5 Sure Fire Ways to Get out of Compare Despair Mode And Into Profitable Action

stockfresh_344237_successful-business-woman-on-a-laptop_sizeXS-300x292Do you sometimes catch yourself comparing yourself to other experts when it’s time to just roll up your sleeves and GET ER DONE? I have, I spent years rolling around in compare and despair mode full of fear doubting why anyone in their right mind would bother hiring ME when there are a TON of other MORE qualified experts out there…

Sound familiar?
 Well, you’re not alone.

Compare and despair mode is a deadly mindset TRAP that can take you out of the entrepreneurial game before you even get started. Here are 5 sure fire ways to help you get out of compare and despair mode and into profitable action.


#1 – You are Good Enough. Period.

You would not have been given the idea or the desire without the way to accomplish it.

I had a healing session with a channel last week and this one little idea got me out of my mindset funk. I was thinking that I was being punished by the Universe moving house to house here in Hawaii in rooms that were NOT my liking and thinking OH NO – I’m not grateful and I’m being punished…but no. The longing you have, the desire that is born within you is there to remind you that it’s your SOUL calling you forth to complete, to experience what it knows it has in store for you. Chew on that fear!


#2 – There’s plenty of room in the world for everyone, it’s an abundant Universe we live in so just freaking JUST DO IT!

I’m no Tony Robbins but I get up on stage and speak to crowds of people and rock it! I LOVE speaking!

When that little voice of self-doubt pipes up – learn to retrain your brain. Thank your EGO for “protecting you with fear” tell it very softly “I love you” and then give it permission to go take a hike because BURN THE HOUSE DOWN no matter what I’m doing this!!

Seriously – it takes that kind of commitment and persistence to succeed. And often it’s not persistence in action as it’s persistence is loving your fear and your mindset chatter that want’s to hold you back. Once you take the action and breakthrough the fear you’ll wonder what held you back for so long!


#3 – Decide to BE VISIBLE in the Marketplace, Share what you LOVE and the Money Will Come…

Yeah, but “why in the heck should I even try…who will really hire me when they can go to such an expert who is WAY more qualified than I am….”


Because people will relate to & be drawn to you and your UNIQUE stories and experiences. That’s why.

Don’t know what your unique stories should be about?

Write down a list of your top 10 accomplishments.

Write down a list of the top 5 things you have overcome in your lifetime.

Now write down 10 things you WISH you would have known LONG ago, mistakes you could have avoided if you have known what you know now.

BAM that’s it – now you’ve got all the material you need to begin as an expert. Share those stories and lessons with others. To host a workshop talk you’ll only really need 3 key points and their stories because after 3 key points the adult brain starts to tune out.


#4 – Be Willing to Take The Risk

The average person tip toes through life hoping to make it safely to death.
 What a dumb game – that’s not a practice run – we only get one shot at this life. Make it count. – Bob proctor

Enough said.


#5- Be Accountable

Be accountable to someone, a mentor who’s ALREADY done what you want to do and can show you the way. Friends don’t count. They love you too much to really tell you the truth when it can hurt you. What you need is real help and support to step it up to the next level. The blind leading the blind won’t get you very far.

If you want to shave years off your learning curve and a whack load of money from trying to do the lone ranger mission – doing it all on your own and failing miserably – having your confidence suffer a hit then you’re ready to learn from a mentor.



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To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom








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