Launching into the Unknown: Day #1 – Let The Adventure Begin

An overnight flight from Kauai arriving in Vancouver at 6am and then straight into a SWAN networking event on Vancouver’s north shore and 2 cups of Java later my brain is catching onto the bigger picture here.  Melanie, a mom of 2 beautiful children and an NLP coach, tells me, “Vanessa, promise me you’ll blog about this adventure trip, I think it’s so cool what you are doing! If I didn’t have kids I’d be right along with you!”


horseshoebaycherryblossomsHmm that’s a few people now that have told me I HAVE to write about this adventure so they can follow along the joy ride, YOU asked for it and here it is 🙂  For the remainder of this 100-day speaking tour adventure I promise to blog & post about the good the bad and the ugly – share with you the ups and downs of what it really looks and feels like to just say YES to life and to show up to what life has in store for you.


So here I am, day #1 (April 17th), feeling really good being back in Canada. I met a few gems at SWAN women’s networking event, Dana, the president, is a law of attraction coach, and Heather, the upcoming president, drove me to the ferry with my bags and we chatted and connected in the car.


Now on the Nanaimo Ferry crossing over to the BEAUTIFUL and stunning Vancouver island – the misty mountains and cool crisp Canada air is a yummy familiar as is the yummy smell of home cooked meals on the ferry. The last time I was on the Nanaimo Ferry over to Vancouver island was over 6 years ago! This will be a VERY different trip.


So you know… this 100-day speaking tour was an idea that popped in my head very shortly after I surrendered and made my peace with God that YES, I would indeed go out and share these inspirational stories with the world to empower and inspire women to take their power back and thrive as scary and vulnerable as it feels to open my life to the world in this way I know that this is what Spirit/ God has been grooming me to do my whole life.


How many times do we tell ourselves when I have this all figured out then I’ll do it, when I lose the weight then I’ll attract the right partner, when I have the money then I will  start that business, launch that new product, take that trip to Italy etc…


No better time than the present to be present eh? Well here’s to hell yeah’s, and JUST FREAKING doing it!  The magic happens outside your comfort zone right?  Well here’s to practicing what you preach!


Everything about this trip was way outside my comfort zone, from wondering HOW to connect with all of the places/groups I will speak at to where to stay to how to get from city to city to what to do with my stuff of Kauai, my truck, my things, the little dog I just adopted… managing my business while I am travelling.


MANY, many unknowns …and as scary as it is, it’s also a bit thrilling, exciting to just leap into the unknown, to let life take you where it wants you to go. To stop being SO run by routines and allow the routine of the day to guide you, to be in the flow, to let the interruptions be the experience instead of trying to stay safe and sure, to just BE open and show up and say YES.

So here I am showing up and saying YES – let the adventure begin!



There’s a big gypsy soul part of me that LOVES adventures. Then there’s a beach bum gal who just wants to prance around in big floppy beach hats and sun tan with my favourite books and snorkel gear, there’s a glamour gal in there too who brought 5 pairs of heels with her on this trip!! ( I am going to wear them all everyday!).


Who knows what this will turn into, maybe a book, maybe a cool blog adventure, maybe it won’t turn into anything other than something my grandkids will read when they’re older and think MAN I had a cool granny!


WRITE! Jeffrey Gitomer author of the “Little Red Book of Sales” says WRITE everyday… I remember what he said all those years ago when we met at the art of marketing event in Montreal. I was impressed… the guy earns $30,000 an hour for a speaking fee! Write… right!!!


So here’s to exploring uncharted territory, here’s to showing up and saying YES to those inner promptings and stirrings of the heart, YES to GOD, YES to co-creating life, YES to having the courage to set intentions and goals and allow them to play out, YES to writing and blogging about tit, YES to new experiences YES to leaning on the way to getting it right, YES to the unknown, YES to being blown away grateful for how awesome life is, and YES to adventure….


And YES to you! Thank you for following the journey, and being part of my tribe. THANK YOU for your love and support. Let’s try something new instead of just following this journey of mine DECIDE to take it with me!!! What are you saying YES to?  What uncomfortable and unknown are you willing to commit to? Post your comments below I’d love to know!


To you Love, Expansion & Freedom


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