What to do When they Say “I don’t have the money”: How to Overcome Sales Objections – Part #1 of 3

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Just two days ago I left the snow behind and arrived in sunny Costa Rica. Bliss really! I will be traveling for 3 months and I couldn’t help but notice people’s reaction when they ask me how long I am here for. What I noticed is how quickly the mind or EGO has people defending why they themselves can’t be gone on a trip for so long, or how lucky I am and why they can’t bla bla bla – all excuses the EGO loves to use to keep you away from saying yes to what you really want. And handling sales objections is all about the very same experience.


Understanding how your mind works will help you overcome the #1 excuse people make when presented with an opportunity for growth and change that comes with a price tag. Actually YOUR mindset around handling sales objections and understanding how the mind makes it’s decisions is the only thing that can sky rocket your sales success and your bank account – even if you’ve sucked at selling yourself in the past.


By learning how the EGO works, how it’s always trying to reason things out, justify, make sense of and defend limitation to keep you safe from harm you’ll be able to do two things:

1 – Not buy into that tiny voice of self doubt that’s trying to justify why you really shouldn’t and couldn’t ever charge more than you’re charging for your services and why you’ll never get good at this sales game because people are always telling you they don’t have the money. Bottom line you’ll make more sales and essentially make more money.

2 – Have more compassion for your potential clients… and that my friends is worth it’s weight in gold. Here’s why…


After spending 4 years mastering the art of authentic selling techniques doing live product demo’s in stores across Canada and the US I realized just how powerful love is. If you have compassion for people and UNDERSTAND their mindset and their situation, you have half the battle won – because no one will listen to what you have to say until they feel you understand them.


That’s a writer downer…


Understanding can dissolve even the most hardened skeptic because the EGO can not with stand the power of love. Love conquers all – it can even conquer your fear around selling.


How to Shift Your Mindset Around Selling

I work with entrepreneurs day in and day out and one of the things I work on the most is re-patterning this tainted idea entrepreneurs have of sales – not their fault we are all brainwashed to “not be greedy or pushy” and “to want to be liked and not offend people”. I always say begin by turning selling into serving it’s a great way to start shifting your mindset into the right gear – because that’s what sales really is – SERVICE.

Sales is really the catalyst to change.


Consider this – nothing really happens until you make the sale because change doesn’t happen until people make and commit to a decision and sales is that process of transformation – its the process of helping people say YES to themselves.


When your potential clients tell you they can’t afford it, realize you aren’t fighting an insecure person or skeptical person – you are battling their EGO, that tiny voice of self doubt and self sabotage within them that is alive only to protect them through fear.


It’s a sneaky incessant thing the EGO and it’s running a play back recording device of the past in your clients ear while you are trying to shout and convince them why they should say yes – you’re simply ignoring the REAL problem here. Their EGO’s are running the show and your clients don’t even know it … and if you’re having trouble closing sales and handling sales objections then I bet it’s running your show too.


…I started out this blog post and soon realized it merited a much longer post, stay tuned for part 2 and part 3 where I’ll share with you the exact step by step process of dismantling the EGO and what to say when people tell you “I can’t afford it” so that you’ll be better able to help your clients say yes to themselves, serve more people and make more money.


Let me know if you enjoyed this article and please post any questions or concerns you have about sales and selling I’d love to help you and love to answer your questions if possible in the coming posts.


To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom Pura Vida from Costa Rica




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