Rules and Rituals for Manifesting Your Dreams

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I’m writing you today from Sunny San Francisco after speaking yesterday at a Woman’s Prosperity Day event one of my clients Sumati hosted. It was her DREAM to have a business sharing law of attraction principals and masterminds and events at her home and yesterday was a FABULOUS experience witnessing this birthing into reality! I love celebrating my clients WINS!

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.14.16 AMSpeaking at this event on the topic of prosperity really helped me remember that it was this law of attraction idea that we can truly create whatever experience, we want – and that is was this incredible curiosity and HUNGER to change my life that really helped me create my business into existence. The law of attraction and welding, creating our reality has always been a BIG passion of mine.

Recently I used the law of attraction AGAIN to manifest the love of my life and I couldn’t be happier! I’m telling you it just gets better and better! This weekend I met Alex’s kids ( I have to tell you I was a tiny bit nervous about that one!) and we all had a grand time together at the beach. Insta family!

I mean for years I was feeling like I majorly missing out on having a family of my own – my 3 best friends ALL had kids last year and then BOOM now I have 3 little munchkins who love and adore me and remind me to play and be in the moment. I am amazed at how FAST this experience is here. From no where to NOW HERE. Simply amazing…

So I want to share with you HOW I manifested Alex in my life, and his 3 amazing kids in hopes that it inspires YOU to really go for what you are wanting and deserving in life, whether it be a new business, a new career or a new job or new romance, a trip around the world a new home YOU CAN HAVE IT!

Rules & Rituals For Manifesting Your Dreams

I’ll let the cat out of the bag and share with you my secrets for how I manifested Alex this wonderful loving man and relationship in my life. I have to tell you I was CLEAR on what I wanted. I got clear because RIGHT before I met him I attracted another man into my life WHO was ALMOST what I wanted but really missing some key points. Number one this other dude (we’ll call him other dude) had an 11 year old son but was not wanting to get remarried or have any extra children. His wife had passed away and he just didn’t want any more kids. Deal breaker for me.

What was new and interesting however is that when my roommate asked me “how do you feel about having kids being a step mom to an 11 year old?” my answer kind of surprised me and my answer was “I think it would be a barrel of fun!”


So that relationship ended and I was clear about a few things…

  • #1 I was OK with having kids in my experience
  • #2 what I was NOT OK with was a man who didn’t want to get married or have more kids
  • #3 It forced me to take a LONG hard look at my beliefs about relationships and what I could and couldn’t HAVE.

This relationship with Mr. dude brought up inside me certain feelings and thoughts that were quite painful.

Take 100% Responsibility For Your LIFE

If we are to take 100% responsibility for everything we create in our world WHY was I creating impossible relationships with people that couldn’t give me what I want?

So I asked myself the question: What would I have to believe in order to have produced this result on the canvas called my life? And the answer was shocking. The answer was … “I can’t have what I really want no matter what I can’t win.”

WOW, talk about a limiting belief right?!

But there it was staring me straight in the face.

This ugly, limiting, self depreciating, nearly thought was running around in my mind on some subconscious level and was the cause of my pain and suffering.

How is ANYONE supposed to have a fabulous relationship with thoughts like that running around in their brain?

RADICAL Responsibility

Now I have done a tremendous amount of personal development work so finding this little gremlin was really surprising.

But I took RADICAL responsibility for it and made a NEW decision around this topic my new decision is “every part of me is rejoicing that I am married to the partner of my dreams” and “ I Vanessa Simpkins am so happy I am engaged to the most wonderful man by October 11th 2015 I am thrilled!”

There was ANOTHER gremlin in the deep recesses of my mind a decision I had made based on my past experience with relationships. I was so terrified of giving my power away in another bad relationship that I decided I would NOT ever have a relationship again until my business was up and running smoothly, perfectly until I was a super success I would only focus on my business.


I asked myself … “Vanessa there are TONS of people around the world figuring things out as they go, why not you? Why do you have to have everything perfect before you can allow yourself the pleasure and expansion of being in a fabulous relationship?”

Bingo, the doors to my closed heart flung wide open and all of a sudden I was surrounded by men noticing me and wanting to take me on dates.

I met men EVERY where from the little Mexican rest down on Laguna beach to the grocery store, to the gym men were all of a sudden noticing me and approaching me to ask me out on dates.

Amazing what one radical shift in your THOUGHTS and a NEW decision can bring, immediate results.

Radical Self LOVE

Next I wrote down my “Man Plan”. In Napolean Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” and “Outwitting the Devil” he talks about directing the mind, and programming the subconscious with a very specific PLAN.

It starts with a GOAL by a definite date, backed with what you intend to give in order to get what you want ( because you can’t have something for nothing) and finally a plan to achieve your desired outcome.

One more thing – you must take ACTION on that plan every day to show your mind – “hey, we’re doing this!” this is the part that commands the mind to give you what you want. This is where the NEW belief gets created. So I wrote it down, I read it religiously, and visualized and felt what it would feel like to be married to an amazing man.

Rules and Rituals For Manifesting

Here are some of the things I have done differently this time around.

#1 I made a list of how I wanted to FEEL in my ideal relationship versus how I wanted the guy to show up.

I had been obsessed about the “type of guy” I wanted, he had to be tall dark and hairy.

HA, Alex is bald, he shaves his head every day! And I really don’t mind one bit he makes me feel like an absolute queen and we have a wonderful mutual attraction, respect and adoration for each other, hair or no hair!

img112#2 I bought wedding magazines and placed them at the foot of my bed and each time I hopped into bed I would see them and so would my subconscious mind.

I also put pictures of the FEELING I wanted to have, the attraction and chemistry I wanted to feel with this person.

#3 I created a love altar in my room and on it I placed…

A wedding basket I had received at a tribal gathering – a basket to put wedding things on ( which I had secretly trapped all around the world with me for the last 2 + years of my life!). This was a symbol for me to walk past and SEE everyday.

imgg– A Congratulations on your marriage card that I bought for myself waiting for my truck to get washed. YES, I am that cheesy. I love reading greeting cards they so brighten up my day! This one day I stopped and almost cried reading this simple little card so I bought it put it on my altar. I buy cards for everyone else why not buy one for myself?!

Since then I have added a few other things, candles Alex has given me and a wedding thank you card from a best friends wedding I went to this year as well as a fun pair of glasses we all wore at the wedding because manifesting should be FUN!

imgggI took my wedding cups out of storage about a week before meeting him. Last year in Hawaii I had bought these beautiful wedding cups at Starbucks with the specific idea in mind to drink coffee or tea with them with my husband. How synchronistic that I had taken them out of storage about a week prior! Synchronicity or preparation?

#4 I listened to this very FEELING oriented music by Tracy Chapman I heard this amazing song during a yoga class mediation – the CD is called “New Beginning” he song called I am READY… how fitting.

There is something to be said about READINESS – being ready and also being unattached to the outcome.

This is where people have the MOST difficulty with manifesting.

How do you create excitement, expectancy, desire and at the same time are being completely detached from NEEDING it to come into your experience?

How do you GET to a place where you HAVE this thing/ person /experience already before it’s actually in your experience?

How do you make your mind to accept that it’s TIME now to bring this amazing thing or experience into your life?

Simple to do Simple Not to Do

Manifesting your goals and dreams is about doing simple habits every day and guess what, it’s not rocket science, it’s simple to do and simple NOT to do. You must decide to do these rituals every day until this new vibration becomes your dominant vibration and then it simply shows up!

Here’s what to do:

With a PLAN for making your mind ACCEPT your new goals and decisions.

Begin practicing the feeling of HAVING it now every day. Write a list of how you want to FEEL when you receive your goal. Most importantly hunt out the gremlins that are keeping you from having your desires – the gremlins that are in direct opposition of your goals and dreams and creating NEW beliefs, install those regularly.

I call this the Radical Honesty, Radical Responsibility and Radical Self Love Workshop and I’ve been helping my clients with these exact same processes to command the mind, hunt out gremlins and create new positive belief structures. The results have been astounding.

Detaching from the outcome.

Detaching From the Outcome

So on my PLAN I had put down ALL of the things that I never had time to do like get onto all the dating sites, get into a match making service, reconnect with all these people, go to live outdoor music concerts and do fun outdoor adventures and weekend getaway and go paddle boarding.

Now I had DONE all of the things on my list, all of them. I had taken the time and I was on all the sites, I had called up this match making service and found out ALL about their procedures.

I met Alex at a live outdoor music concert.

I was feeling all weekend that I would meet my husband. I’m serious I had even connected with this one dude with dark hair on a dating site and he was going to come and meet me with my friends at the concert. So I told my friends “my husband is coming to meet me here” I was saying that all day. Well, that guy never showed up.

But Alex did.

How funny is that?!

I decided to just let go and have fun with my friends and not worry or look or be preoccupied one bit about relationships, I just decided to HAVE FUN and let loose and then he showed up.

On our second date we discussed marriage and kids. Everything is in alignment and feels fabulous. He is open to getting married and having more kids and this man is simply the BEST father in the world. Really, he is amazing!

So there you have it folks, my rules and rituals for manifesting your dreams.

I’m considering hosting a small intimate group for people who would like to implement this radical honesty, radical responsibility and radical self love rituals into practice in their daily lives to have more SUCCESS with manifesting their goals and dreams, whether it be for romance, more money, creating a fertile entrepreneurial mindset and having support accountability and guidance in the process. If this interests you put your name on the waiting list here.

Thank you for reading and being a part of my community I love you! If you enjoyed this post please like, comment and share it with your friends and fans. Help me share the LOVE.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom


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