Money-womanI was sitting outside the shopping mall on the curb having a cigarette trying to calm myself down. “I should have listened to my uncle – he was right. What was I thinking joining this miserable company, selling overpriced mops to people who don’t need them? Who am I kidding I’ll never make any REAL money with this sales gig. Selling freaking mops and lint removers in stores, I mean seriously who buys these stupid gimmicks anyways? Oh my god, I just bombed the entire morning. Breathe Vanessa breathe…

I made a WHOPPING 20$ in commissions today … I got a hotel room for 10 days at 100$ a day to pay for, plus my gas, not to mention my bills and rent back home ughhhhh!! God I suck – how pathetic is this, how pathetic am I. Someone give me a gun so I can shoot myself. Well not just yet, maybe after another smoke…”

And on and on it went….

I can remember thinking and feeling like this on a DAILY basis way back when I had a sales job doing live demo shows in stores.

Can you relate to any of this negative self-talk, fear and self-sabotaging inner stories?

Well thank GOD I figured my way through the mindset trap and land mines to blow past my money blocks and finally say YES to a career that I love, helping entrepreneurs prosper both in their business with their marketing & sales but most importantly in their mindset.

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised when asked to participate in the “Unemployable Women’s Magazine – Prosperity Issue” that pretty much sums up my life HA, HA UNEMPLOYABLE with a capital “U” what a great title!

I’ve never been much of a crowd follower, in truth I hate following rules. I’d rather up make my own rules which is sometimes pretty risky but always rewarding even when I have EPIC fails – I’ve decided long ago that there are no EPIC fails and no failure in life only new ways of learning how NOT to do something to get the results you want 🙂

Be sure to grab your free copy of the Unemployable Women’s Mag here – check out my article Commitment is the Magic Fairy Dust to Successon page 13. The magazine is stunning and filled with awesome content, but so is this post so be sure to come back and continue reading it:)

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.04.04 PMWhen Miki Strong asked me to participate in the launch she sent over a TON of questions, like 50 questions for me to answer!! and I wanted to shoot her… I swear sitting down to write has got to be my biggest pet peeve

I hate writing. I hate it. Actually I hate the idea of having to do it, but once I get into it I get on a roll and then just TRY and stop me!

So all these questions got me doing some SERIOUS thinking about WEALTH & PROSPERITY and what it takes to blow past your money blocks, and I want to share with you what I’ve realized over the last couple of years. I am SO very grateful for my life and business today because it’s been a dramatic change from that anxiety ridden, afraid to speak up for herself and claim her value, needing everyone’s approval LITTLE girl.

Truth bomb.

I was so desperately trying to hide all my shame from the world with this BIG tough chick facade. And MAN was I good at deflecting all my pain and sadness with ANGER – someone should have given me an award – seriously I was THAT good!

Thankfully I don’t sell mops any more, halefreaking luyjia! And thankfully I’m not half or even a quarter as angry and wound up with fear and anxiety as I used to be (I am human and still a work in progress). Now I live in Hawaii in the most incredible paradise I could have never even imagined was real, (seriously this place is a magical vortex beyond your wildest dreams I still wake up amazed and grateful for this intense journey into spirit on this magical fairyland island of Kauai). I get asked to speak and inspire rooms full of talented women entrepreneurs and get paid to tell jokes and make people laugh telling fun stories on stage.

But mostly I enjoy spending cash on clothes and jewelry and travel just because I can, it’s fun and I love it! HAHA there I said it. Yes I LOVE to shop, and I’m good at it! I once spent 10 days x 16 hours a day shopping till we dropped in Shang High China with a friend. We had to buy new luggage to bring it all home with us!

I love decorating myself and decorating my moment. Hey I don’t have kids yet, I’m not into spending loads of cash on my bull dog (sorry no offense to bulldog owners I’m just a cat lover 🙂 so everyone has their fetishes – mine seems to be big brimmed hats and high heels I’ll most likely NEVER wear but like to have in the closet because they make me feel sexy.

And I want you to have an AMAZING freaking fabulously luxurious and deliciously FUN life too! With all the experiences life has to offer including MONEY!! Yes to what MONEY CAN BUY – yes money doesn’t buy love or happiness but it doesn’t buy everything BUT it does buy fun experiences, travel, a big extent of freedom, independence and big brimmed hats…

So here are the 8 Ways to BLOW Past Your Money Blocks So You Can Enjoy A Fabuloso Life!!

Become a Ninja Master of Your Emotions


The key to wealth is to feel the fear and do it anyways… the biggest hang up and money block is dealing with FEAR. You ask for more money, an opportunity presents itself but you say NO because it costs too much, it’s inconvenient, you tried that in the past or something similar and it ruined you and you’re still carrying that hurt, and emotional baggage FEAR of repeating and experiencing the same results.

We identify ourselves with out emotions. You are not your emotions.

Emotions are what drive us to DO a thing or NOT to a thing. Master your emotions and YOU MASTER the art of ALLOWING things to happen, allowing life to unfold for you.

If you are resisting all these negative feelings you are actually holding them in mind and because the mind is only creative you are recreating the experience over and over again for yourself through the law of attraction. What you send out in energy you get back. Your mind filters pictures and these pictures are scenes, memories of emotions that you programmed into your mind and are now running your show.

Letting go of the pain, hurt, fear, anxiety, resistance is the KEY to allowing wealth to saturate your life – and here’s the truth – you are abundance – you are it – you are at your core that very energy covered up with layers upon layers of crap and limitation, programs and EMOTIONS that prevent the natural unfolding of wealth in your life. Let go of the emotions, let them pass through you – release them and allow the unfolding to happen. To do that you gotta be a freaking ninja master with your emotions, hyper vigilant and dedicated to FEELING FABULOUS! Only the best of the best will do.

And when you decide to honor how you feel and LET go of what does not feel great – you get back into the FLOW – and in that flow – God is taking over – love is taking over – life is taking over and you get to go along for joy ride and celebrate all the amazing prosperous things coming into your experience.

So become a master of your emotions, and release your resistance it will be the best decision you ever make! Here’s a course I HIGHLY recommend The Abundance Course – changed my life and is something I continue to practice on a daily basis and encourage all my clients to discover as well.

Go in Deep And Forgive Yourself


You don’t know what you don’t know and when you do finally figure it out, learn about how you were sabotaging your success, your money, your career, your love life it’s an easy thing to beat yourself up with and what happens is years and year and years of self hatred and stagnation for nothing.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool to heal old wounds and old money drama stories too. When you forgive yourself you clear out ALL that heavy emotion and then there is room for NEW abundance to come in. First you gotta let go of the old stories and drama’s that the EGO uses to keep you in separation. Let go of The Habit of Beating Yourself Up!

Here’s a fabulous interview I did many years ago with Dr. Joe Vitale from the Hit movie the secret on an ancient Hawaiian healing technique that uses forgiveness called Ho opono pono.



“There’s nothing to worry about because everything is God and wonderful things are happening to me” Dorothy Reike

This is one of my favorite prayers/mantras. It just quiets the mind and all that noise. God wants to experience your joy, you’re only purpose here IS to experience JOY and God gets to experience itself in that – and that’s God numero UNO priority. To experience Joy through your experience. You can receive ANYTHING through prayer!

Check out this FABULOUS article on the power of prayer by Dorothy Reike

I got into the “Nature of True Prayer” – by F.L Rawson ( my fav book on how to pray) a good friend of mine here on the island introduced me to Christian Science and although I am not religious I LOVED the results I got through prayer!

Just recently I was feeling like the world was against me and none of the things I was trying to gather and create were working out for me. Everywhere felt like dead ends, people I called were not helpful, I didn’t have a place to stay or no good leads on a nice place to rent, the world felt like it was caving in on me… until I remembered to pray.

When things are not going right, stop everything – stop all the DOING and EFFORTING and SUFFERING and FORCING things to happen. Just stop and then wheel and deal with God – seriously I say “God if you want me
to … (stay here, work with these people, sell this thing…etc) then you better well make it EASY for me or I’m not doing it, here’s what I need…

I’m telling you this is how I pray – might not be very elegant but it gets me results and that’s what it’s all about getting results.

It’s simple and it works! it’s the real “Ask and you shall receive” way to abundance.

This is what is meant with “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all shall be given to you” it’s seek ye first the connection with the divine – the connection with God or your higher power – talk to God, ask for help, heck wheel and deal with him – I do – and I promise you will be BLOWN away!

I recently met an incredible recently who turned into a dear friend and angel for me who devoted his life to God and prayer and has just completely WOWED me with his story about how God literally turned his life around from having 50$ in his pocket and being stranded at the airport to working for THE biggest home designers in New York and living in their mansion as in house their art curator with a fabulous salary and all this just 2 weeks later. God does amazing things!

I was so inspired I took notes! Seriously here are the 2 biggest messages I took away that I want to share with you:

#1 – Talk to God like you would talk to a friend. God wants to hear your heart, share it, share your pain and your fears, and ask for help. Start exactly where you are. If you’re mad be mad, sad be sad share that all your frustrations and then ask for what you need.


#2 – There is no way you an escape the glory the grace, and the miracles God has in store for you when you ask him. God has amazing things in store for you when you allow him to work through you and for you.

Here are more fabulous resources and books on the topic of prayer:

The Law of Divine Compensation – Marianne Williamson

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity – By Christine Ponder

Spend Some of It – Easy Come Easy Go!


One of the BEST therapies to counter money blocks and fear is to SPEND IT!

I know it feels counter intuitive to spend money when you don’t have money maybe you think “I only have so little I need to save it hoard it keep it” but that just sends your vibe into a tail spin and it sends out the opposite vibration you want to give out which is lack.

I love spending money! I’m not in the save it for a rainy day camp. I tried that and I just went broke. I spend and enjoy my money and there is always more and more showing up… because I am sending the vibration of HAVING money. Having feeling = having money. Get out of the wanting money vibration and move into the HAVING money vibration and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Some people tithe 10% me I just shop. I figure “hey it keeps the economy going, pays for these employees, the distributors, the manufacturers, pays the rent at all these shops. I’m making the economy run well.”

The truth is there is an NEVER ending pool of money. It’s created like everything else in this world from that infinite source. Money does not come from your boss or your clients – it comes from GOD!

And there is PLENTY & plenty of it – just look at the world we live in – try and count the number of droplets of water in an ocean or pine needles in a forest, grains of sand on a beach.

Open your mind to contemplate the ABUNDANCE of life – identify yourself with the abundance of life not the lack of – and you shall have abundance.

And stop reading the doom and gloom in the newspaper and on TV that shit will kill you.

Make Some BIG ASS Hairy Goals – But Not Too Hairy 🙂


I met Geoffrey Gitomer the author of “The Little red book of selling” with over 1.5 million copies sold at a marketing event years ago in Montreal. Can you imagine this man makes over $30,000 an hour for a speaking engagement! BAM talk about abundance!

Geoffrey and I became good friends when I helped him sell his products at the back of a conference he gave in Montreal. Then he helped me launch my biz – he helped me promote my book and even endorsed it. Lucky me:)

Geoffrey gifted me with this CD called “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale and SWORE by the information it contained. For years that CD was the leading personal development CD sold to thousands of people in large corporations to train their sales divisions teams and the message was simple and life transforming.

Write Down Your Goals.

Your subconscious mind will take them in and start to work on the goals.

I write everything down. I have daily lists, weekly and monthly lists (which are all considered goals) and I have yearly goals as well. Guess what – I GET THEM!!

Write your goals down AND THEN LOOK AT THEM EVERY DAY!

EVERY DAY – before you go to bed and when you wake up. Your subconscious mind will take it in and get to work on them.

It works if you work it.

Decide to Charge for Results, Not by the Hour


One of the biggest hang ups I mentor entrepreneurs on is how to price their programs and services. Charging by the hour is a sure fire way to keep your business at a stand still.

If you want to experience an increase in your biz, you can make an instant shift right now by deciding to charge for the results of you services. What are the benefits of working with you or your products and services?

Do they help people sleep better which also translates to feeling more peaceful happy and restful, having sharper clarity, and an ability to make decision quicker? Hey that could be worth millions to a stock trader on the floor, being able to make quick decisions.

How to you translate the value of what you do to your clients? Are the words you use effective in translating the benefits.

A classic example is someone who calls themselves a life coach. How blah and boring. Plus people are not so clever to figure out exactly what that means – so make it easy for them. Spell out the problems you solve and the benefits you provide and people will pay you just about anything for that.


Because people buy results, they buy the experience. If anything selling mops and lint removers for 4 years and rising to the top of the company as the highest paid sales producer it taught me that people buy the experience of what the thing they are buying will do for them more than the thing itself. Think about that, it’s worth contemplating.

Get Help & Decide to do Something Different


One of the best ways to blow past your money blocks is to get help – hire someone who can see what your blocks are and help you blow past them. Hey if we were meant to do it all by ourselves there wouldn’t be 7 billion people on the planet.

I remember the first time I ever hired a mentor – it was an $8000 dollar investment and I didn’t know where that money would come from. I knew I had to do something different, try something new or else I would suffer selling mops for the rest of my life. And don’t get me wrong – by the end of the mop gig making some days $900 didn’t hurt; however the pain of knowing it was not my purpose and passion in this world and that I was chickening out from living my real potential haunted me every minute of the day.

So I got help, and THANK GOD I said YES to myself and followed my heart and inner nudge.

When looking for a mentor – find someone who has already done what you want to do, then hire them. Interview a mentor. Also make sure you have good communication between the two of you and that you feel understood.

Hiring a mentor was the best decision I ever made for myself and my business. What’s that quote – the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and feeling pulled in a million different direction without moving forward book yourself in for a business breakthrough strategy session with me, I guarantee it will be the best 97$ you invest in your business this year.

Get OUT of Your Comfort Zone


Hang around rich people, go to spa’s, and wear fancy clothes and THINK BIGGER!

I remember shopping at value village for my new winter wardrobe after declaring bankruptcy. How embarrassing looking back on it. But in the moment I thought I had scored man! Wow what a find! I got SOOO may clothes for cheap… but there was just one problem.

I felt cheap too.

And that my friends, if you really want to blow past your money blocks – has to go. That feeling of cheapness.

A marketing mentor once told me – don’t go and buy the cheapo brand of maple syrup at the grocery store just because you’ll save a dollar because every time you open up that cabinet you’ll feel cheap. She is right.

600703_10151950712497729_1202129734_n-1You might save a dollar but you’ll be stuck in cheapo ville. I’m telling you this whole idea of “not enough I have to save” is all a story in your head something you programmed in to protect you with fear.

Start spending and enjoying and contemplating HAVING, live in luxury, spoil yourself, buy organic, spend the extra 2 bucks on the fancy pants soap that makes you FEEL rich – get out of your comfort zone – that’s where the magic happens!

At least once a month I go on a pamper day to the spa and blitz myself out get a pedicure, a massage, hang out by the pool eating fancy peanuts and feeling grateful. Your life is but a reflection of your thoughts and feelings so use them wisely.

When in doubt, buy yourself a big brimmed hat and prance around in it – guaranteed you’ll feel like a million bucks – IF you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Fill me in, I’d love to hear back from you and find out if you found this article helpful and to know which of the 8 steps you will DECIDE to take action on and why?

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom






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