Navigating the NEW Reality – 3 Keys to Surrendering to The Flow

thomas edisonHave you noticed recently how things that you try to hold onto, that you try and force in any way or control, seem to just blow apart, explode or dissolve all too quickly?


And have you also noticed the things you’ve bee wanting are actually showing up but when they do – once you look at them more closely you say to yourself – “hmmm maybe


That’s actually NOT what I want” – after you see all of the dark sides and shadows that come along with it?


If you’re feeling any of this then you’re not alone. I’ve been navigating this new reality and watching my coaching clients and conscious friends come to terms with balancing the new frequencies of the earth and really grapple with being pushed into TRUSTING the divine more and more.


By surrendering your tight grip and hold onto “how you expect” your reality to unfold you can end the frustration & struggle and jump into the flow of wonderful and sometimes wild synchronicities. You know, those moments when life surprises you with it’s majesty and brings you something even better than what you’ve been secretly asking for on a silver platter… but never the way you imagined it would!


When you are in the flow, everything is ok, the perfect things, people, circumstances and opportunities seem to appear just when you need them as if by magic and if you’re anything like me you want to STAY in the flow as much as you possibly can!


Here are 3 keys to help you navigate the NEW reality and surrender to the flow.


#1 – Forgiveness

“Actually there is nothing to forgive” …I was having this conversation with a coaching client the other day and I was helping her create her signature process – the system she uses to help move her clients from being stuck in their minds and into living a passion filled life.


“People think they need to forgive themselves but actually the way I see it, there is nothing really to forgive because we all do the best we can do at the time with the consciousness we have. If you go back and look at all of your lie experiences through that lens there is really nothing you’ve done wrong”. Well said!


I’ll admit it’s hard to look at a loss or a failure and not let it get us in a funk. I was having an interesting conversation the other night with some friends over dinner about how society trains us into seeing everything as a failure, Illness as a failure, relationships ending as a failure and death as the worst failure of all!


If you consider life as “when one door closes another one opens” kind of philosophy then everything becomes an experience. There’s no good or bad right or wrong. It’s when you begin judging your experience that you suffer. What if it’s all just an experience?


#2 – Put your devotion on God or the divine first

My good friend Lisa (who is an intuitive for a living) and I were having lunch one day at a local Indian restaurant and I was confiding in her a recent disappointment I was working through. She leaned in with this twinkle in her eye and said to me in a low hushed voice “I have a secret love affair with God, when I make my whole life about my devotion to God, everything works out…”


Just like that – all of a sudden her big secret unearthed. Simply stated, and then she laughed and continued eating her dessert as if it was the most normal thing in the world. It had a profound impact on me.


I said “Lisa you’ve got to write a book about that one!”


Seriously, my marketing brain went off on that one – great title for a book. Anyways the point I’m trying to make is that I’ve been seeing this pop up everywhere – I was reading this fabulous site the other day and it was mentioned again “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all shall be given un to you”. Now I am NOT religious, even though I grew up in a catholic home we never went to church so anything about God freaked me out and gave me images of Jesus on the cross and that was the end of that I went into shut down mode. Weather you call that infinite and supreme source God or spirit or Universe it’s all the same thing to me.


Suffering happens when you mistake the source of your happiness, abundance, love or anything else you are seeking, outside of this divine source power or God.


God is your source for everything. It’s not the job that pays you money, it’s source or God. This one shift in thinking can create an incredible impact on the way you live your life and the secret to inviting in ease and grace.


Cultivate a relationship with sprit or source or God everyday – if you don’t know where to start simply begin by having a conversation with them/it. You can even bitch and moan and be angry and not happy with source, ask it questions, and then pay attention to what shows up.


#3 Create a daily spiritual practice

I have a daily prayer that I say every morning when I wake up. I know it may be taboo to talk about your personal practice and beliefs, but I am finding that when I share it, the people around me benefit – they thank me for sharing so I share it with you. It’s simple really as soon as my eyes open I place my hands on my heart and begin it.


Since I’ve been using it my life has been anything but dull! My career has taken on a life of it’s own and I feel totally blessed to be doing the work with spiritual entrepreneurs. My anxiety and fears still pop up from time to time, I am only human but when I take the time to remember what is real and go back to my prayers, I relax and wonderful things show up.


It’s creating ritual and a daily practice that grows faith and instills a deep sense of TRUSTing that the universe or God will deliver. Here is what I say in the morning, I share it with you, and you may use it as well if you like.


“God let your will be done not mine. Jesus I give you my heart, my eyes, my ears, my smell, my touch all my senses, let your will be done not mine. Let me be the divine channel of your loving expression. Make the signs easy and clear to understand so I that I know what to do, and I will show up and I will say yes.”


That’s it. Then I am quiet in stillness and I receive guidance and ideas, mostly ideas, people pop into my brain, great ideas show up from out of no where and I write them down and then begin my day.


So there you have the 3 keys to surrendering to the flow. I hope this leads you to enjoying more magic and miracles in your everyday. And if you feel guided I’d love to hear your story about how synchronicity or flow and spirit came together to give you a miracle. You can share your story below or email


To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom





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