Making Your Dreams HAPPEN!

1491765_10152450588417729_1147533558_nWell it’s December 16th and it sure doesn’t have that “Christmassy” feel to it here on Kauai, not that I am complaining! The sounds of tropical birds doing their morning symphony broken by the occasional loud rooster call and the thump of an avocado falling from a tree are far from the normal sounds of morning snow removal trucks clearing the streets in Canada.


It’s 27 degrees Celsius outside and I’m sitting out on a lawn chair wearing my favorite black bikini top and a sarong drinking my morning coffee thinking back to this time last year freezing my balls off in Canada.


Ahhh, thank GOD for dreams, and for the balls to make those dreams come true!

It took me 5 years to say YES to Kauai, and I am happy I am here now and looking back – it really didn’t need to take me 5 years. That’s 5 years worth of snowsuits I could have done without.


There’s a interesting camaraderie here on island whenever you meet someone who has also made the leap into the unknown and followed their heart over to Kauai to live in paradise…. there’s a chuckle and a laugh followed from a “ya I just felt like this was home the most magical place in the world and I made happen”.


The truth is nobody ever really knows “HOW” in the heck they are going to make their dreams come true. They just have this inner stirring that won’t leave them alone and they are willing to do something about it.


What I have noticed after interviewing successful people, both business owners here on island and over the last 10 years doing business myself is that people who make their dreams happen have 1 thing in common.


Come hell or high water they FIND A WAY, they ask, “How can I…” and let the answer come in. They don’t stop themselves with “the norm” and what seems possible, because most dreams are not normal – that’s why they are called dreams!


They have a daring character, willing to take risks and follow the stirrings of their heart. They are what I call “inner dare devils”, willing to leap into the unknown and have the Universe catches them.


Better to have the Universe catch you than to live a life of quiet desperation and regret.

What’s the worst that can happen if failure isn’t fatal? What’s the worst that can happen if you fail and don’t make your dream come true? Seriously….


You’d learn one more way NOT to make it happen but I guarantee you’d wake up in the morning with a smile on your face knowing you’re on the path to figuring it out.


Stepping-stones to success. Take the risk, start asking “how” and allow the Universe to catch you or meet you in the middle. There’s my recipe for making your dreams happen.


I want to celebrate your dreams coming true this year 2014… so what are you saying YES to?

To your Love, Expansion & Freedom


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