A Marketing Lesson From The Coconut Millionaire…

By August 28, 2013Sales Secrets

Coconut millionaireDon’t think you can make millions selling coconuts? Think again!

This guy is rocking it! The only coconut man selling fresh coconut juice on the north shore of Kauai at Haena beach park where every day tourists flock in by the car load, often the road is jammed packed and you can hardly find parking!

This guy’s gotta be making the big bucks if not millions…

This simple coconut juice business is RAKING in the dough simply because he’s got 2 of the most important client attraction systems in place, that GUARANTEE his business is a whopping SUCCESS!

2 Secrets to Making Mega Cash Flow In ANY BUSINESS!

#1 – He’s got consistent access to the best traffic source (hot thirsty tourists day in and day out).

#2 He’s got an irresistible offer in front of them (fresh coconut juice).

It doesn’t matter that he’s selling the coconuts at a whopping $5 a pop! His clients are happy to LINE up and buy them!

Wouldn’t you love to have the same thing happen in your biz? A line up of clients HAPPY to pay for your products and services?

Duh! Like who wouldn’t right?!

So here’s another question for you… how much profit do you think this guy makes on his coconuts?

I had a friend with me who does the same business, sells coconuts, and seems to be a popular business on Kauai – who would have guessed?2

Anyways my friend offered to unload a truckload of these golden green eggs for 1$ each wholesale. So you do that math, coconut dude #1 buys them for $1 sells them for $5 and makes $4 in profit.

Simple equation… it costs him $1 to acquire a client, perhaps a bit more when you consider the gas he spends to drive out each day so let’s make it $1.05 per client.

What about you, how much does it cost you to acquire a new client? 
Do you even know? 
Most businesses have no clue…

A marketing mentor recently told me that if you can’t spend money to acquire a lead and turn that lead into a paying customer for a profit, you don’t actually have business.

Something to think about.
 You gotta know your numbers.

Too many entrepreneurs wing it and they don’t even know what it costs them to run their business profitably let alone what it costs them to acquire a new client.

Very soon I will be launching a new HOT OFF the coconut press program, the much anticipated “Bikini Business Breakthrough Program” where I’ll be teaching you 2 of my proven systems for EXACTLY how to generate targeted traffic and convert that traffic into paying clients …for a profit!

3Once you have a system in place – there’s no more guessing game to the client attraction deal – the sky’s the limit!!!

It’s as simple as the coconut millionaire…

I will be sending you out a juicy video training in the next few days to kick off the launch, and I will make sure you see it first ~ so keep your eye’s peeled!

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom


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