Chose BOTH!

I remembered years ago having a conversation with a law of attraction coach and I was telling her ALL about the MANY things I wanted to accomplish, and how overwhelmed I felt about having to choose which one I wanted most… I was really feeling like it was an impossible choice.

She flat out told me “Vanessa, why don’t you just have it all?”

What a concept.

BOTH, all, everything.

Your mind is a creative instrument with which your decisions direct consciousness – the ISNESS the POWER that creates your world.

This is an inside job FIRST.

So decide that you CAN indeed have it all.

This is the foundation instruction to give your mind.

Believe in yourself, believe in the POWER of your decisions, beliefs and make a habit out of thinking thoughts that you want.

Make a habit out of keeping in mind ONLY what you want and that MUST then appear. It must, it has no other choice because you are directing all of your experience.

That conversation I had many years ago, before I began my coaching business, before I had written my first book, before my first move to Hawaii really made an impact on my ability to believe in myself.

So believe in your dreams, believe in your desires, they are whispers from your soul which ALREADY has the blueprint for your success.

I believe in you!

Vanessa xxoo

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