First Things First – How to Prioritize Your Business so You Have a LIFE!

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a lifeIt’s Monday morning after the holidays and EVERYONE is back to work – including the gardeners outside the house with their loud weed whackers and lawn mowers, wailing away outside my window reminding me it’s time to get up and get BUSY!

Ugh… I feel like crawling under the covers with a good book and hiding out from the world for just a little bit longer “how about just one more week” I ask God, as I crawl out of bed.

I’m grateful for some serious thinking and downtime this holiday season, I’ve had time to really DECIDE how I want to run my business and my life this year and what I actually want to be spending my time on.

Some things just gotta go…

I want to play and have fun and serve – more time playing this year!! I’ll be revamping my offers, the way I service my clients, I probably WON’T be doing as much blog writing… definitely won’t be doing as much blog writing! I’ll be speaking more, doing more videos and more leveraged online visibility strategies.

First things first – buy a surfboard. Check.

Here’s what I am committed to his year “PLAYING” AND “serving my purpose”. We’re here to enjoy life and without purpose, life is just plain old boring, useless and futile. A nice BALANCE.

That’s my theme word for this year BALANCE.

You can have it all just as long as having the all doesn’t take you away or separate you form the “ALL”… if you get what I mean.

Start your intentions off on the right foot. If you intent to travel this year go get your passport updated; go buy a big brimmed hat a new bikini, a new camera to take all the lovely photos to remember your trip.

Make a commitment to your goal.
I went to Costco and bought myself a foam top surf board. Check! First things first NOW I’m ready for fun!!

Now that I am motivated by something fun, I can sit down and dig into creating my new upcoming webinar. The last “Workshop Profit Secrets” webinar I gave was a HUGE hit and everyone continued asking me questions and sharing it over Facebook, so I’ve decided to revamp it and launch it this time with even more cool content – stay tuned 🙂

What about you, what are you committed to this year? What’s your theme word for the year and what kind of FUN are you saying yes to in 2014?

I would love to know, please share your intentions & comments here with me below.

Sending you loads of love



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  • Whitney Moore says:

    My intention for this year is to step into my true power and really start my business. I am committed to freedom and fearlessness this year. I have had some experiences with the Law of Attraction that have shown me that there is no reason for regret and now I’m ready for something bigger than ever before. <3

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