Prosperity Prayers for Abundance


  • This is the Vanessa I want to meet…relaxed…open…calm emating gently from your voice, from you 🙂

  • i love this vanessa too!!!! 😉 centered and balanced… <3 it´s been a marvelous ride!!!!
    i have been using the power of prayer since the beginning of last year… that´s part of what brought u to me… and the courage to reach out for u… and to u… 😉 THANX for ur receptive answer!!! and this prayer thing, that i accompanied with these ingredients: honesty, clarity, transparency, direction, focus, preciseness and consise"ness" and CONSCIOUSNESS… integrated within the release technique is AWESOMENESS MAGICK!!!!!!!!!!!! pure alchemy my love!!! let urself SHINE UR HIGHEST POTENTIAL!!!! WE DESERVE IT!
    Luv and Light 2 u hun!
    om namah shivaya

    • Mmm hmmm YES! I’m so happy for you that YOU said YES to yourself and to your souls desires and yearnings. Yes we deserve it, yes it can be EASY and graceful when we ask for help from the right source and come back to love. I a so happy and celebrating your success Andrea is has been a pleasure and a blessing to accompany and support you on your expansion into service with purpose. So much love to you ~ xxoo

  • lisa says:

    Wow darling this is so beautiful to hear you share our sacred moment and my secret love affair life with Spirit ! Fabulous information here great tips and you’ve made it so easy for people to get…We are all blessed to have you sharing so openly and honestly with us….love to you ~ intutivelisa

    • It was such a message that you passed onto me at that indian lunch we had – and it’s been so wild to watch it unfold throughout this journey. I love you so much!! Thank you for being a BIG part of this experience.

  • Josee Marion says:

    Wonderful! Exacly what I needed to hear.
    Thank you for sharing openly and honestly.

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