How to NOT let people take advantage of you?

Have you ever felt angry and bitter because you’ve fallen victim to someone’s manipulative ways again? Having the confidence in yourself to honor your feelings, to respect yourself and the knowledge that your true source and power comes from God – is a fast track out of letting others hoodwink you with their deception.

Look, there are manipulative people out there and the range encompasses outright scam artists, to black magic, to the boss at work that always has you agreeing to do more than you want, to that family member or friend who uses you, taking, taking, taking and never giving back. I liken it to how some people sell their homes and give the money and their life up to a cult leader! There are all kinds!

You MUST, must, must develop unshakable confidence so you don’t fall prey to these jerks. If you let people take advantage of you it will never end until you prove to yourself that you won’t die if you don’t get everyone’s approval. Being confident and taking your Power Back, knowing where it comes from, gives you the ability to discern and discriminate between who is manipulating you or not.

Loads of love,

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