How to Double Your Income in This Month

By January 14, 2014Blog, Sales Secrets

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 6.00.37 PMDo you hate creating BUDGETS and having to check your bank balance to see if you can AFFORD it? Are you feeling worn out racking your brain trying to figure out how to attract more clients?
It’s 2014 and it’s time to kick it up a notch! The truth is YOU CAN double even quadruple your income in the next 30 days if you have the right systems in your business.
Here are some of my BEST tested and proven strategies & ideas to get you started on the path to doubling your income this month to kick off 2014 with a BAM!

Be willing to be **VISIBILITY**

Be willing to get your message and your business in the spotlight and EVERYTHING will change. Don’t feel confident yet with your message or the “LOOK” and feel of your website, don’t worry JUST GET OUT THERE – you’ll figure it out AS YOU DO IT! Don’t wait to have everything just perfect – the perfecting comes from doing. Be willing to be visible and JUST DO IT will get you the confidence you are seeking.

Charge More

There are really ONLY 3 ways to make more money in your business, #1 charge more, #2 attract more clients, #3 sell more stuff to your existing clients. To avoid feeling overwhelmed pick one strategy to focus on at a time.

Make more offers to people who can say YES

Who can you talk to, where can you network and get in front of your ideal target audience to have sales conversations with people who can say YES? Focus 99% of your time getting in front of people who can say yes and you’ll end feeling frustrated at the lack of cash flow coming in.

Spend 99% of Your Time Doing What Makes You MONEY, Honey 🙂

Most entrepreneurs are busy but not profitable. How to avoid this trap? Easy until your biz or practice is full spend 4 hours a day connecting with people who can get you in front of your ideal target audience to either to a talk or to network with them, get on radio shows, REACH your audience.

Sell One to Many

My biggest income jump occurred when I GOT this idea. How can you sell one thing to MANY people at one time? Ask you mind this question and allow it to bubble up answers for you.

Selling one on one can be draining and VERY time consuming – which is WHY I am a HUGE proponent of speaking! When you speak to audiences you leverage yourself and your time to get the biggest returns.


Speaking is the fastest and BEST business-building tool around. Stop hiding out behind your computer and get IN FRONT of your potential clients LIVE. Nothing beats the know like and trust building factor like having a LIVE experience together. When you speak your clients get to engage with your energy and your presence, they can touch you YOU ARE REAL and right there. That’s a VERY hard experience to replicate ONLINE regardless of what the Guru’s tell you. When you’re unsure about your message, just starting out or a pro – nothing beats speaking to attract clients!

Get a Sales Attraction System

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 5.59.57 PMA good sales attraction system either online (like a list building campaign) or offline system (like speaking) will guarantee that you always have a full pipeline of potential clients coming into your business.

Do you have a system in your business that attracts ideal prospects and turns those prospects into paying clients? The model of any good business is understanding your cost per client acquisition, how much it costs you to acquire a new client. If you know it costs you 5$ to make $100 – spending $ on marketing becomes a breeze.

You need a system you can turn on and turn off that brings you consistent ideal leads that you can invite into paying clients. Without this your business is a hit or miss fart in a windstorm guessing & hoping game filled with worry anxiety and fear. Decide to invest in building ONE sales attraction system and mastering it before moving onto creating another one and you’ll be set for doubling your income in no time!

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To Your Love Expansion & Freedom







PS: If you never give yourself permission to REALLY go after the things that you want you’ll never get to where you want to go. The first key to getting what you REALLY Want is being 100% honest with yourself about what it is. Next comes the opportunity to do just that. If you’ve been asking, praying & looking for a way to double your income then this may JUST be what you’ve been looking for.


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