Feel Like You’re Just NOT Cut Out to Do This Sales Thing Well? How to Overcome Sales Objections Part #3 of 3

Do you find yourself spending all kinds of time talking with your prospects and then feel disappointed because in the end, they don’t end up buying from you? Are you fed up of wasting your time talking to the wrong people who don’t get what you do, or can’t afford your services, or aren’t prepared to invest in themselves?

One of the most common problems I see entrepreneurs making in the coaching/consulting/service provider business model is not having a client attraction/sales system set up to pre-qualify their prospects.

When I was selling mops on a live stage doing product demos, I had a system, a script to memorize and follow. Sure, I added my own twist and style, told my own jokes; but essentially there was a system to follow – a certain way to present my information, so that my prospects could wrap their head around it and say YES.

Having a consistent sales system you take your prospects through weeds out the looky loo, freebie seekers from the serious prospects, and saves you so much time from having conversations with the wrong people. You’ll feel much more confident in yourself because you won’t be beating yourself up constantly, wondering why you are attracting these weirdoes, you’ll close more sales more easily and make more money.

One of my clients made this simple tweak to her sales system and now enjoys a 65% increase in her closing ratio. I had another client who implemented the sales system in her business and closed her first 2 high end coaching clients her very first try. She was stunned.

Essentially you want your sales system to do a few things:

1- Show how you are an expert in your field
2- Show the problems you solve and the solutions you provide
3- Answer any objections your prospects might have
4- Have some kind of call to action

If you’re tired of struggling with your sales and want to have a solid system in place to do most of the selling for you, to pre-qualify your leads and prospects and get more YES’s more often, shoot me an email at Vanessa@TakeYourPowerBackNow.com and let me know where you are stuck in your sales system.

I’m committed to helping you sky rocket your confidence & cash flow – and setting up the proper systems in your business will help you do just that. I’ll be answering emails and offering 5 people a systems make over for free. I’ll assess your website and sales system via email and offer you some free tips for how to improve it for free – if you’re one of the first 5 people to respond.

I’m sitting in a cute little cafe in my bikini here in sunny Costa Rica – you caught me in a good mood 🙂

Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got!

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