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Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 3.07.03 PMAloha ,


How many times in your life lately have you gone to bed feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and simply like there was something more to life than what you are living right now’?


Have you done really well at being a mom, climbing the corporate ladder, being a great employee or even running your own business and you’ve reached a point in your life and you’re saying NOW WHAT?


Do you feel a stirring inside of you?

Have you experienced struggle, divorce, laid off work, a bad break up, not really owning who you really are? Not even sure what your “role” in your life is anymore?


Please let me share with you a PERSONAL story… ( and extent a personal INVITATION to an EXQUISITE adventure of magical discovery, renewal, rebirth and awakening to a WHOLE NEW YOU! ) Find out more here … the Take Your Power Back NOW retreat is finally happening! 


In 2007 Hawaii began calling me.  In the middle of a 6 month trip working and living in the islands, playing with my good friends and then travelling with my sister BOOM my father died of a massive heart attack.


Little did I know then what HEALING magic these islands held for me.


Shocker of all shockers…the two Simpkins sisters having the TRIP of a lifetime together and BOOM our dad dies.


No warning, a massive heart attack dead as a doornail. Just like that our whole world shattered into a million peices the trip of a lifetime turned dead serious, without warning in a blink of an eye everything turned upside down and I began questioning myself WHAT WAS REALLY important in this world, and WHAT in the hell was I doing with my time here on earth?


Death has a funny way of shocking you into the truth really fast and facing my fathers death showed me that I needed to really STOP talking about what I was going to do and ACTUALLY START DOING IT because before you know it you’ll be dead too!


Coming to Kauai was the beginning of a HUGE healing journey in my life. I was emotionally raw, exposed, grieving, hurt, sad, and full of so much love and utter astonishment that life could be so beautiful and supportive all at the same time.

she asked

It was a big turning point in my life, my fathers death acted like a catalyst to take my power back in my family, in my career and in my relationships.


So that began my whole career – it set me off into motion I came back to Canada became the best sales person wrote the book and STARTED my public speaking career instead of just PRACTICING for it.


Things shifted in my family dynamics as well, I stopped mothering my sister and became a SISTER. I stopped putting up with my mother’s bullshit and let her be responsible for the bed she made, I let go of a TON of guilt and responsibility I was carring for others and started living MY LIFE the way I wanted to. No more guilt, no more shame no more carrying anyone’s bullshit, no more excuses it was MY TIME to shine!


A HUGE weight began lifting off of me as I continued to take more of my power back.


Now you’ve all been following me now for years you’ve watched the transformation happen and I am TOTALLY and absolutely blessed and blessed out, grateful amazed at what my life has turned into!


I have an amazing business empowering entrepreneurs to thrive, I get to travel when and wherever I want to, I live in the most beautiful place on earth Kauai Hawaii  ( most days I’ll be quite honest I prance and dance around in my bikini, try to wear as little amount of clothing as possible, get my toes in the sand and earth and try explore outdoor adventures, hike, paddle board, surf my life is well balanced with LOTS of FUN and I enjoy my time with fun fabulous people!).


God is great!


And ALL of this – the whole journey began on the island Kauai. And I’d like to invite you into the magic, wonder, healing and experience this delicious island has to offer too …

Take a journey

WHICH IS WHY I am SOOO excited to be opening up to the public the much anticipated Take Your Power Back Now Women’s Empowerment retreat happening in November here on Kauai! We already have 3 women registred and it’s only just begun!!


Wooop wooop! It’s so exicting I have to tell you I had given up on running this retreat… I had let it go, I decided I didn’t need to run it to make my business work, it was TOO much work to organize all and I simply gave up on the idea and that’s precicley WHEN everything showed up!


I met a phenominal woman through sheer synchronicuty Melissa Macky anotehr stellar Canadian speaker and author womens empowerment leader and the retreat was all of a suden rekinlded! People started registering even before we had a sales page ready! I mean the FLOW and timing of everything including YOU women being READY for this is simply AWESOME


Soooo ….


I’m super excited to invite YOU on this magical journey to self love, healing, empowerment, to birth a NEW vision for yourself here in the fertile garden island of Kauai – find out ALL the juicy details here –> 


If you’ve been felling run down, working too hard and are ready for some YOU time, come relax, renew and rejuvinate with us in Paradise!


This is a LUXURY Goddess retreat your soul will NEVER forget!


The Dalai lama calls Kauai the entrance and exit portals for souls here on earth and when you get here you’ll know why. This island is the most SPIRITUAL, magical, WET and feminine, BEAUTIFUL garden of Eden, some peopel call it the lost land of Lemuria. And you’ll know if it’s time for you to come here – Hawaii has a way of calling you, seducing you and it becomes a matter of when not IF but WHEN you will come.


So visit the retreat page, watch the video to find out more about this magical experience we are creating for YOU and come and JOIN us on this healing adventure to take your power back and THRIVE in all areas of your life! You’ll be so happy you did!



Loads of love

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PS: If this sounds like something you or a fabulous women friend of yours may be interested in, please contact me immediately. There are special early bird rates right now until July 30th. After this date, prices increase by $1000 per person. We only have space for 12 women – this is an intimate setting and have already filled 3 spaces SO that means we have room for only 9 more women. I hope you can be one of them I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to share this adventure with you!


Find out more about the retreat here! 

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