What a Piece of Garlic Taught Me About Receiving Abundance


You can also see the video here.


  • Marie says:

    Wonderful story – but you don’t tell us if you went back for your garlic!

    • Marie,

      I did go back to find the garlic – I hiked all day tracing my trails and couldn’t find it – the Kalalau valley is a pretty epic magical place and the valley has so many different trails I couldn’t find it – then it started POURING rain – like torrential downpour. So the garlic probably rotted…. and I never found it. So you know me only wanting to take “a little piece” to leave some for the next person was useless because the garlic surely rotted after getting all wet in that storm right. BUT the very next day after telling my friends this story a new friend came and gave me a big ass garlic clove… so you never really know where or how your abundance will come from – but come it must if you are open to HAVING it, and receiving it 🙂 Happy you enjoyed the story! Have a wonderful day Marie xx and thank you for posting your comments and questions!

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