Lasting happinessDon’t drink from this world, you’ll only get drunk. Take all your joy from within”. – Lester Levinson

Have you ever wondered where real happiness comes from? Maybe you think when your biz hits a certain amount of income you’ll be happy; or when you get the relationship of your dreams, THEN you’ll finally be happy….

The truth is, you can have EVERYTHING you want when you don’t want it anymore, including happiness. But don’t take my word for it, prove it to yourself!

You Have All the Happiness You’ll Ever Need Inside You

In my twenties, I bartended and made a lot of money – or what I thought was a lot of money back then. I had a nice loving boyfriend, a super duper supped up car, lived in a beautiful apartment … and I was completely miserable.

It took a trip half way around the world, and 3 hours of yoga and mediation every morning to confront my mind and my ego, and what I found was a taste of what I was looking for in the outside world. I found happiness and peace, and with it came joy – it was inside me all along.

Then I lost it… I got lost back into the world, sucked back into a job, having a car, a home, a life and I lost it. I lost my peace, and I’ve been on a crusade to find it ever since.

I’ve been in Sedona for a week, doing a retreat and practicing the “Release Technique” designed by a man named Lester Levinson who went free; a man who defied the doctors, healed his body, became a multi-millionaire and shared his technique for going free.

I’ve met some people who have manifested millions, cured themselves of bodily aches and pains, gotten rid of their medication, all from mastering their mind, dropping the feelings and the stories that the ego or mind would have them believing to be true. Fascinating experience… I highly recommend losing your mind 🙂

You Can Have Everything You Want as Long As Long As You Don’t Want It

Listen into this interview on the release technique and try it out today.

Here’s a link straight to the “Abundance Course” with an 80$ off discount

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To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom



PS: I believe the release technique to be the ULTIMATE law of attraction training. I started with the Abundance Course nearly 2 years ago, and my life and business have only gotten better and better. It’s training in self-inquiry, a daily practice of taking apart the mind, and encountering your BEINGNESS your true unlimited self. With it, peace, joy and a never-ending happiness flow and when you live there, everything unfolds and manifests with ease.

From this place, an effortless thought manifests with ease because there is no resistance in your creative mind. And the best news is that everyone can do it!

But don’t take my word for it – prove it to yourself.

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