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By September 17, 2014Blog, Expert Interviews

Hey there…

cover2_3It’s your Take Your Power Back Now Women’s Empowerment Coach, Vanessa Simpkins, and I have some exciting news – and I am a bit nervous about sharing it…


You see, even though I am very ‘out there’ with my public personality as a Confidence & Cash Flow Mentor & Empowerment Coach, well.. I am usually a little reluctant to share my BIG WAKE UP CALL story (because it’s messy – you know very well when a woman takes her power back it can be messy, ugly and definitely NOT Glamorous!) Which is why I am a bit nervous…


But I am just bursting with this news – so I have decided that I must come out and share this with you:

After 3 years, I’m putting the finishing touches on a brand new book!

And I am absolutely beside myself with excitement – for lots of reasons…


But let me tell you one of them – isn’t it funny how so many times everyone in the world will listen to you except your own clients?


In any case, even though I’ve empowered hundreds of women professionals and entrepreneurs, sometimes I thought my advice was falling on deaf ears with the wider audience. But just this morning I was talking with Nicole who took my lessons to heart, and she generated $9,952 in new income in July (OK she didn’t hit the 10k mark but she says she can live with that…).


Making the decision and commitment – showing up and overcoming her resistance and saying YES to herself was A HUGE step for her.


Today she shared with me that she enrolled 4 new fabulous clients last week and she is super happy! With the systems she’s put in place in her biz AND her new found confidence her and her husband are planning to buy a new house (something they never imagined before)!


So now I have a simple favor to ask of you… it won’t cost you a cent, just a minute of your time. I am preparing a big book launch for my new book in a few weeks (hopefully you’ll see an announcement very soon!), and I would LOVE to make it really special for all the women out there – and you can help me do that if you can spare a few seconds…


You see, I want to share the success of AS MANY women as we can with our own community and inspire women around the globe to empower their lives! Can you send me your story, or a story of a woman you know, that has truly empowered themselves to a higher level? It doesn’t need to be about business either – it can be about ANY empowerment story.


Just leave a comment below, or send me an email.


I am hoping to get hundreds (or even thousands) of responses… then I will put them all together to inspire other women. Can you think of a more beautiful gift than hundreds, or even thousands, of amazing stories and examples of women from all over the world that have empowered their lives?


I get giddy just thinking about it ☺

Just leave a comment below, or send me an email to send me your stories… I will take care of the rest.


Here’s to love blossoming all around!

Loads of love,

Vanessa new signature






P.S. Thanks for taking the time to read this to the end. I don’t usually share this kind of personal stuff in my emails… and I certainly have never asked for anything like this before! But I decided to really go out on a limb this time!


  • Wendi says:

    I read your book about 3 years ago when I was in the middle of a slump (I’m in educational sales) that I didn’t know how to shake.I was full of self doubt and self pity. I was really working the victim of circumstances/ poor calls card and your book was just what I needed. You inspired me to take action and start doing the things I could readily do like letting go of the outcome, working on my attitude, clearing my limiting beliefs, ho o pono pono (thanks to an interview you did once) and probably the biggest thing was taking responsibility for where I was then and accepting and realizing that only I could change things for the better. I stopped feeling like I had no control, like there was something wrong with me and like I was the victim and I started taking action. Things turned around. I have since had the best 3 years of my career- consistently growing in revenue and in spirit. That was a huge hurdle to overcome and it made all the difference. I wish you great success with this new book and am looking forward to reading it.

    • Vanessa Simpkins says:

      Oh my gosh Wendi that is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing and pouring your heart out with me and sharing your empowering story here! I’m so happy for you darling I really really am! I celebrate you and you showing up and saying YES to you!!! How fabulous how enchanting how magnificent you are!! Well done bravo! Let’s see what else is possible! Please stay tuned – I’m announcing in a few short days how you can grab my new book for FREE! Yep I’m doing a pre-launch and I have 1000 copies I’m allowed to GIVE away! Can you imagine? Alright love back to work here I’m in packing mode! Thank you soooo very much for sharing your story this means the world to me and congratulations once again Wendi!! I’m so happy for your new found FREEDOM!

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