5 Keys to Quit Playing Small & Say YES to a Career That Nurtures Your Soul!

I do believe in magicAre you still playing it safe in a job to pay the bills, hating it & secretly day dreaming of what it will feel like when you FINALLY find the balls to quit one day and do what you REALLY LOVE?

I gave this talk this past weekend at the Juicy Women’s Journey Symposium in front of 120 empowered women on a mission and it was so well received I decided to share the highlights of it with you here, the 5 keys to quit playing small and say YES to a career that nurtures your soul.


Opt-Give-yourself-permission-to-pursue-your-visionI used to think that one day I would just POOF wake up and KNOW “ok – I am ready now for my amazing career, I know what it is and I’m ready”. It was like I was waiting for someone to knight me (or queen me) into my amazing career… and THAT just never happened.

The more entrepreneurs I coach and mentor the more I realize how debilitating this idea is and the only way around it is to give yourself permission to be what you want to be. Wish it were sexier than that, but it really is that simple.

#1 obstacle that holds entrepreneurs back is that they don’t give themselves permission to want what they want.


Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.45.55 AMThe Latin word “DECIDE” means to kill off all other options. To decide. All of life is just a decision. People think “Oh I have to work hard, I have to DESERVE IT (that’s my favorite all time lie)” the truth is you just have to make a DECISION.

Decide to show up and be the expert. It’s just a decision and no one will do it for you but you.

Decide to do the thing or not. Your decision sets into action all other happenings. But your decision is #1 key that sets it all into motion. Make the decision today – what are you waiting for?


Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.46.10 AMPeople ask me all the time “how come you’re always flying all over the world living this incredible life each time I see you on Facebook you’re on some killer beach on Hawaii?” it’s easy, I’m committed to living an extraordinary life.

People think “oh when I have the money I’ll start my career, get that training, invest in that program, oh when I lose the weight THEN I’ll attract the right partner, feel better about myself etc.” WRONG, you commit, you buy now, you invest, and THEN everything shows up. You got to show the Universe that you’re serious.

Commitment is your magic fairy dust to success. Sprinkle it loosely and adhere to it defiantly and nothing can ever stay beyond your reach.

Share What You LOVE

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.46.31 AMDid you read a great book, watch a fun film, and learn from a wonderful mentor? Share what you love the most, share your experiences, share what your passionate about, start here.

Entrepreneurs ask me all the time “What do I do with my day, my priorities, how do I start this whole shindig, passionate career of mine” I tell them to share start sharing what they love.

Share your ideas, your concepts, your passions with your community. You’ll be seen as an expert. Experts are constantly sharing theirs and others great work around a certain topic.

Say YES to Opportunities that Come Your Way


You are a creative being, here on this planet to experience the JOY of whatever experience you decide to have. That’s the purpose of life, to experience JOY and the Universe is supporting and unfolding it all for you right now. All you have to do is say YES to the opportunities that come around in alignment with your goals and intentions.

You ARE creating it all anyways, so why not just say YES to it? Make it easy on yourself.

Whatever you do don’t let self-doubt rob you of your goals and dreams. Instead say YES and push through the fear and the negative self talk that small voice that would try and protect you with fear – all lies. Fear is the biggest liar that will rob you of your dreams.

Just keep showing up and saying YES even when it’s scary ESPECIALLY when it’s scary and you’ll soon discover the illusion that fear is, you’ll blow past the veil that is holding your dreams hostage. JUST SAY YES!!

If you’re ready to blow past your limitations and SAY YES to your calling and transition into a career that nurtures your soul then sign up for your breakthrough session today and let me help you skyrocket your confidence & cash flow. Remember it’s just a decision away.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom



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