back of meDo you ever feel like your dreams are SO far from where you are now that the merely thinking about them gives you anxiety, feelings o inadequacy and a whole LOT of self-doubt?

If you’re feeling like achieving your dreams of one day starting your dream biz, or taking your biz to the next income level, maybe moving to another country or going on that DREAM vacation is a “PIPE DREAM” you’ll love these 3 simple steps to help you kick overwhelm & self doubt to the curb and start creating your dreams into reality.

Here’s how:

#1 Make a Decision

Write down what you want, if it’s 10,000$ a month, living in Antigua, buying a new car, write down your goal in present terms and read it every day, morning and night.

Dale Carnegie the man responsible for the ENTIRE personal development movement says in his “The Ultimate Secret To Success” the one thing that distinguishes successful people form non successful people is GOALS. You must have goals, give your mind something to focus on, something to go for or it will be carried along with the noise of your environment.

Read it every morning and night so you subconscious takes it in.

# 2 Break it Down into Action Steps & Have a Plan

What are 4 actions you could take starting right now to help you start moving int he right direction? Circle the top priority and take action on it today.

Don’t drown yourself in overwhelm. Take it step by step, in a weeks time if you do 1 action step per day on your goal, by the end of the month you will experience MASSIVE results. I guarantee it.

People who experience success all have 1 thing in common – they know what they want and they have a plan to get it. The Universe might deliver their goals in a completely different way but taking action everyday and moving towards the goal gives the Universe the vibration of “Hey I’m doing this & it’s happening”.

#3 Get Rid of The Fear

This is where the actual WORK comes into play. The emotions between you and your goal is what dictate what actions you will and wont take.

One thing that’s become ultra clear to me is that FEAR is the #1 obstacle to success. Successful people have fear too they’ve just found a way NOT to let fear stop them in their tracks.

– Feel The Fear & Do it Anyways

Here’s a GREAT tip to help you get rid of unpleasant emotions, FEAR and resistance so you can take action in your life and get the results you deserve… when the emotions come up – say YES to them.

Don’t resist them, push them away, or judge & beat yourself up for having them.

Instead, allow them to be there, just try allowing them to be there and watch what happens. What you resist persists. When you give up resisting the emotions the funniest thing happens – they LEAVE!

Buy BookIf you want to sky rocket over your fear and self doubt try LOVING it, loving all those unpleasant feeling, I love you… I love you… I love you… sounds too simple? It really is THAT simple. Love your emotions and they leave. Nothing can compete with the power of love.

For more Mindset & Lifestyle & Sales Tips grab a copy of my book if you haven’t already “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” it comes with over $500 worth of valuable tools, resources and sales attraction systems to help you succeed in your freedom based biz.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom








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