Love As Your Launch Pad: Fun in the Sun Mentoring & Adventuring For Women’s Empowerment Leaders



I’m just back from Sedona Arizona on a mini spiritual mission here after doing live TV am news show for NBC in Phoenix. This was a fly by the seat of my pants whim this trip, it was totally unplanned and I am so grateful that I have creaed a business like this that allows me the flexibility to do fun trips like this that pull at my heart strings! WOW!

Two days ago I went to the Cathedral Rock Feminine Vortex with my dear friend from Kauai Laka. Nothing tickles me more than meeting friends in different parts of the world and creating meaningful life transformational experiences, rituals and adventures!!

Sedona is SO magical OMG!

I was SO inspired I made a video just for you!

Watch it now! You can FEEL the energy of this place it’s WILD!

I’ve been doing a lot of refelcting here, meditating and receiving downloads that the TIME has come to empower more women to do what I do. I’ve been talking to A LOT of women and you’ve been asking me things like:


  • How do I organize my thoughts and WRITE my BOOK!
  • Can you help me run my own retreats and live events?
  • I want to break through this procrastination, doubt and fear to take my business to the next level
  • I need help positioning my services in the market place
  • How do I tune into and TRUST my intition and higher guidance
  • I’m in need of some major CLARITY wth my BRANDING & offers
  • How do I create a Sales Attraction System to leverage and save time
  • Help me fill my group coaching programs
  • I am not clear and need big time help setting up Visibility Systems and Strategies
  • How do I create and Sell Info Products
  • Help with Clarity and How to Unleash My Authentic Stories
  • How to get major visibility in the media and on Television
  • How to create a portable proserous lifestyle business that gives me FREEDOM

Which is why I created for you …


Who is this for?

This is for you is you are a soulful woman with a BIG purpose and calling to serve the world and to transform it with your vision.

If you have a BURNING passion that feel like this LOUD knocking on your door that simply won’t go away and you’re READY to say YES to it ( it’s ok if you’re terrified! you’re willing to feel the fear and do it anyways!).

If you’re ready to have a WHOLE LOT more FUN and OPEN to having creativity, and INTUITION guide your every day!!

If you’re ready to create your lifestyle,  your income and your business on your own terms.

This is for you if you are tired of playing small and are ready to DO something about it instead of just talking about doing something. ACTION speaks louder than words.

This is for you if you’re a Woman who is ready to invest in yourself and understand the value of mentorship.

If you want to save time and stop struggling making costly mistakes by harnessing the wisdom and valuable connections of someone who has successfuly done it before.

If you’re a no excuse action taker who can follow a step by step recipe you can follow to receive the same results.

If this resonates with you – then WELCOME soul sister!

I can help you!

I’m very selective of the women that I invite to work so closely and personally with me because my time is valuable and I am only investing it with others who are here on a similar mission.

I’m clear about working with women’s empowerment LEADERS and I am clear about being able to help you if this is your mission!

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Who said business had to be TOUGH? What if your transition into your calling can be FUN and fabulous, exciting and infused with adventure?

That’s what I asked myself when creating my business and it led me to say YES to some of the most magical experiences…

I beleive that you should ALWAYS follow your heart, that making yoru heart happy is the way to everything you want and need. Practicing happiness is a learned habit. Some of us are NOT born with it – we get programmed with bullshit, and fear and worry – we doubt ourselves, we doubt our intuition, we kill our dreams before they are even born.

And you can change these habits by chosing YOUR BEST LIFE, by having the courage to take a SOLID STAND for your YES and prove to yourself that fear is not real.

The Love and Your Launchpad program is a SPIRITUAL immersion into embodiment of your higher calling …

And what better gateway than the mother herself, the WORLDS most feminine portal Kauai hawaii…. watch this video of my ALL time most favorite place on earth!


This is the MOST magical and enchanting place in the world… no really!

Check it out… if you’re ready for an energy upgrade, for the kiss of Kalalau and mama Kauai you already know because she has been calling you.

Kauai calls you. The hawaiian islands call you. It’s not really a choise – you get chosen and you’ll know because it simply WONT let you go until you go!

I guarantee you won’t come back the same person. I have been living in the most beautiful enchanted places around the world.

I can’t help it I am so in love with being HIGH on life and immersed in beauty and I want to invite you into the experience of these magical vortexes and the healing, transformation, alignment, enlightenment, and downloads of yumminess they hold for YOU!

What’s Included in The Love as Your Launchpad Year Long VIP Mentorship? 

2 live weekend private retreats with Vanessa ( 2 FULL days) in Sedona Arizona or Laguna Beach California where we work closely together one on one on anything you need help, clarity and implementing ( I can roll up my sleeves with you and get down n dirty on the computer making your webinar, or your Facebook ads campaign run smoothly, help you set up your online sales funnel or help you plan out your signature talk and offers anything goes!).

Year long access to weekly group accountability & group coaching calls because the more accountability you have moving forward – the better results you are going to get!

Access to the Facebook group community (with other rock star, heart centered soul sisters like YOU!)

1 x 5 day group retreat on Kauai Hawaii ( into the most EPIC energy vortexes in the entire world! Yes it is THAT freaking cool and totally TRANSFORMATIONAL and I guarantee you WILL never be the same! You get yourself there – I take care of the rest, food accomodation and transporation )

5 private 60 minute calls with me

Text me coaching if I am available I answer if you’re stuck and need some help getting unstuck

Access to all of my live events, coaching programs including:

10k in 30 day Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow, Mindset Mastery Take Your Power Back NOW: How to Overcome Fear and Thrive!, Workshop Profit Secret System, Fb Marketing, Big Ticket Offers (and anything else I come up with during the year. )

I will show you how I run my business, I will share with you all the systems I use and all the people I use to run those systems. You have access to my million dollar rolodex ask me anything I am here to fully support you in birthing your passion and purpose based business.

This is a VIP mentorship program and NOTHING is held back! I want you to THRIVE and absolutely LOVE the life, business and lifestyle we create together!


Open up to your Passion & Purpose, Get the Support, Guidance and Spiritual Alignment Your Soul is Yearning For! 

Do you struggle with these?

Feeling UNCLEAR about your marketing, messaging and which direction to take your business to the market place.

Do you spin around with this HUGE calling and the pressure builds and builds and you feel like you might not have what it takes and begin doubting yourself because you have SO many ideas but aren’t putting enough of them into action bcause of lack of clarity?

Lack of knowledge and lack of the right PRIORITIES about what to focus on what to do first and HOW to create systems in your business and drive traffic and generate leads and attract clients.

When you don’t have the clarity you lack the confidence about which buttons to press GO on and that’s why getting a clearn PLAN for your life and business wil help you get into ACTION to achieve and enjoy RESULTS!

Fear, uncertainty and a faulty mindset that WON’T ALLOW you to even hear your intuition let alone TRUST and act on it’s higher wisdom for your life and business. This is the biggest problem women face they constantly undervalue their services, doubt their worth, and let fear and uncertainty ROB them of a fabulous life and business creating value for others and transforming the world with their vision.

You’re not confidence with how to handle sales. This might be a sticky area for you because it is for A LOT of women transitioning from careers and out of the 9-5 and into their own businesses. Entrepreneurship is a TOTALLY differnet ball game where you get PAID to be inovative, creative and totally tuned into your intuition.

Too many women struggle with birthing their new businesses because of these problems! Don’t be one of them! In the LOVE as your launchpad mentorship I got you covered!


                                      About Vanessa

Stuck in an abusive relationship for 8 years with a man who nearly killed her one night in a hotel room, Vanessa Simpkins turned her story of tragedy into triumph with her #1 Best Selling Book “Take Your Power Back Now! How to Overcome Your Resistance to Creating a Life You LOVE! The Ultimate Confidence Guide for Women!” Vanessa is passionate about helping women overcome FEAR, take their power back and THRIVE! Founder of the 10k in 30 day Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow program, she teaches women about sales, MINDSET mastery, overcoming FEAR & sales objections, breaking through visibility blocks, attracting clients and making money.

A lover of hot tropical places, wearing bikini’s and having sand in her toes, Vanessa travels often, loves adventures and invites her clients to do the same in her “Fearless & Fabulous”, “Love as Your Launch Pad” and”Take Your Power Back Now” VIP and women’s empowerment retreats in Kauai Hawaii, Laguna Beach California and Sedona Arizona. To get your copy of the “10k in 30 day Blueprint Formula” or to hire Vanessa to speak at your next event visit

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