Nuggets of Wisdom from The California Women’s Conference Just for YOU!

IMG_8148Right after declaring bankruptcy and feeling like sh*t, full of shame, regret, guilt and fear really about my future several years back in 2006 I watched the movie the SECRET for the first time. I was crammed into a tiny 1 and half bedroom apartment with all of my STUFF, boxes piled up the ceiling, and we had at the time this little TV that we propped up on top of the boxes piled up all around the bed, you couldn’t even walk around the bed there was just this one little trail from the front door straight into the bedroom and onto the bed – that was the extent of the space we had in this tiny apartment and I remember watching the secret and seeing Jack Canield’s story about how he put a check for $100,000 above his bed and would visulaize what it would feel like to have that $100,000 every day and every night. And sure enough 30 days later the idea popped into mind for his first 100k book deal and as you know the rest is history…


That story was very inspiring to me. And it was the beginning spark of HOPE in my life at that very low and desperate time. Last week I had the honour of meeting with Jack Canfield and thanking him for sparking that glimmer of hope in me all those years back.


Who would you LOVE to meet, and say THANK you to for making a deep and meaningful impact in your life?


I want to share with you some of the KEY take aways and nuggets of wisdom I learn from the California Women’s conference from all of the fabulous speakers there to help you take your life and business to the next level no matter WHERE you are starting from! Know that it is possible, that change is just a decision away.


Jack Canfield -> If it’s meant to be it’s up to me!


Jack reminded us that if it’s mean to be it’s up to me! He talked about writing down goals and affirmations, reading them everyday with EMOTION and feeling! Simple and POWERFUL and it works. I’ve lived my entire life through the power of intention and goal setting. Sometimes we can get so off track and side tracked with the busyness of life, with all the new gadgets and gidgets and things we think we MUST do or die. I loved this IMG_8132reminder to just get clear about what you want and emotionalize it – have it now, go within to experience that with you want on the external. Start from within, start today make a decision!


Immaculée Ilibagiza -> You show up for LOVE and let God handle the rest.


A woman who survived the Ruwandan Holocaust who lived cramped up in a tiny bathroom hidden for 3 months with 6 other women while 1 million people from her tribe were brutally murdered shared her insights and truth’s about coming to God.


She was my absolute favorite speaker and you know what THE most captivating speaker of the entire event. You know why?? Because she shared a TRUE story about her life. Story’s are powerful! And I was so happy to see a keynote speaker talk about God. She said “you show up for LOVE and let God handle the rest”. That’s the deal right there!


You know on my travels I met with my friend Steven who has been studying the Bhagavad Gita for 30 years he is a Monk lives a simple life and he told me that we are all born into this world in sin each and every human being born here on earth wanting to ENJOY life without giving glory to God. And something clicked for me int hat moment. It was like wow WE ARE ALL returning to know, experience and return to the amazing power of grace and glory that is God. EACH and every human being here on earth is on this journey NOT one of us is any better or worse just on a closer or further remembering and experiencing of that truth and no one is escaping without that lesson.


God wants to give you the glory if you turn to God, turn in and lean into LOVE’S way. Show up for love and then let God do his deal and handle the details of your life. Very powerful and SIMPLE truth, understanding our identity as the children of God and how you don’t have to do everything on your own, you just have to be willing to include God in your life, and decide to build a relationship with the source that created worlds and allow this force to be the supportive, caring, nurturing giving force that it is. Show up and say YES to GOD and YES to LOVE and allow God to handle the rest.


Arianna Huffington -> Sleep your way to the top!


This high powered executive is the founder of the Huffington Post and shared the power of self care after passing out from exhaustion from living on 4 hours of sleep and cutting her face open on her desk as she fell… her story is reminding women to “sleep your way to the top!”.


Statistics show that we get more done, are happier, more productive when we get enough sleep! Sleep is the wonder miracle drug that can help you accomplish more! I loved Arianna’s message because I feel that life is getting so fast paced and busy it’s insane! I’m here in LA and I feel like I want to do everything all at once. Can you relate?


A great reminder to slow down, and put first priorities first. Put yourself first! Take the time to take god care of YOU!


My own major take away from the event is that feminine leadership is on the rise and women all over the world are showing up in greater numbers, learning what IMG_8140they need to embrace within themselves, what fears they need to bust through and also know that there is a supportive network of other women real solid women to collaborate with and grow with.


I loved the discussions around owning your value, around money, focusing on how important it is for women to generate and focus on SALES, to generate cash flow FIRST and foremost ( because that is my message of empowerment to entrepreneurs and especially to women financial independence is so important).

(Pictured here with Amanda Steinberg founder of the – Steph Wagner)



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