Daily Inspiration – How to GET IN THE FLOW & STAY THERE!

IMG_4045Good day!!!

I want to share with you a simple yet profound little game I play with myself often and have been sharing with my girl friends here recently hiking (you come up with so many interesting games and songs on 6-7-hour long 
hikes right?!)

So here is the game… it’s actually an awareness question. “How much can I love myself today?”

That’s it…

I told you it would be simple, AND profound.

Seriously contemplate this for a minute…
if you stop and ask yourself this question throughout the day you’ll immediately stop whatever you are doing and not LOVING and get BACK INTO THE FLOW, immediately.

My mind begins racing, a fearful thought pops in, my body tenses up – BAM “How much can I love myself today?” right, and I drop it.

IMG_4544My brain has me swirling around, trying to figure out why XYZ didn’t go the way I had planned; I notice I am starting to beat myself up – BAM “How much can I love myself today”…. drop it.

Instant ground zero no resistance, calm mind – that is the state of allowing and the more often you stay there, hang out there, expand appreciate and lavish in that zone, the more graceful and magic life come to you, and shows up to support you in all your desires manifested. Easy peazy.

It’s not out there that you have to struggle and force to make thing happen, the job is an inside one to soften, be more compassionate and loving with ourselves.

I’m telling you it’s powerful stuff. Simple is powerful ~ try it out.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom





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