Embody Your Truth Webinar for Women Visionary Leaders

Dear Sister Pheonix Rising From the Ashes to Create a NEW…

Can you feel it?

Have you been AVOIDING “dealing with it” all of the uncomfortable emotions, maybe you call it in words “a depression” or a “melt down” a “breakdown” or a “shut down” or what I reffer to as a “DARK NIGHT of the soul or DEATH” …

Perhaps you are like me and several women I have been connecting with who are feeling extreme jumps from intense joy, PEACE, freedom, BEING in the present moment and DEEP inner trusting to all of a sudden swinging back to instense and gripping fear, feeling confused and at the mercy and in the strongholds of the mind and all it’s wondering, grasping, figuring out…. thinking to yourself what that!??! And what do I do now!!


I get it and I get you. I am not laughing at you I am laughing and crying right along with you love. And I have something profound, and profoundly simple but none the less PROFOUND to share with you.

Join me and your fellow sisters in this webinar transmission where you’ll discover:

  • 3 Keys to embodying your truth to create a deeply fulfilling and lasting career that is the expression of YOU, (not just fragments of you the REAL YOU ) and why embodying your truth is IMPERATIVE to your success and impact as a visionary leader.
  • 2 ways to unleash your INTUITION, love and deep knowing for guidance, serenity and peace in each and every moment.
    How to process emotions, and close the door to the past and break the ties of KARMA ( those repeating patterns, people and painful experiences that keep circling ack again) so you can truly BE an artist with you life, rise up like a fierce and feminine phoenix from the ashes to create the next evolution of you.
  • 1 thing you must understand if you want to drop the EGO your mind ( by mind I mean the self doubt and the FEAR the non truth and separation the suffering in your experience) and invite magic and miracles to be a part of your everyday.
  • How and why the tribes are gathering around the world and what this means to you.
  • How to ease the anxiety of this HUGE calling you have and the truth of what your soul is trying to awaken you to.
  • This plus a ton of learning, love and laughter with grace ease and HUMUOR (I love to laugh this as you get to know me I will always deliver. Yes even TOUGH spiritual lessons can be fun.


for the Phoenix Rising Program Rise Up From The Ashes to Create A New YOU



Loads of love,

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