Play and Prosper In Paradise



unnamed (1)To fill you in I have been settling into beautiful Laguna beach California more and more each day and attending rock star events here ( more on that coming soon!).

Moving from Hawaii to here has been a HUGE transition, awakening and re birth and it’s gotten me to contemplate my life and what I am grateful for.

I can remember there was a time in my life not too long ago maybe 4 and a half years ago when I was stuck, dead broke and bankrupt in a relationship that was emotionally abusive. I was totally wrapped up in fear, and shame and I was terrified that THAT was all I was going to get.

I was sold on this lie that I didn’t deserve any better and I doubted myself and myself worth.

I felt trapped like I had no way out, there was pain on one side and extreme fear on the other, terrifying gripping fear that held me down like a big brick shit house.

Scary but true, that’s where my thoughts were.

Thankfully today my life is VERY different.

I have written not one, but two books on inspiration and empowerment.

Each day for the last 4 years I have picked up and chased and sought after and actually LIVED my dreams.

I now work with some of the finest spiritual rock stars, women’s empowerment leaders and beautiful souls on the planet to help them bring their visions and dreams to life, help and support them saying YES to a life filled with adventure, purpose and prosperity.

I feel so blessed to have lived in some of the most magical and enchanting, creative, beautiful and inspriring places around the world, St Sauveur Quebec, Kauai Hawaii, now Laguna beach, pranced around Costa Rica, South east Asia, and Thailand.

I am a speaker and I now get paid to share my stories and inspiration with the world.

I get to fill my soul with whatever experience delights me, and attend some of the BEST personal develpment events with the worlds finest leaders.

And more than anything I am tremendously grateful that I have successfully created a business that has allowed me to keep the adventure alive.

I have created a business that supports my freedom seeking traveling soul happy ( yes she loves to go for long beach walks and contemplate the magic and simple wonderness of life) and I now have healthy supportive, and enriching relationships with others (it always starts first with me first 🙂 and the freedom to continue pursuing what lights me up and fuels my creativity.

Last week I had a wonderful rock star soul sister Laura Booker word of mouth marketing specialist come down for 3 days to Laguna Beach to spend time masterminding, networking and enjoying some FUN in the sun soul sister time with me.Watch the video above

We worked on her new service offerings for her growing business that will enable her to continue making a deep impact for her clients but also allow her to have more free time, to travel and be with her family and lovely daughter Sophie.

The best part is we whipped out our lap tops from the Surf and Sand beach resort, had drinks on “The Deck” ( a fab ocean side resto ) and enjoyed BEING in the sun and on the beach while gaining clarity and focusing in on the things that needed to get done in her business.

unnamedWorking on your business can be fun! We played and prospered and brainstormed ideas to continue expanding and growing it into her vision in a way that truely honours her priorities.

When you’re immersed in beauty and in the flow of life everything comes together almost by magic. #WIN we had a blast together and got shit done!

That being said I had so much FUN that I am considering opening up some more VIP play and prosper retreat weekends with me here in Laguna beach.

This would be 2 days of fun in the sun meets clarity coaching to help you get crystal clear about the next steps to grow you business.

If you would like to combine a mini vaca and get clear and revamp or package your services in a way that feels fabulous, create new visibility strategies and boost your confidence and cash flow then hit reply on this email let me know.

I’ll be taking applications from serious soul sister rock star entrepreneurs who are ready to play and prosper more!

Let the Adventure Begin!
Apply here to play and prosper with Me!

Oodles and oodles of love

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