TRUST & Why You Need It To Run a Successful Business!

NoiseI was sitting looking over a breakfast menu with my good friend El on Sunday morning and discussing omelet choices.

“I wonder if I can add mushrooms to mine, I love mushrooms in my omelets!?” I mentioned under my breath.

“Mushrooms, You actually eat mushrooms?” El whispered her nose wrinkling a bit. “Never mind” she said to me “if mushrooms resonate with you darling, then go for it”.

I laughed out loud and hit the table so hard with my fist I nearly knocked over my coffee!

Ahhh, how life has a magnificent way of bringing you the confirmation and affirmation just when you need it.

I’ve been becoming aware more than ever over the last couple of weeks of something very interesting involving TRUST.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

I’ve discovered that the very best thing you can do for yourself is to relax and delve deeper and deeper into TRUSTING the wisdom of knowing what is right for you.


258675572317812023_Nf2B8zOG_f_largeNot what the media, new age books, the latest Guru, your family or friends tell you you should be doing with your business, your personal relationships, your time or money (because needing anyone’s approval is a sure fire gateway to hell and suffering anyways right?!).

So if it resonates with you… then go for it. That’s my new motto and I’m sticking to it!

Same goes for taking a day off in the middle of the week to go play because it feels right, or saying yes to this hairy scary brained idea that involves a HUGE amount of risk but somehow just feels like a HELL YEAH!

TRUST in your deep inner wisdom. Say YES to the hell Yeah! It will never lead you astray IF you have the courage to listen to it and honor it.

When life presents the challenge learn to TRUST, dare to go against the grain if that’s what FEELS right for you. Remember, “well behaved women seldom make history”. ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

I’d love to hear about a time, experience or story when you went against the grain, and followed your heart, your inner knowing and intuition and it paid off. Or how you might gain right now in your life and business if you were really honest with yourself, what decision would you make following your inner wisdom? What have you been on the fence about, stalling without making a decision on when you KNOW deep down what the answer is?

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom


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