Decorating Your Moment: How to Manifest Your Reality Using Sacred Ceremony & Rituals

IMG_2391I was on the beach yesterday with a friend and we decided to create sacred space and hold ceremony to call in the grace and presence of our Ancestors, God, The Angels & the 4 directions to witness and aid us in making our prayers a reality.

Rituals can be so easy, fun and a really powerful beautiful way to stay connected to source and manifest and decorate your moment with ease.

If you’ve been wondering how to create more of the thing you want in your life with ease and grace, consider using a sacred ceremony or ritual to help you. In truth it is when you ASK for help and assistance that you receive it. In the idea and hence separation of having to do everything all by yourself comes the suffering and struggle. Let sacred ceremony and ritual can be that reconnection with spirit or God, source, coming back into oneness, and inviting in grace.

Humanity has been using sacred ritual for eons to honor the Gods and ask for blessings, safe travels, to celebrate new life, to celebrate coming of the ages (the Japanese culture has some beautiful rituals around coming of the age for kids and teens), and I feel like a BIG part of modern man’s struggle and strife has been the loss, the forgetting of sacred ritual. Sacred ceremony has been replaced by video games, watching TV and mind numbing the Internet searching and poking around on Facebook. Not that I’m dissing Facebook or TV or video games – I love them – just as long as it’s not substituting for real connection with what matters most.

Where can you make time & space for the sacred to enter into your life?

You can hold a ritual for just about anything, a letting go or grieving ritual to help you shed the old and create space for receiving the new. You can create an abundance ceremony or ritual – I like to do those on full moon and call in the fullness and abundance of the moon to light my way.

Here are 3 easy steps to creating a sacred ritual:
#1 – Find some objects you would like to symbolize your intentions/prayers. With this ritual on the beach my friend and I simply gathered what called to us, seashells, flowers, seeds etc.
#2 – Clear the space and your energy field using sage. I like to use white sage I pick it in the fall back in Canada but you can buy some in just about any new age store or even heath food store now a days.
#3- Open the circle ask for help and support from… you decide could be God, the angels, the 4 directions North, East, South West, your ancestors, light being, UFO’s whom ever you want on your side.

More Tips For Sacred Ceremony:

You can use tobacco and corn meal as offerings for your prayers; the ancient indigenous tribes of the Navajo Indians from Arizona used tobacco and corn meal in their prayer ties. The corn meal signifying the woman, yin, nurturing side and the tobacco the male, yang, fire of life side.

You can take a pinch of each and sprinkle them on your symbols as you place them into the circle with your prayers. Really, this is whatever you want to make it, let it be fun and easy.

One powerful word of advice to making your rituals and ceremonies work is to ASK for assistance, ask for the help you would like. Ask for grace to come in and help you find balance, peace and harmony, abundance, love, or whatever else your heart is calling. The power is in the invitation and ASKING the higher power to help you, guide you, do it for you.

Give thanks, give love, and then close your circle. It is done. Ritual and ceremony cement your intentions and ground your prayers into earthly matter. You don’t have to wonder if it works, it is already set into action with the doing. There is nothing left to do because spirit is just waiting for you to ask. Now you may relax and celebrate in the knowing and simple joy that your prayers have been heard and are answered.

And I celebrate with you in the sharing and passing along of these ideas.

I am here to receive your questions and comments, and as always I am here to support you in your Love, Expansion & Freedom.


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