How to End the Feast & Famine Epidemic in Your Business & Attract More Ideal Paying Clients CONSISTENTLY



 May not sound sexy but it’s what’s behind any successful business. Solid systems.

If you do your research you’ll discover that any client attraction system or sales attraction system really only has 3 parts.

1 – The bribe or free gift
2 – A way to generate targeted traffic to
3 – A sales offer

That’s it.


Hate to break it to you but if you’re business isn’t blowing the roof off of your bank account you can be sure that there is a problem in one of these 3 area’s.

Too many entrepreneurs make this WAY too complicated.

They spin in circles, spend years feeling frustrated because they don’t have their elevator pitch spelled out just right yet, or they don’t know what they are selling. (Sound familiar? I know how it feels; I was stuck here in this spot for YEARS before I made the decision to just freaking do it already!!).


Sales Attraction TIP: Spend most of your time getting in front of qualified audiences of your ideal target audience so that you can practice making offers to them.


Who do you know that has an audience or group that would love to learn what you have to share?

Even if you don’t have it all figured out yet, the figuring it out comes in the getting out there and making offers, guaranteed you will learn more in the field that hiding out in the stands.



Look for associations and groups where you can speak at, magazines you can post ads in or even Facebook fanpages where your audience hangs out.

Once you know who your clients are, get out there and start making offers.clientsahead-300x214

Success really is a numbers game.

It’s a game that changes lives.. which is why I am totally sold on entrepreneurship.

But let’s get back to the systems.

You’re going to need a good solid system to bring you qualified leads and turn those leads into paying clients.

So let’s go over the 3 steps in a bit more depth.

1 – The bribe or free gift

You should have a free sample, free goodie, PDF or free report, free audio that promotes you as an expert that understands and solves your clients most pressing problems.

What are your clients top 5 problems? Create a piece of free content and put in on your website for people to download when they opt in to your email list.

You can use something like to record yourself an audio instead of writing out a free report. If you do create a free report make sure it looks good, like its got value to it, spend 5$ at and pay someone to jazz it up for you with pretty images and a snazzy cover. You’ll be happy you did.

You can check out my free audio I created on the top of this blog titled “5 of the Biggest Money, Mindset & Power Leaks Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them”

Sales attraction TIP: Title your free gift either the solution to a major problem or the benefit your clients would like to enjoy once they solve their problem.

For example: “How to lose 10 lbs without feeling hungry next week!”

Or “ 5 Do It Yourself Ways You Can Save on Your Income Tax Next Year Without Hiring Expensive Accountants”

2 – A way to generate targeted traffic to

There are a ton of ways to get traffic. I suggest starting by speaking to live audiences. Might sound a bit daunting to some but speaking gives you a TREMENDOUS advantage over more professionals. Why?

Because most people are scared shitless to get up in front of a crowd for starters so that gives you an automatic advantage in sheer numbers out of the start gate. Second, it allows people to taste test you, see you, hear, you touch you and TRUST you much quicker than someone they see online.

And I know it’s very temping when launching your biz to want to create all these online systems but hear this – you’ll have a MUCH easier time starting out doing live offers. You’ll get to answer questions and find out what your audience is really struggling with.

Speaking is hands down one of the BEST ways to generate qualified traffic!

I first began speaking to groups before doing workshops. Hey just remember EVERYONE starts are a beginner when they begin including you. No shame in being a beginner just the truth.

For online traffic you can find POOLS of your ideal clients using Facebook adds which is something I have been testing out in my own biz. You’d be AMAZED at how laser targeted you can get using Facebook adds. You can advertise to women over 50 who drive Mercedes and do yoga on Tuesday mornings if you want to.

AND you still need a system to send these qualified leads to and through so they become paying clients.

3 – A sales offer

This is where a good majority of entrepreneurs fizzle out.

I see a lot of great services and products out there flop because they aren’t being promoted as compelling offers. Every great sales attraction system has a compelling offer.

A compelling sales offer has 8 parts.

– The problem,
– The reason the problem is unsolved still,
– How your widget, service or product solves that problem,
– Case studies and social proof,
– A special price, limited time offer
– Scarcity or urgency to buy now,
– Bonuses you can stack or take away as time goes on
– A guarantee
– And a reminder that if they don’t take action right now they’ll sit around in the same stinky mess they’ve been in for the last few years, months etc.

Don’t kill the messenger – it’s just the way it’s done.

I’ve spend the good part of my adult career mastering sales and marketing selling everything from mops, to high end art to coaching services, beer and I tell you, sales is sales is sales psychology. Don’t fight it, just do it. Work with the system and work YOUR system!

When you have a system in place you can leverage yourself, save time and make more money because you aren’t always winging it!

Once you’ve got your system rocking and rolling you just rinse and repeat, a sure fire way to attract more clients CONSISTENTLY and end the feast or famine up and down roller coaster cash flow in your biz.

If you’re ready to rock ROCK your sales attraction systems in your biz shoot me an email and let’s chat. I’d love to help you sky rocket your confidence & cash flow this year.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom





  • Janet says:

    WOW. This sounds like ME. I am trying not to go bankrupt and have a great program to get out but keep getting stuck in my writing of my programs. I am intending Cash fast so any ideas that will get me cash FAST would be great.

    • Janet,

      Thank you for your vulnerable share and comment/question here. One of the best tips I can give you is a tip I heard from a marketing mentor years ago… one of the best pieces of advice I ever got, he said “Sell it first and then create it” for the very reason you are mentioning here above. Procrastination is the biggest killer in any business. Most coaches and consultants spend WAY too much time and money creating something that people don’t actually want to buy. I’ve made this mistake too. If you’re intending cash fast I would put on a workshop, sell the program at the end and see if people would go for it. Sell it first, create it second that way you know you aren’t wasting your time! Cash infusion!

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