)
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I had to pick the right stores – with PLENTY of traffic or I would waste my time pitching to no one. I set up my booth and stage, looking the part, making announcements every 30 minutes over the loud-speaker, attracting extremely skeptical people, and winning their trust to buy my novelty mops.

I gave demonstrations and SOLD (Hard Sell) ALL day long. It was intense and high energy. I went into my “mop job” with a GED in sales, and came out with a PhD in hard-core, direct marketing and sales . . . so I thought.

2. Make a Departure Plan; Set a Date & DO IT!

I made a plan, saved my money and worked my butt off until the “dry season.” (Yes, mops have a dry season.) I had 3 months to give this coaching thing a REAL gung-ho shot. If I failed, I could always go back to selling mops in the spring.

But selling mops didn’t motivate or invigorate me. I needed self help CD’s to handle the drive to work.

I had taken a course (twice) on how to run an online business. It was a launching program and I jumped into totally unfamiliar waters, learning new strategies and absorbing mind-blowing technology.

3. Grasp Your Self Worth & Master Your Money Mindset

The “employee to business owner/entrepreneur” transition was a radical transformation!

Here’s something I discovered . . .

girlfriends-celebrating-champagneYou have no choice but to embrace a completely different mindset if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. No one is telling you what to do. YOU are 100% responsible for everything you generate. LEADS, MONEY & SALES.

You got to be comfortable taking RISKS. You won’t make ANY money without taking risks and being VULNERABLE. Highly paid coach = being vulnerable, having opinions and banishing negativity. Want to be a paid expert? Act like one. Get comfy having opinions and making offers — LOTS of offers.

Next I worked on my SELF worth — which is directly proportionate to net worth. Looking at my bank balance back then, I didn’t feel like I was worth much.

I discovered selling transformation coaching FOR THOUSANDS of dollars was very different from selling $30 – $60 products like I did in my “mop job.” It was a whole different conversation because “MY wisdom, MY experience, My expertise” were the “products” people were buying.

I remember feeling “Holy crap, what if clients don’t receive value from our work? What if my coaching doesn’t help them, what if I fail?” Plagued by the “what if” syndrome, I worked on uncovering ALL the limiting beliefs hiding in my brain. And there were lots.

I studied the mechanics of money mindset and mindset mastery, and overcoming fear.

4. Change Your Perception of Failure

One time I had 16 sales calls go BUST. I had enough sales experience to know it takes a combination of know-how, sales skills, and moxie to start closing deals.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.00.09 PMI had the foundation; the know-how and the sales skills, and one day I had the GENIUS idea to apply my “moxie” from my mop job to my coaching business … and it worked! It was like flipping a switch!

I hosted my first workshop using my mop sales attraction formula and made $4100.

That winter I left chilly Canada for sunny Costa Rica with my laptop and played on warm sunny beaches in the mornings and worked on my coaching business in the afternoons. It was perfect!

5. Hire a Mentor – Save Time & Money to Fast-Track Your Success

I returned from Costa Rica with a tan and the realization I needed more clients and consistent cash flow. I hired a mentor and committed to a 1 year mastermind program. It was a lot of money I couldn’t afford to lose.

I remember patching up my rusted old mini-van with duct tape, thinking, “I’m spending $1500 a month on this mentor (more than rent). Vanessa, if your family finds out you’re spending this money on a mentor and still driving this clunker, they’ll have you committed!”

6. Sales Attraction System

Luckily, the mentoring investment paid off. My mentor taught me how to set up sales attraction systems and attracting high paying clients.

My business quickly went from a $600 per month “hobby” to a fully fledged $15,000 per month coaching business. I moved to Hawaii and never looked back. Yep, this little Canadian traded in a red mop for a red bikini 🙂

A real profitable coaching business has a solid, well planned, dialed in SYSTEM for attracting leads and turning them to paying clients.

Whether it’s online or offline marketing, you need a well-defined, executed “A – Z system” that helps you. . . .

1. Be visible

2. Deliver value

3. Make offers to people who can say yes


Master the discipline of consistency. People pay EXPERTS. Real experts are trusted and have consistent marketing and sales efforts.

Now you know how I built my highly profitable coaching business while still working a 9-5.

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“The Secrets of Creating a Mindset for Success and Attracting High-Paying Clients.”

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Decide your dreams — however big or small — are worth it! Decide YOU are worth it! TRUST yourself, it’s the BEST gift you could ever give yourself.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom
Vanessa Simpkins xoxox

Featured on FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC television for her best selling books “Take Your Power Back Now” and “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” Vanessa is not only passionate but also effective about inspiring entrepreneurs to sky rocket their confidence and cash flow with solid sales attraction systems and MINDSET mastery tools that help her clients prosper. www.TakeYourPowerBackNow.com

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