Opening the Gateway to Instant Manifestation


I just returned from an epic 5-day adventure into the Kalalau valley, the most magical, pristine, tribal, most beautiful enchanting place in the entire world as far as I’m concerned – and I am so happy and grateful to be back here after nearly 5 years.


The trail is a pretty intense 11 mile hike along 800 foot high ocean cliffs, across beautiful rivers with phenomenal views and lush jungle until you come to the end of the trail. There’s the grandma Kalalau, a pure waterfall coming straight out of the rock where you can drink it right from the source, wash yourself with it and taste the magic of this wild and enchanted sacred space. There’s only one way in – you hike in or in the summer months when the waves are calm you can kayak in, no boats are allowed to land on the beach so it’s very secluded which adds to the mystery.


Can you tell I’m only totally in love with this place? Watch this quick video of where we camped – it’ll blow your sock off! Promise…


My friend Alica and I had great conversations with everyone we met – your heart is just burst open from all of the beauty that surrounds you here – and everyone mirrored back to me this “Wow, how come it took you so long to come back, 5 years too long?” And I was thinking to myself “You know, why did it take me so long to say YES to this?” Why had it taken me 5 years to say YES to Hawaii again, to this healing sanctuary of love?


A few days later, I came across a man who is looking for a place to live, he was telling me about how he’s been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find the right place. I told him “You just need to relax and stop looking, go and do something just for yourself to unwind and JUST BE, then the right place will just pop up all by itself.”


And that’s the truth about opening the gateway to instant manifestation, getting out of your head trying to figure it out and into ENJOYING what is already in your life waiting for you to say YES to…and when you do all of the things you are wanting pop up as if my magic in the most glorious, serendipitous ways.


So what has been knocking on your door for you to say YES to? What have you been putting off because YOU HAVE to do this or that?

Make the decision – life is just a decision. Don’t wait for the money to show up before you say yes, don’t wait for the partner to show up to be happy, don’t wait for xyz to arrive before you feel or do that which you really want. That’s the illusion that is keeping you from the very thing you want. You make the decision to have it, and in the decision the manifesting begins…


I’m sending you all some POWERFUL love from the magical land of Kalalau where the veil between thought and instant manifestation does not exist – there is no veil here just instant manifestation because all you can do is soak in the sheer natural beauty that surrounds you. I send you that loving vibration with a big hug and some Aloha.

To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom



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